Date of update: 16.08.2023

Lanucher is one of the important places for CScalp users. This is the first screen that a trader sees while starting the platform. Everything you need is here: project news, educational videos and links to articles important to the community.

Interface Description

After installing the distribution kit, the FSR Launcher shortcut will be presented on the desktop.
FSR Launcher Cscalp
Launch the application. The launcher window opens. Here you can open CScalp, Privod Bondarya, Trader's Diary and access the main community resources. Let's analyze each element more.
FSR Launcher Cscalp
Launcher version.
"_" button - minimize the window to the taskbar, "x" - close application.
Launcher theme and language change.
CScalp version.
Getting CScalp license information.
Icon for opening logs. By clicking the left mouse button on the gear icon, a window opens with the "Go to logs" button. Logs are needed if there’s a need to contact CScalp support. After the click, a folder will be opened where the logs are located.
Important: Before sending logs to support, close the platform and select a folder from the desired directory. Zip (archive) the folder before sending.
Privod Bondarya version.
Prop-firms list.
Privod Bondarya logs (similarly with point 6).
Available CScalp connections. This area allows you to open guideline for connecting СScalp to the exchange/broker.
Privod Bondarya start button.
Trader’s Diary start button.
CScalp start button.
Banner with important news from the CScalp and Privod Bondarya communities.
Contact to support button.
Launcher main menu:

"Home" section – quick access to CScalp, Privod Bondarya and Trader's Diary.

"Community" section – links to the Telegram channel “Trading | Crypto Scalping” and social networks of the community.

"Educational course" section – links to educational courses of cryptocurrency scalping and Moscow Exchange scalping.

"Free Signals" section – links to Telegram channels with signals for traders.

"Help" section – links to Help Center, Community Chat, and Support.

"CScalp version" – links to download the previous version and beta.
Launcher settings.
Links to community social networks.

Updating the launcher

The terminal has been updating constantly as well as launcher.

How could you know about updating? At launch, a notification about the update will be popped up in the case of a mandatory "update". The "Update" button will be lighted up if it's a standard update. The mandatory update cannot be skipped. Without installing it, the launcher will not start the terminal.

Do you have any suggestions for the content of the launcher? Contact support!

Chance to get on the launcher

We talk about the most important events of our community in the launcher. News concerns CScalp team and our partners as well.

On news, we talk about our joint projects with exchanges, brokers, prop-companies and training centers. The main criterion of news is the interest of our audience.

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