Review of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange for scalpers and active traders. Let's take a look at the main instruments (for FTX, these are primarily derivatives), fees and, of course, the speed of communication with the exchange.


FTX cryptocurrency exchange is one of the youngest cryptocurrency exchanges. It was created in 2019, but is confidently included in the TOP 10 cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges (according to the CoinMarketCap rating). The founder of the exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, has worked as an international trader for many years.

The main focus of the exchange is futures and derivatives (various leveraged tokens), which are popular with active traders and scalpers. The FTX spot is less developed.

ftx.com is the official website of the exchange.

We will consider the features of the deposit-withdraw of fiat and cryptocurrencies on FTX and KYC exchanges in other articles.


The main instruments of the exchange are derivatives. Scalpers' favorite perpetual futures tops the FTX volume rankings. The leaders are familiar: bitcoin, ethereum, link. However, classic quarterly futures are also popular on the site (which is not typical for crypto exchanges). Bitcoin futures are actively traded in both perpetual and quarterly futures.
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Various leveraged tokens are actively traded on FTX. The exchange regularly adds new instruments for traders. For example, you can short all DeFi projects at once using a special contract.

According to initial estimates, the FTX exchange will be comfortable for beginners - the turnover is sufficient for scalping, but there is no hyperactivity, which makes trading difficult for novice traders.

FTX fees

It is especially pleasant for scalpers that the exchange "hears" them. Scalpers make big volume during the day and the increased fees deprives them of profit.

Traditionally, FTX makers have less commission than takers (hello to limit order lovers). If we add a 5% discount to the commissions, then even the base tariff looks quite scalping:
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Communication with exchange

Traders are aware of an urgent problem: the speed and stability of communication with the largest crypto-exchanges (usually located in Asia) leaves much to be desired. The signal is lost, quotes come with delays, order pings exceed the norm.

The FTX exchange closely monitors the load on its core. The exchange says it is limiting the load on the system from high-frequency trading robots (read the interview with FTX CEO CScalp).

We expect the FTX connection to stand out from its main competitors (Binance, Bitmex, and others). We will closely follow the topic (it takes time to collect statistics) and prepare a separate article on this matter.


We rate the FTX exchange as a promising scalping platform:

• High liquidity;
• Reduced "scalping" fees;
• Convenient deposit-withdraw through fiat or cryptocurrency (for example Binance)
• Loyal KYC.
We wish all traders to make money on the FTX exchange.
Happy trading session!

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