Date of update: 11.01.2024

If you are reading this article, you probably use CScalp. Every day, CScalp team works on a project hard. We want to keep our projects alive, develop them and stay free of charge. CScalp needs the help of users as well as any other free project. How can you help us? We will talk about it in this article.
CScalp team
This is us. CScalp team at work

Our plan

We dream that our project was, is, and always will be free of charge for traders. Unfortunately, the project still has to earn money. We need to pay for servers, office rent, etc.

Now we are paid by corporate customers. They met the team via our projects. They have used Pivod Bondar and CScalp or maybe other users recommend our team to them.
In fact, we work with investment companies. We develop free of charge project for traders on our own time.
How to keep CScalp free? We have created a plan. We are going to become more famous among private traders due to CScalp and get new orders from financial companies.

However, we need to make CScalp really popular with traders to make this work.

You get a discount, we are pleased

Get the maximum discount on Binance and Binance Futures for the whole year ahead. 20% for Binance and 10% for Bin Binance Futures. Details are here.

Remember, if you open an account using our referral link or ID, you will help the CScalp trading terminal stay free.

Word of mouth

What kind of promotion can a free project expect? There is no money for advertising. We also don't have an advertising staff. The user's recommendations are the only hope and benefit for the project. This is popularly called "word of mouth".

The trader installed our scalping terminal. He likes it. It works fast and stable. It is free of charge. He writes to a friend:
Buddy, look what an interesting trading software I found! I use it! I really like it. I think you'll need it, too. I recommend it!
We decided to make a cool scalping terminal. And ask our users to tell their friends and acquaintances about it as a sign of support.

If you want to help - tell someone about us

The most important thing you can do for CScalp is to tell about us!

Recommend it to a friend in chat.
Post the link in social networks.
Describe the projects in the messenger.
Record a video using our software.

That's not so difficult. But if each user recommends us to a friend, then we will definitely gather all the best traders!

Recommend us here!

The form is below. Enter your friend's email address, and we will send him an email with access. And we will write that CScalp was recommended to him by a mutual friend.
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P.S.: If you have your own ideas about how to promote a project or if you have any questions, please write to us using this link. We will provide any assistance.

Support the project, and together we will succeed.
Happy trading!