Majority of traders use Windows OC that is why we did not release the MacOS version. However, some traders use Mac OS devices. Therefore, we have prepared an article about how to launch the CScalp terminal on macOS.

How to launch the terminal on macOS

The majority of terminals (QUIK, QScalp, TigerTrade) work on Windows OS. CScalp was also designed to run on Windows, but it was not designed to run on macOS. Trading on macOS becomes inconvenient because of it.

Using emulators and virtual machines is the one solution. It allows you to run Windows and its applications which were designed for Windows OS.

One of these products is Parallels Desktop (the fastest, simplest and most convenient). Applications usable with:
  • MacBook;
  • MacBook Pro;
  • iMac;
  • iMac Pro;
  • Mac mini;
  • Mac Pro.

Parallels Desktop has a trial 14-day period for full testing without losing functionality. After the end of the trial period, you will have to buy a subscription.
Important: CScalp on macOS can cause errors or undocumented features. No terminal testing was conducted on macOS. The use of alternative solutions and their consequences is entirely the responsibility of the user.

Why is there no version on macOS ?

Users consider that there is nothing difficult in transferring a terminal from one OS to another. In fact, the process of' 'porting" looks like creating something from scratch and with negative values.

Why is that? First of all, developers must have at least one device on macOS. Secondly, you need to master the new OS, various specifications and the local development environment. Only after that, you can start "porting" the application.

It is necessary to recreate the visual component of the CScalp terminal. To solve errors that did not exist on the Windows version.

CScalp will also find its audience among macOS users. But the developers of the Windows terminal are not ready to retrain as macOS specialists. If you transfer the process of "porting" to specialists who did not participate in the creation of the terminal, the spirit and atmosphere of the project will be lost. The terminal will not be original.

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