TigerTrade is a Russian trading terminal. It was designed for trading on crypto and stock exchanges. The terminal is designed for intraday traders and scalpers.

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Features and abilities

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TigerTrade has a standard functionality for a modern terminal. Only the desktop version is available. Terminal features:

  • Chart and DOM;
  • Stream of market trades;
  • Statistics;
  • Tickers table;
  • Two analytical modules
  • Historical data player;
  • Risk-management.

The ability to display different desktops on multiple monitors and a trading simulator are also presented.

DOM and chart

TigerTrade supports several types of charts. Candle charts and footprint are main types. A wide range of indicators and graphical objects for technical analysis are presented. In addition to standard indicators, the platform provides its own developments.

Chart features:

  • 5 types of charts;
  • 20+ footprint options;
  • 50+ indicators;
  • 20 drawing objects.

Dynamic DOM is also presented in TigerTrade. Additional sections are available in the DOM. In the first one: the information about positions,finansial result and list of completed trades. In the second section a trader may configure the footprint. In the third one, you can add balance indicators and overall volume histogram.
TigerTrade, TigerTrade review, TigerTrade DOM, TigerTrade features, Crypto, Crypto trading, TigerTrade Crack, TigerTrade torrent, TigerTrade license, Trading

Trade feed

The trade feed shows flow of completed orders for the trading session. There is information about time, price, volume and trade direction in the feed window. Added an alert system. It allows you to customize a specific color or sound for each line with volume. The functions of aggregation and filtering of trades have also been added.
TigerTrade, TigerTrade review, TigerTrade DOM, TigerTrade features, Crypto, Crypto trading, TigerTrade Crack, TigerTrade torrent, TigerTrade license, Trading


The list of trades that have been completed is located at the bottom of the window. In order to check the information about trades, the trader can use trade feed feature. The commission fee is also presented in trade feed.

The statistics window displays three charts: yield in points and rubles, and the fee chart. The list of trades can be filtered by several parameters. Exporting the trades table to Excel is available.

Analytics and player

Two analytical modules for forming pricing levels using volumetric analysis are performed in TigerTrade. In the table of prices a trader can find the information about traded volume during a certain time interval. Volume Search module allows you to assess the state of the market at a deeper level.

The historical data player makes it possible to test your own strategy. The playback occurs in real time. Playback can be rewound or accelerated.

Subscription Plans

TigerTrade is not free. There is a 14 days trial for getting into TigerTrade. After the expiration of the trial, you need to pay for the TigerTrade license. Plans:

  • $49 1 MONTH;
  • $124 3 MONTHS;
  • $224 6 MONTHS;
  • $399 12 MONTHS.
The subscription includes free updates and online support.

Also the TigerTrade platform has launched a free license for trading cryptocurrency. In order to use the license, you should create a new account. The free license is valid for 90 days.

What exchanges TigerTrade supports?

The TigerTrade platform is primarily focused on trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Through the terminal you can trade on Binance, FTX, Bybit, Bitfinex, BitMEX, Deribit and HitBTC cryptocurrency exchanges.

TigerTrade can be connected to Moscow Exchange via QUIK, SmartCOM, Transaq and other terminals.

Cracked TigerTrade

Users try to find TigerTrade using torrents, unsecured and some file sharing web sites. We can understand why users try to find a free full time license of TigerTrade etc, because the terminal is quite expensive. But we don't recommend to use crack files. Cracked versions often have unstable code and some of the features could work incorrectly, but it's not the worst thing that can happen. Cracked apps don't protect your personal data and can even steal it.

We all know the statement “Try before you buy". Our team considers that beginners should start their trading path using a free terminal, like CScalp. Moreover, after using the free terminal, a trader may consider purchasing another app according to the trading style or continue to use CScalp. Free trading terminal has its benefits in usage, such as constant updatings of tools and connections, protection of personal data and ability to contact support etc. That is why we recommend you to use original apps and stop searching for the cracked trading terminal.


TigerTrade is a trading platform for scalping with extensive features of DOM. Beginners can get into the terminal using the free version, or try to get in via free 90 day subscription trading on crypto exchanges. Before buying a full-featured version, you need to have a lot of trading experience and a stable trading income. In the opposite case, the purchase of an expensive terminal may be useless.

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