Connection manual of CScalp to FTX crypto exchange. Before do this, firstly you need to install CScalp and create FTX account. When you will create new account, you would better use referral link for getting discount.

Connection manual (briefly)

Generate new "API Keys"
Connect to FTX
We have prepared a video instruction of setting up the connection, in case you prefer the video, instead of reading an article.

Generate new "API Keys"

Generate new API Keys to get connected to FTX. It contains "Api Key" and "API Secret" Keys are login and password for connection via CScalp.

1. Open the "Settings"

Log into your FTX account. Open a menu clicking to login and look for "settings".
FTX Settings

2. Generate new "API Keys"

Scroll to "API Keys" and click on "CREATE API KEY"
Copy the keys for the further use. Save the "API Secret" in a special location (for example, in a text file). After you close a window you will not be able to see a secret key.

Connect to FTX

1. Open FTX connection parameters.

Launch the CScalp trading terminal. Click on the "Settings", then look for "Connections" tab. Click on the settings icon next to the FTX logo. Then you may see connection parameters.

Market view only option is set by default. Switch option "View market only" to "No" To do this, just click on the button, following screenshot below.
CScalp settings connections for FTX

2. Enter the "Api Key" and "API Secret"

Paste your copied API keys. The "ApiKey" field is for "API Key", and the "ApiSecret" field is for "API Secret".
CScalp settings connections for FTX

3. Connect to FTX

Click on the FTX logo. This is an analog of the connect button. After clicking on the FTX logo, CScalp will be connected to the exchange. If the connection is successful, the field with FTX exchange will be highlighted by green color.
CScalp active connection for Binance
Congratulations! Now you are ready to use FTX exchange via CScalp trading terminal!

Something is not clear? Write in support!

The most convenient way to contact CScalp support is via Telegram. To do this, write here @CScalp_support_bot, a "live" person will answer you.
The support works from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Moscow time (UTC + 3) on weekdays and flexible hours on weekends.

Sometimes a quick answer can be obtained from experienced traders in the Traders Chat.

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