CScalp Main Menu

After launching the CScalp trading platform, the main program window opens. Here is everything you need for trading. In this article, we describe what functionality is implemented in the platform and what each element of the CScalp interface is responsible for.
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Interface description

CScalp terminal interface contains basic elements for trading. To understand the interface, we will talk about each application area separately.
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Main menu:
"Settings" button – provides connection to the exchanges and its settings, observing instruments in the «View mode» option, setting hotkeys, color scheme, export / import settings, and changing the pin code.

"Finres" button –financial trading result window. Learn more here.

"Trades" button – trades window. Learn more here.

"Speaker picture" button – notification window.

"Signals" button –window with links to CScalp Telegram channels with trading ideas from traders.

"Two windows and X" button –"Topmost" option.

"?" button – link to the help center.
UTC time (by right-clicking (RMB) you can select Moscow time +03:00 UTC or leave 00:00 UTC).
"_" button – minimizing the window to the taskbar.
"Window" button – maximize window to full screen.
"Х" button – closing the platform.
Opened order books. Order books can be moved and removed. Learn more here.
The name of the selected trading instrument.
"Settings" icon to open the instrument’s settings window.
Opening the chart window of the selected instrument. Learn more here.
An indicator showing that the user is in view mode without the ability to make a trade.
Decimal pricing indicator (x10; x100; x1000). Learn more here.
The maximum amount that has passed in the selected cluster timeframe.
Number of trades on the selected instrument (tics).
Instrument’s trading amount.
The total volume for the selected cluster timeframe.
Time of placing the order to the exchange (in ms).
Order book - a list of buy and sell orders.
Ask/Bid – display of buyers and sellers through “/” (slash) in the absence of a spread.
Risk calculator.
An indicator showing what order book is controlled by hotkeys.
Opened tabs. You can rename or remove them. Learn more here.
Context menu where you can add additional workspaces and tabs, charts and order books.

Trader’s Chat

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