Date of update: 16.08.2023
Instructions for connecting CScalp to the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange. Before connecting, install CScalp on your computer and open Huobi trading account.
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About Huobi

Huobi is a popular centralized cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013 in Hong Kong. Today the company's headquarters is located in Singapore, representative offices are open in China, Korea, the USA, and Japan. Huobi's derivatives market is ranked #11 on CoinMarketCap, while the spot market is #20 (at the time of creating this article).

Huobi has loyal trading commissions, a wide range of trading instruments, a spot market with the possibility of margin trading, and a derivatives market (USDT contracts and COIN-M futures). Exchange clients can exchange cryptocurrency for fiat.

During the operation, the Huobi team provided a system for protecting against DDoS attacks and formed an active investor protection fund. Reviews about Huobi indicate that the cryptocurrency exchange is popular among Russian-speaking traders. High liquidity provides comfortable conditions for scalping. Commission for transactions does not exceed average market values.

Currently, CScalp can connect to Huobi USDT contracts for isolated margin trading. We will continue to work on integrating new Huobi connections into CScalp.

Connecting CScalp to Huobi

When you open a new account on Huobi, it's important to use а referral link. Click on the ''Registration on Huobi'' and get 5672 USDT bonuses and -50% discount on trading commissions.

Creating API Keys

To connect CScalp to Huobi, you need to create API keys in the exchange's personal account. Open the Huobi official website move the cursor to the profile icon in the top menu, and select “API Management” from the pop-up menu.
The key creation window will open. In the "Note" field, specify the name of the API key. In the "Permission settings" field, set the permission to trade and click "Create".
Then a "Risk Warning" will appear. Read the risk notice, check the appropriate boxes, and click "I understand".
You will see a window with “Secret Key” and “Access Key” keys. Copy them to then enter in the CScalp terminal.
The "Secret Key" is displayed only once when it is created. The “Access Key” is always available in your account. You can generate new API keys if needed.

Entering API keys in CScalp

Launch CScalp, open the "Settings" tab in the open menu, and select "Connections". Then select the connection to the Huobi exchange by clicking on the gear icon next to its name.
In the ApiKey field, enter the key "Access Key", and in the ApiSecret field - "Secret Key". Disable the “View Only” switcher to unlock trading.

Connecting to Huobi

After entering the API keys, click on Huobi logo. When CScalp successfully connects to the exchange it will turn green.
Ready! Congratulations, you connected to Huobi. Now you need to replenish the balance of the desired trading instrument to be able to start trading.

After finally connecting to the exchange, we recommend you check out our free cryptocurrency scalping course!
IMPORTANT NOTE: CScalp users can trade multiple Huobi accounts at the same time due to the multi-account feature.

Replenishing the balance of the trading instrument

In order to trade Huobi USDT contracts in isolated mode, you need to replenish the balance of the instrument on the exchange.

On the Huobi website, go to the "Balance" tab and click on "My Assets".
The next step is to click on "My Assets".
In the replenishment window, select the direction from "Spot" to "USDT-M". In the list “USDT Account Perpetual”, select the instrument you plan to trade and replenish it. For example, BTCUSDT.
Ready! You can open CScalp terminal and start trading the instrument, which accounts you have replenished.

Add the order book and choose the instrument

Add the new order book after CScalp setting up will be done. In order to do this, click on the appropriate icon in the lower right corner.
Bybit, crypto, exchange, CScalp, BTC, bitcoin, trader, BTCUSDT
Click on the order book area thereafter.
Bybit, crypto, exchange, CScalp, BTC, bitcoin, trader, BTCUSDT
In the side menu of the opened window - select Huobi connection.
Then double click on the specified ticker from the list. It’s done! Huobi trading ticker selected!

Make Your First Trade

Congratulations, you can start trading now! Visit our “How to Make the First Trade” article, to learn about the next steps.

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