Date of update: 19.04.2023

Instructions for CScalp users: how to export CScalp terminal settings from one computer to another. The export of the settings is useful to traders who use several computers for trading.
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Why do we need an export of settings?

The CScalp app has a flexible system of settings. Each trader customizes the terminal to suit its trading style.

Sometimes there is a need to change the computer or switch to a new OS. To prevent the user from starting to configure the terminal from scratch. CScalp team has added a feature to the terminal functionality to carry the settings.

How to export the settings

For exporting the CScalp settings, you should open the application. Then, click on the "settings'' tab.

Click on the "Settings'' again in the same window. The window where you will be asked to import/export or reset settings will be shawn.
export CScalp settings
To save the current settings to a separate file, click the "Export" button.

Select which settings you want to save. Click the "OK" button and specify how to store the folder.
export CScalp settings
The settings are saved. Use the flash drive to transfer the folder to another computer or OS. You can also send the file to e-mail.
export settings
To import the saved settings to CScalp, open the application by pressing the "Import" button.
Настройки CScalp
Specify the location of the file of settings. Open the file. The notice will be shown as in the screenshot. Press "OK", please.
Импорт настроек CScalp
After you have imported the settings, you will be notified about restarting the terminal. Press "OK", please.
Импорт настроек
Congratulations! The export of the settings is complete.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer order book and chart settings via export and import for the time being. The Cscalp team is working to implement this functionality.

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