Telegram in CScalp began with the fact that we created a chat for traders. Now there are not so many traders, but we keep growing!

1. Connection to the Telegram CScalp Community

Everyone can connect to our telegram bot via a link:

Connection to the Telegram CScalp
The bot will meet you, then enter the /language command and select your language, then you may get information about our community. It looks like this:
Telegram chat CScalp
Telegram CScalp
We decided to put 4 languages: Russian, English, Spanish and Chinese. According to our statistics, these are the main languages of the crypto community.

After the bot understands your language, it will send you information about the CScalp community in your language.

CScalp Bot Telegram
There are several main channels:

2. What else can you find in CScalp community chat?

In addition to chat, the bot will tell you about
- YouTube: CScalp TV EN
- Discord: CScalp server
- About referral ID, that allows you to get 20% off trade's fee and of course you will help the CScalp community.

We expect our Telegram will grow more and more. Therefore, when you come to the chat, you may find some interesting things that others can't find in articles.

At the moment, the bot knows commands such as:
/start - give information about the selected CScalp language community.
/language - change the language for those who want to join another language community.
/cscalp - enter your email and get a license key, a download link and instructions with a video tutorial.

3. Chat Rules

Our chat has a few simple rules:

1. Respect others. Behave yourself. Remember to be respectful of others, so you also be respected. Remember that abusive behavior, "insulting people" is forbidden.

2. The advertising of another software or services is prohibited. Also, discussion of competitor's software or services can be regarded as advertising, talk about it more carefully.

3. Posting images, videos and links containing obscene expressions in the chat (corresponding gestures, images of a pornographic nature, explicitly erotic content, directly or indirectly advertising drug use, as well as insulting someone's (including third parties) dignity, personality, etc., will be regarded as forbidden content.

4. Be careful with flooding, try to make your message short and understandable. If you wrote a question and suddenly did not receive an answer, you should wait.

5. Multi-messages. It is highly undesirable to write sentences according to the scheme of two words = one message.

6. Do not abuse the CAPS LOCK softkey (this does not correspond to etiquette, as it equates to screaming and disrespect to other participants);

7. Obscene language in any form is undesirable. Be careful using it. If you make a comment, you would better correct it, otherwise, administration penalties will be applied.

8. Fraudsters. If you are offered something in chat, you would better send a screenshot to support. We will check and ban if it is not an our partner.

9. Our chat is our family. Do not discuss another chat in our chat.

10. Technical question? Any ideas how to improve? @CScalp_support_bot is a direct communication channel with support team. Write here all technical questions, as well as ideas for improvement.

11. Did not find the chat in your language? Check which languages chat rooms are available in our bot @CScalp_support_bot

12. Hashtags in the chat. Use them to filter the necessary messages. Here is a list of them:
#bot - bot messages;
#news - news reports (video release, etc.);
#advice - useful tips;
#vacancy - job search ads.

In the event of violation of these rules administration will use a permanent ban in the chat as a form of punishment. Thank you for your understanding, together we will make communication pleasant and productive.

5. Don't forget to download CScalp

Remember to download CScalp if you haven't already. Remember, this scalping terminal is completely free of charge. The paid, or subscription version should not be in the future.

Email is all you need to get a license key.
By clicking the 'Get for Free' button, you agree to the 'Privacy Policy'
The key will be attached to the letter. It has a name based on the email address, for example,


To summarize, the article.

We consider our chat in Telegram an important project. Chatting is very useful for beginners, so we will continue to develop it.

If you have not joined the chat, join it. If you got bothered by chat notification, just turn it off in settings.

See you in the trading chat!
Life hack: to contact CScalp support through Telegram, write to our bot @CScalp_bot. The message will be registered and in a few seconds will go to support.
CScalp Support Bot in Telegram