Date of update: 16.08.2023

CScalp users can trade on Binance through the market-data server. We will tell you what market-data is, what advantages can be given by using MD server and how to connect to the exchange through MD server.

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What market-data is?

Market-data is all the data about orders for buying and selling on the market, which are displayed in the order book.

Binance servers broadcast market data via API in two streams: one receives data on the order book, the other receives anonymous trades (a stream of tickers).

How market-data servers work in CScalp

The market date servers are responsible for the receiving of data in the order book and do not affect the sending and receiving of trades. All trading transactions go directly to the exchange's servers.

The data to the market-date server comes from the exchange core. They are recorded into a lighter format and sent to the user's order book using a new protocol. This happens almost instantly. The new protocol has a smaller volume, it is faster than the basic protocol of the exchange. If there are strong movements on the stock exchange, the usage of the market-data server can ensure more stable operation of CScalp.

Two market-data servers have different access routes: through Tokyo and Khabarovsk. Terminal users connect from different locations around the world and may have different access routes to CScalp servers. Therefore, we provide different access points to our infrastructure.

Note: for some users, it may be more optimal to connect to Binance without using Binance market-data servers or through a proxy. Each trader chooses the option that will be faster and more stable for the connection.

How to connect a market-data server

At the moment, the connection using the market-data server is implemented only for Binance perpetual futures market.
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In order to connect to MD server, open the “Settings” and go to the connection settings “Binance: perpetual futures”.

Click on the pop-up list next to the "Market-Data Server" and select the appropriate access point.

That's it, you have connected to the perpetual futures market via the market-data server!

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