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In this article, we would like to tell you about getting the maximum discount on BitMEX fee. The partnership program of the exchange BitMEX sets a maximum discount of 10%.

If you open an account using our referral link or ID, you help CScalp terminal remain free.

1. How to get a partnership discount

Important! According to the rules of the affiliate BitMEX program, only a new account can get a discount.
If you already have an account on the exchange, you can register a new account using our link and transfer funds to it. In the future savings from trades will be significant.

In order to get a discount, open a new account using the referral link.

In order to do it, click on the "BITMEX 10% DISCOUNT" and register a new trading account. Register a new account with an e-mail that has not previously been used on BitMEX. The discount will be activated.
2. Register BitMEX account using the link
Click on the" BITMEX 10% DISCOUNT" button or follow the Exchange's referral link.

A discount registration window appears.
BitMEX affiliate link Bitmex
If the discount is displayed, the referral link is applied correctly. Now you can open an account.

In order to confirm the e-mail, the exchange will send you an activation code.
BitMEX affiliate link Bitmex
Congratulations! Now you have the maximum discount of the BitMEX referral program.
Attention! According to the rules of BitMEX referral program, the discount is valid only for 6 months.
Don't forget to read the guideline "How to connect CScalp to BitMEX".

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