Annual Report 2023

The CScalp team has prepared a traditional Annual Report, in which we discuss what we accomplished for CScalp and in 2023, as well as share our plans for 2024. Spoiler: we will launch new products. Find all the details below!

The Crypto Spring Is Approaching

Bitcoin is gaining strength, and in the coming year, the crypto community expects it to reach new historical peaks. The main anticipation of 2024 is the approval of ETFs for BTC and ETH by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, which will bring institutional investors to the market. The Bitcoin rally will lead the entire cryptocurrency market and create many profit opportunities.

However, there are also some challenges. Due to a conflict between Binance and the U.S. Department of Justice, the founder of the exchange, Changpeng Zhao, stepped down as the crypto exchange’s CEO. Regulatory pressure is increasing in all jurisdictions. Nevertheless, traders are adapting.

We believe that 2024 will give an impulse to the development of the cryptocurrency market. Our team has worked hard and spent this year preparing for the crypto spring. CScalp has undergone a redesign and has updated its engine. We have started developing two products called PropBroker and Arbitrager (working title). Below you will find detailed information about what we have done and what we are planning for the upcoming year.

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What We Achieved In 2023



The new CScalp design is one of our most noteworthy achievements of 2023. Here’s the before and after:
CScalp interface before and after the redesign
CScalp interface before and after the redesign
We retained the main ways of working with the trading terminal to ease users' transition to the new design. In the first iteration, we optimized the interface according to UI/UX requirements. Next year, we will continue to work in this direction.

We also had a productive experience interacting with the community. Our team held a vote and, based on its results, added user-customizable color themes to the terminal.

User-customizable color themes in CScalp trading terminal
User-customizable color themes
Behind the scenes, we’ve worked on transitioning to new libraries. It will give developers new tools to improve the software, allow us to fix many issues, and optimize the loading speed. Alpha testing of the new libraries showed that the terminal interface works faster.

We also fulfilled a long-standing user request in regards to trading volumes by currency. It is now possible to set trading volumes in USD ($). We’ve also implemented automatic Stop-Loss and Take-Profit in percentages, simultaneous cancellation of limit orders (on Binance, Bybit, Huobi, and Phemex), and stop orders for Bybit Spot. We synchronized the order books and charts and increased the linking groups up to 20.
Linking in CScalp trading terminal
Linking in CScalp trading terminal
In addition, we added a setting to adjust the order book, rendering frequency up to 60 FPS. Traders with powerful computers will appreciate the smooth rendering. We removed the limit on order book depth, which our users had long requested. The limit is now optional and can be removed for Binance and dYdX order books.

CScalp now features a new connection:

  • "Bybit: UTA" – Bybit’s Unified Trading Account. This connection includes the exchange’s Spot market, USDT contracts, and USDC contracts

We analyzed problems with connections to exchanges and fixed some of them. We will resolve the remaining issues after implementing the new libraries.


Over the year, our support team received and processed more than 24,000 inquiries!

We helped newcomers with standard questions, such as how to configure the terminal, connect to an exchange, place and cancel an order in the order book, etc. After implementing Bybit UTA, we assisted traders in transitioning to the new connection.

There were many inquiries about simultaneous order cancellation and an overload of built-in proxy servers. The support team forwarded these requests to the developers, who then implemented solutions.

Throughout the year, exchanges changed their APIs. The support team closely monitored the changes and notified the developers. The terminal's API update was seamless for users. We consider this an excellent result and hope our community of traders appreciates it as well!

In 2023, the Trading Diary formed a full-fledged team. Now we are creating new features faster and updating at least three times a month. We hope you've noticed!

The audience of the project is 3,000 unique users daily.

These are the main things we've achieved over the year:

We've updated the interfaces for desktop and mobile versions of the Diary. We also added visual analytics, including Daily Loss for intraday traders, and the ability to add trades to favorites and attach photos/videos to them. Desktop is the most-used version of the Diary, so we made convenient adaptations for all monitor resolutions: small, huge, and even vertical ones!
Trading Diary after the redesign
Trading Diary after the redesign

We've “rebuilt” the project's engine and switched Bybit to API v5. In the new architecture, the Diary receives trades from the exchange instantly and collects/renders them without delay. For security, we introduced mandatory 2FA. TradersDiaries is now also able to prepare reports for traders (CSV, PDF, images).
Daily Loss report in PDF
Daily Loss report

Cryptocurrency Screener 2.0 has added flexible management and has undergone a complete redesign. The interface can now be customized, allowing users to change the number of charts, hide and rearrange modules, etc. The Screener is still available for free without registration.
Cryptocurrency screener by
Cryptocurrency screener by


Our community managers have become an independent team and decided to shift their focus toward education and various trading formats.

Our English-speaking community has grown to 21.8k+ members, while our international community accounts for 201k+ members.

We launched new formats on the CScalp TV YouTube channel – vertical videos, interviews with traders, and the best moments from streams.

Our videos and streams on YouTube in English have received over 106,200 views. Across our international channels, we’ve garnered over 6.5 million views.

Discord and Telegram

Trading Signals now features new sections, including signals with large orders and collections of volatile coins. We updated the rating of paid authors and attracted new ones. We also implemented a spam-blocking algorithm. Over the year, our moderators, and bots blocked more than 30k+ spam messages.


Our English-speaking CScalp Instagram community experienced a fivefold increase in 2023 and now boasts over 3k followers. Our most popular Reel, showcasing the one-minute order book trading strategy, has reached 71.5k+ views.


We prepared a perpetual futures trading course and updated our main free cryptocurrency scalping course.

2024 Plans

CScalp and Will Remain Free

We have wisely planned our budget and smoothly got through the crypto winter. A thaw is coming with positive news from the market. Therefore, we are not changing our decision: CScalp and will remain free!


Plans for 2024:

  • Interface optimization. We'll organize the workspace to minimize clicks for traders. We'll remove unnecessary elements to avoid distractions during trading. Important settings will be easily accessible. However, we will update carefully, as we believe that visuals do not outweigh quality.
  • Working volumes in USD. We will implement the display of information about volumes in USD. There are several scenarios for improving working volumes in $. We will consider the most suitable solution and implement it.
  • Watchlist and linking. We will make it possible to open Spot and Futures order books with one click. We will add more instruments to the Watchlist for viewing.
  • Connections. We will add a connection to Bitget and PropBroker. We will optimize current connections to enhance stability and the quality of the terminal's connection to exchanges.

We remember the cluster colors issue and will allocate resources to solve this problem. If you have suggestions, write to our support, and will read and record them for consideration during the upcoming optimization process.

In 2024, the Diary will develop in three directions:

  • Visual analytics and reports. We plan to develop new reports and learn to send them on a schedule (email, Telegram, etc.).
  • Screener. We will add analytical modules and allow traders to customize them as well as enhance the screener with alerts.
  • New connections. We are currently selecting a candidate for integration among stock and cryptocurrency platforms.

We have long wanted Trading Diary to work with blockchains, load information from an address, and perform visual analytics. We hope to find resources for this next year.

Thank you for using!


We want the Launcher to be more than a CScalp starter. It should help adapt newcomers to trading and talk about our products to the community. Therefore, we have planned a redesign of the interface and functionality of the Launcher.


In February, we are planning to launch a new product called PropBroker. It will allow any trader to start their prop business from scratch. All that will be needed to start is a regular account on a cryptocurrency exchange.
Preliminary design of PropBroker by CScalp
Preliminary design of PropBroker


Arbitrager (working title) is another new product. It is a software suite for automatic execution of arbitrage operations. Testing will begin in the second quarter of 2024.

Registration for the product will open in January. Stay tuned for updates!


Plans for our community in 2024:

  • YouTube. We will add dynamic editing to videos and pay more attention to scripts to make watching even more interesting. There will also be more vertical videos!
  • Discord and Telegram. We will focus on order book-based trading signals and launch interviews with traders in video chat format.
  • Education. We will invite new authors to the team, update the Bybit cryptocurrency scalping course, and record a course on order books, ticker tapes, and clusters.

You can discuss the 2023 annual report on the CScalp Traders EN Telegram channel and CScalp’s Discord server.

We hope that in the upcoming year, our tight-knit community of traders will continue to provide us with feedback to help us create the best possible experience for our users. Happy New Year!