Date of update: 16.08.2023

The "Notification tape" tab in CScalp is designed to organize information for a trading session. This article contains instructions for setting up the "Notification tape"

Notification type's

CScalp has several types of notifications displayed in the "Notification Tape" window:
  1. Trade made.
  2. Signal level triggered
  3. Iceberg order detected.*
  4. Big amount detected in order book.
  5. Big tick's amount detected

*Iceberg order - this is an indication of the purchase or sale of a certain number of lots of an asset, which is not fully displayed in the order book. Such icebergs help the participants to hide large orders.
Notification type's CScalp

Notification settings

In the ticker settings, you can enable or disable notifications by selecting the tick next to the notification.
Notification settings CScalp
Attention: Visual notifications are enabled in the ticker settings, which will be displayed in the Notification tape window. To receive sound notifications, you must enable it in the settings – "Sound Notifications".

Information in the "Notification Tape" window

The information is available in the "Notification Tape" window:

  • The name of the notified symbol
  • The name of the tab in parentheses where the notification was given.
  • Description of the notification.
  • If two or more identical notifications have passed at the same time, the number of notifications will be shown in parentheses after the notification name.
  • The time of the notification
Notification type's CScalp

Triggering of the notifications

When you receive a notification, the information will be displayed in the "Notification Tape" window. You need to enable regular notifications in the symbol settings to use this.
Highlight of the entire notification (duration 0.5 sec.) – the last notification. The highlight to the left of the notification (duration 5 seconds) is the previous notification. Do the right-click in the"Notification Tape" window to clear the notification feed, Click on "Clear" in the next window.
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Something is not clear? Write in support!

The most convenient way to contact CScalp support is via Telegram. To do this, write here @CScalp_support_bot, a "live" person will answer you.
The support works from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Moscow time (UTC + 3) on weekdays and flexible hours on weekends.

Sometimes a quick answer can be obtained from experienced traders in the Traders Chat.

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