In this article, we will talk about configuring a proxy server in CScalp terminal. The user can use their own proxy or choose the built-in proxies from CScalp team.
We have prepared a text instruction.
Custom Proxy and CScalp Proxy
You can use a custom proxy and a proxy from CScalp team in the terminal. Custom proxy - any proxy server that the trader has found and uses for free or paid.

CScalp's built-in proxy servers are located in Khabarovsk and Tokyo. The speed of the servers depends on the location of the trader. Someone would be more comfortable with a Khabarovsk server, someone with a Tokyo server, a trader can use the terminal without a proxy server.
Configuring CSclap connection via a proxy server

1. Select the proxy IP address

Go to the appropriate service. Choose proxy types that support both HTTPS and HTTP (Socks 4, Socks 5 are not available).

2. Fill in the fields

After receiving the IP address and the port, click on the settings, and then follow the tab "Connections". fill in the empty fields. If the address and/or port is not specified or the specified proxy is not available during the user proxy entry CScalp built-in proxies will be selected automatically. A notice will be shown in the "Info" field.

3. Change the parameter

Follow the connection settings and click "Proxy Server". In the drop down list, select the proxy server you want to use. If you are using your own proxy, select "Custom".
You can use the built-in CScalp proxy for each specific connection if you would like to.

After selecting a proxy server do not forget to click on the "Use proxy" button.
Done! The configuration of CScalp connection via the proxy server is completed.
Possible errors while using built-in proxies
During the use, an error may occur while built-in CScalp proxy servers are enabled. It may have happened because the exchange blocks multiple connections from one point.
In order to solve the problem, change the proxy server or temporarily disconnect it.

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