Launcher is one of the most important things for CScalp users. Why? This is the first screen that the trader sees when runs FSR Launcher. Here you can find everything you need: news, tutorials, and links to articles that are important to the community.

Interface Description

FSR Launcher shortcut will be shawn on the desktop after installing the distribution.
FSR Launcher Cscalp
The FRS Launcher shortcut is a starting position for the first meeting with the launcher and terminals of CScalp and Privod Bondar. After launching the application, the launcher interface appears on the screen. Let's take a look at each of the elements.
FSR Launcher Cscalp
1. The version of launcher (launcher only - not version of CScalp)

2. The list of news. The feed displays tutorials and daily briefings from our YouTube channel CSCALP.TV, and also various important news and useful articles.

3. Launcher function buttons. "_" is intended for folding the window into the Taskbar. "x" - closing the program.

4. The area for launching a terminal. If you do a left-click on one of the two areas, CScalp terminal or Privod Bondar will be run.

The run process looks like this.
Launcher Cscalp
The progress bar will be shown after clicking (process indicator). The launching area will become less contrasting. The appearance of a green color line indicates the process of starting the terminal.
Attention: you cannot open two windows of CScalp or Privod Bondar at the same time. The possibility of simultaneously running CScalp and Privod Bondar is provided. You need to start a second terminal after the process indicator will be shawn.
Launcher for Cscalp
5,6. Important links. If you click on one of the lines, a browser with the necessary information will be opened.

7. Log's location. If you do a left-click on the gear icon, "Logs locations" will be opened. This section is necessary to get the best possible help when you contact the support team. The folder where the logs are stored will be opened, when the user opens this section. More.
Attention: Before sending the logs to technical support, close the terminal, and then select a folder from the required directory. The folder must be archived before sending it.
CScalp log location
8,9. Important links of the community. The buttons in this area contain links to all the resources of CScalp trader's community and Privod Bondar terminal.

Updating the launcher

The terminal has been updating constantly as well as launcher.

How could you know about updating? At launch, a notification about the update will be popped up in the case of a mandatory "update". The "Update" button will be lighted up if it's a standard update. The mandatory update cannot be skipped. Without installing it, the launcher will not start the terminal.

Do you have any suggestions for the content of the launcher? Contact support!

Chance to get on the launcher

We talk about the most important events of our community in the launcher. News concerns CScalp team and our partners as well.

On news, we talk about our joint projects with exchanges, brokers, prop-companies and training centers. The main criterion of news is the interest of our audience.

Something is not clear? Write in support!

The most convenient way to contact CScalp support is via Telegram. To do this, write here @CScalp_support_bot, a "live" person will answer you.
The support works from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Moscow time (UTC + 3) on weekdays and flexible hours on weekends.

Sometimes a quick answer can be obtained from experienced traders in the Traders Chat.

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