Date of update: 16.08.2023
This article contains instructions for configuring the connection of CScalp to the Bitmex cryptocurrency exchange. Before you start connecting, you must already have CScalp installed.

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How to set up a connection (short)

Create the "ID" and "Secret" keys

Now you need to create the "ID" и "Secret" keys to connect to CScalp.

1. Go to "Account & Security"

Log into your account on the BitMEX exchange website. Hover over the account name (usually the email the trader used when registering) and then click on the "Account & Security" button.
CScalp, BitMEX, Bitcoin, Exchange, crypto

2. Enter key name in "API Keys"

Left-click on the "API Keys":
  • In the "Name" field, enter a name, for example "CScalp". We recommend that you give a descriptive name, such as "CScalp".
  • Skip the CIDR field.
  • In the "Key Permissions" field, select "Order". Do not tick the box "Withdraw".
  • Click Generate API Key
CScalp, BitMEX, Bitcoin, Exchange, crypto

3. Save the keys "ID" and "Secret"

After the trader has confirmed the creation of the API, a window will appear containing the data for the "ID" and "Secret" keys.
Be sure to save the "Secret" option, as it will not be available after you close the window. The "ID" key will always be available in your personal account.
CScalp, BitMEX, Bitcoin, Exchange, crypto

Connect CScalp to BitMEX

1. Open the "Connections" tab in CScalp

Start the CScalp. In the app header, click on the "Settings" button and click on the "Connections" tab. Select the BitMEX platform on this tab.
Click the gear icon in the selected row. A list of fields appears. In the "View Only" field, change "Yes" to "No". Now you can trade.
CScalp, BitMEX, Bitcoin, Exchange, crypto

2. Enter "ID" and "Secret" in the "ApiKey" and "ApiSecret" fields

Select BitMEX in the Connections tab. Click on the gear in the selected line. A list of fields appears.
Enter your "ID" key in the "ApiKey" field and your "Secret" key in the "ApiSecret" field, which the trader received when registering on the BitMEX exchange.
CScalp, BitMEX, Bitcoin, Exchange, crypto
On BitMEX you can use the "Margin" wallet for trading. "Margin" is a trading wallet where you use funds borrowed from an exchange. On the BitMEX exchange, when using the "Margin" wallet, traders take out a loan from the exchange.

3. Connect to BitMEX

Click the button in the form of the BitMEX logo, this is the activation of the connection. Upon successful authorization and if the site is available, the field with the selected exchange will turn green (as in the picture).
CScalp, BitMEX, Bitcoin, Exchange, crypto
Setup of CScalp for BitMEX exchange is completed.

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