In this article, we will tell you how to make the first transactions with CScalp. We expect that you have already installed CScalp and connected the platform where you are going to trade. If not yet, then go back to the table of contents and do it.

This article is for beginners. If you already have trading experience, we recommend to you watch the video about configuring CScalp.
To make the first trades, you need two things: to understand how the order book (DOM) works and to be able to use the mouse. It's not difficult. Let's try it.

Understand the mechanics of an order book (DOM)

When traders orders are placed on the exchange, they are executed (turned into transactions), or they are placed in a queue. In stock market slang, this queue is called a DOM. In the DOM of CScalp, sellers are red, buyers are green. The smallest price for the visible part of the queue is at the bottom, and the largest price is at the top.
CScalp glass sellers red, buyers green
If the price rises, the green buyers move up, if it falls, the red sellers move down. When a transaction is made, a "circle" appears. Observe. You will quickly understand the device of the order book (DOM).

Configure the working volume

For trading, traders set up an order. An order is a desire to buy or sell a certain amount of an instrument. After the order is "delivered", it becomes visible to other traders.

Select the volume you want to trade. Until you have mastered the terminal, we recommend using the minimum working volume.

On cryptocurrency exchanges, the working volume can be 1, or 0.1, or 0.001.

By default, the working volume on cryptocurrency exchanges is set to 0.000001, and on other platforms it is set to change the working volume, enter its value in the cell.
CScalp orders amount cryptocurrency

Left buy, right sell

To start trading, you need to be able to use the mouse. Everything!
  • "Left mouse button" - buy.
  • "Right mouse button" - sell.
The order is set at the price that we click in the order book (DOM). If there is an opposite order at this price, then the transaction occurs immediately. If not, the order is placed in the order book (DOM).

For example, if you left-click on the price of 153 540 and right-click on the price of 153 620, two orders will be placed in the order book (DOM). In the screenshot, two orders are waiting in line, one for sale, the other for buy.
CScalp Left buy, right sell eth btc
If you click on the order with any mouse button, the order will be canceled.

Let's practice

Try placing an order several times and then withdrawing it.

Then try to make a deal and immediately close it with the opposite order. Do not be afraid, with a minimum working volume, the loss will not be large.

Practice until you stop confusing the mouse keys.

Something is not clear? Write in support!

The most convenient way to contact CScalp support is via Telegram. To do this, write here @CScalp_support_bot, a "live" person will answer you.
The support works from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Moscow time (UTC + 3) on weekdays and flexible hours on weekends.

Sometimes a quick answer can be obtained from experienced traders in the Traders Chat.

Don't forget to subscribe to the official CScalp channel and get to know our bot.
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