On this page we have collected enough answers on the most popular questions dedicated to CScalp. If your answer is absent here, so you should write to support, and we will respond you as soon as possible.
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General issues

What is CScalp?
CScalp is a free of charge trading terminal for intraday trading (scalping terminal). CScalp (the original name of the CryptoScalp) is based on the professional Privod Bondarya terminal.
What platforms/brokers does CScalp support?
CScalp supports crypto exchanges such as:
Binance и Binance Futures;
Is CScalp really free of charge?
Yes it is. CScalp is completely free of charge. The license is unlimited. How to help Cscalp always stay free read here.
Where to get a license? Is it situated in the letter?
Yes it is. The license file is attached to the letter which you received after free registration. The name of the license file uses your email address. For example, Pay attention to the bottom part of the letter, because the license is situated right there, traders often don't notice it.
How to download CScalp?
Leave your request on the site via any form or via the /cscalp command at the bot and we will send a link for downloading. The full instruction is here.
What are the system requirements?
To work with CScalp we recommend the following computer configuration:
● Intel Core i3 processor - 4430 AMD FX - 6300 and higher
● 4GB of RAM
● VGA-compatible graphic card. DirectX 10 and higher
● Keyboard and mouse
● ОС Windows 7/8/10
● Installed NET Framework 4.6 and higher
● Internet connection at a speed of at least 1024 KB/
What languages are supported?
Currently, two interface languages are available:
● Russian;
● English.
Is there an automated trading feature?
Automated trading is not available, the application only occurs on user's orders to the connected exchanges. All trading decisions are made by the user's own choice.
Is this a trading bot?
No, it's not a trading bot. All trading decisions are made by the user's own choice.
Is CScalp available on Mac OS Linux?
Cscalp is only for Windows. On Macos Linux, the terminal is only available via an emulator or virtual machine. For example: Parallels desktop for MacOS. Testing in this way has not yet been carried out, so possible problems associated with this type of launch are not excluded at the moment.
Does CScalp store passwords?
The application can save your data for connection to exchanges if you would like to. The data is stored in encrypted form.
Have an idea for improvement, where to write?
You need to submit an idea on the forum. If the idea is supported by the majority of users, the developers will consider it and add, if possible, in the next updates.

Some of technicalities

How to connect a demo account for training?
There is no such possibility. To train on cryptocurrency exchanges, we recommend opening a real account and trading with a minimum volume.
I lost my license, what should I do?
If you lose your license, you should re-apply on the website or via the bot in Telegram @CScalp_bot.
I see the message "The license is invalid on this device". What should i do?
The problem may be caused by the following reasons:
1) You have exceeded the number of devices on which you used the license. Re-register using another e-mail address.

2) Check local PC time and the accuracy of the Windows timezone settings. Disable automatic daylight saving time.

Follow the path to set a time settings: "Start menu" > "Settings" > "Time and Language" > "Date and Time"
Couldn't verify the license?
Check if this page is open (an empty white page should be opened). If the is not opened, your device's 45000 port is closed. You need to open it or enable vpn on your computer while it checks a license.
Does the block happen because of the antivirus? Is the virus detected?
During downloading and installing CScalp, built-in browser protection, OS, and various antivirus programs may suspect a Cscalp installation file as potentially dangerous. You can easily download, install and work on our software. We guarantee that our software is not such and will not malware your PC.
How do I change the language?
You can change the interface language by going to the "Settings"> "Other" tab. Select the appropriate language and after reboot the settings will be applied.
How can I check the version?
To find out the version of CScalp, follow these steps. Launch the terminal via the launcher. Then hover your mouse over the logo. A small window will appear indicating the software version.
Where are the logs located?
Click on the gear icon in the launcher. Then click on the "Logs location" button. The logs are at C:\Program Files (x86)\FSR Launcher\SubApps\CScalp\Log by default. Make a folder archive for the day you would like to send (the name of the folder is the date) and send it to the technical support.

Attention: before making an archive, CScalp should be closed.
How to get connected on the new computer?
To get connected on the new computer, you need to download and install CScalp and import the license file you received earlier. If you have not received a license file, leave a request on the website, and we will send you everything you need by email.
Can I run two CScalp apps at the same time?
No, it's not possible. Launching of the several CScalp apps is prohibited by the Company Policy.
Why do I need a PIN?
The PIN code can be set at the first launch of the application or in the corresponding settings section. It is necessary to protect the user's account against unauthorized access to the application and your data.
I forgot my PIN code, what should I do?
If the PIN code is entered incorrectly three times in a row, all data for connecting to trading platforms will be deleted, and the PIN code will be reset (other CScalp settings will be stored). The application will ask you to re – download the license file.
Audio notification error? Did you face opening file failure?
Install or activate Windows Media Player.
What are the reasons for the delays in placing/deleting orders (round trips)?
Trading operations may be delayed because of the connection problems. At the bottom of the symbol there are three numerical values, indicating what time would it take to the order to be placed. The values are specified in milliseconds (ms). You should use an internet connection via cable.
The Internet connection is lost, what should I do?
If the Internet connection is lost during the trading, we recommend you to find an alternative way to connect or close all positions manually via the market exchange personal account. For example, you may share the mobile Internet using a smartphone, or you may sign in to the exchange's website and cancel all the positions via your personal account.
What should I do if CScalp consumes a lot of PC resources and works unstable?
The CScalp application can consume a large amount of resources on your PC and run unstable because of incorrect operation of Visual C++ program components. To avoid this, you should check:
1. How many versions of the Visual C++ component are installed on the computer.
2. If there are multiple versions, you should delete everything.
3. Install one current Visual C++ component (2015-2019 versions).

Then check your PC resources and stability of CScalp.

You can download Visual C++ components on Microsoft's official website(link) or by direct link.

Interface and functionality

Where can I see the financial results (finres)?
You can see your financial result in the window "Finres", in the head of the application. When you click on the "Finres" button, a separate window will be opened with the current status of your wallet.
How to reset the financial result (finres)?
To reset the financial result, click on the "Settings", then click on the "Connections" tab and select the appropriate connection to the exchange. Then click on the gear icon and click on the "Reset wallet trading history" button. After this step, you can connect to the exchange with the reset wallet status.

Reseting of the finres is only available when you are connected to the crypto exchange servers.
Where can I see the trades history?
In the header area program, you should press the "trades" button. A separate window with two tabs will be open. One of them displays closed trades, while the other displays all trades in a single list.
Where can I set up hotkeys?
In the program header, click on the "Settings". A separate window with tabs will be opened. Then click on the "hotkeys" tab. Here you can see the set values of the hotkeys and/or assign them. More details here.
Where can I find the symbol settings?
There is a button "Symbol settings" in the form of a gear. You can find it in the main window of the terminal, which is situated under the name of the symbol. If you click on it, the separate window will be opened where you can configure the trading instrument. To find out more, tap here.
How to choose an order amount?
At the bottom of the main program window, you will see five options for selecting the order amount. To switch between them, you need to do the left-click on the order amount you need. In addition, when you click on the order amount, you will be able to change its value. For more information about setting the order amount, tap here.
How do I add a new tab or window?
To add a tab you need to open a main window of the terminal, then click on the "+" icon which is situated in the top right corner of the window (just below the close button of the program "X"). Click on the "Tabs" for adding a new tab. This button is situated in the main window of the terminal. To find out more, tap here.
How to add an order book and select a symbol?
You can add an order book if a tab is currently opened. Open the tab and click on the "+" icon on the left of the "Rename" button. To select a symbol, click on the "Select Symbol" button. A separate window will be opened where you can select the required tool. To find out more, tap here.
How to compress (to scale) the order book?
The order book could be "compacted" with "+" and "-" keys on the main keyboard by default. For the keys to work, you should hover the mouse on the symbol's order book area to use this feature. To find out more, tap here.
How to reduce the volume visually ?
Symbol settings (gear icon) - "commonl" tab-select a tick next to the "Reduce amount from a thousand". For example: 1 000 = 1K. 1 000 000 = 1М.
How to set up the interface color?
In the program header, click on the "Settings" button and select the "Visuals" tab. Here you can choose a comfortable CScalp color theme. To find out more, tap here.
How to change the font?
In the program header, click on the "Settings" button and select the "Visuals" tab. Here you can choose a font size. To find out more, tap here.
How to enable and configure the sound notifications?
To enable sound notifications, open the "Settings" tab. Then click on the "Sound Notifications" tab. In the sound notification settings, select a tick next to "Enabled". Also, you may select a tick in the symbol's settings on the required notification. To find out more, tap here.
How to make a trade?
Left mouse button is for buying. The right mouse button is for selling. To find out more, tap here.
How to set a Stop Loss and Take Profit?
In order to set the Stop-Loss/Take-Profit at a specified price, you need to press and hold the "C" key at the time when you have an opened position (hotkey C is the default key, you should check the hotkey settings to assign a new one as appropriate). Then you should click on the order book (at specified price) and Stop-Loss and Take-Profit positions will be placed on the selected price. To find out more, tap here.
How to close all positions urgently?
You can close all positions and remove limit orders using the hotkey "left ctrl". This hotkey closes all positions in the tab (the default hotkey). To find out more, tap here.
A problem with the opening window or the window doesn't show up
1. You should do the left-click on the CScalp logo in the taskbar.
2. Hover the cursor over the window that doesn't show up and do the right mouse click on it.
3. In the pop-up menu, click on the "Move".
4. Then press the arrow up on the keyboard once and push the mouse into the center of the screen without any pressing, and then you will see the window outside the screen.

What is the difference between placing a Stop-Loss/Take-Profit on the server and placing a Stop-Loss/Take-Profit in the application?
If the SL / TP is placed on the CScalp terminal, the program will send a limit order to the exchange if the price has been triggered. If you lose a connection with the exchange, the application will not work. Also, SL/TP placed via the terminal does not guarantee 100% closing of the position, because it is affected by the limit order slipping.

If a user sets SL/TP on market exchange servers, it will be executed regardless of the terminal. A market order will be sent to the exchange, when the price will be triggered. The SL/TP on the server's exchange is currently possible on the Binance exchange.

Binance and Binance Futures

There is no BTCUSDT symbol
For the BTCUSDT the base settlement calculation is USDT. In the Binance connection settings, select "No" or "USDT'' in the base settlement currency.
After the disabling of the view market mode, the order book becomes empty or doesn't work at all.
Most likely, a symbol with a different base currency was selected in the order book not correctly, which is configured in the connection settings. Change your base settlement currency to a suitable symbol or select a suitable currency symbol.
Orders have not been placed. Viewing mode prohibits trading operations.
Switch the "View market" option to "No" in connection settings.
Where to configure the leverage
You can not manage your leverage in CScalp, you can only do this in the personal accounts of the exchange/brokers. For more information about leverage management, tap here.
What should i do with "Precision is over the maximum defined for this asset"
This message indicates that your set volume size does not match with the step. Hover the mouse cursor over the symbol name to find out the minimum step size.
What should i do with "Account has insufficient balance for requested" action?
The error indicates that you do not have enough funds, and you need to top up your wallet.

Check the volume's accuracy, whether it fits the minimum volume and the price step. You should also consider the features of the Exchange wallet. For example: for the BTCUSDT pair, the base settlement currency will be USDT. That means you buy BTC for USDT and sell BTC for USDT.
What should i do with "Invalid API-key, IP, or permissions for action?"
Recreate the API keys and the problem will be solved. It is better to recreate it via another browser (sometimes errors occur when the user creates it via Google Chrome).
What should I do with "Order's position side does not match the user's setting?"
Turn off the "Hedge Mode" in your personal account on the Binance website.
What should I do with "Order's notional must be smaller than 1.0 (unless you choose reduce only)?"
From January 25, 2021, the value of the perpetual futures order must be at least $1. If the price is lower, the order will be rejected.
If you have faced this error, you should increase the volume to equal or more than $1.

Example: At the opening of 0.001 BTC the value of the order is more than $1, so it will be placed. The order for 1 TRX is less than $1, so it will be denied
The trade occurs or showing up is in the CScalp order book but not in the binance?
This situation is possible if a trader makes operations on the Binance spot market and makes an exchange from one currency to another (with the base settlement currency in USDT). CScalp will display a trade, Binance will show a reduction of one coin and an increasing amount of another coin. Spot is the exchange market that means you can exchange one currency for another.
When trying to place a pending order, an error appears: The specified type of a stop order is not available - BestPrice.
In the order book settings, go to the "Trading" tab and set the "Stop orders executing reason" parameter - "Tick prices".


What should i do with "[FTX: Futures] Authorisation error?"
Check the local time of the PC and the correct time zone setting in the Windows settings. Disable automatic daylight saving time.

The time settings are located in the following path: "Start menu" > "Settings" > "Time and Language" > "Date and Time"

Something is not clear? Write in support!

The most convenient way to contact CScalp support is via Telegram. To do this, write here @CScalp_support_bot, a "live" person will answer you.
The support works from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Moscow time (UTC + 3) on weekdays and flexible hours on weekends.

Sometimes a quick answer can be obtained from experienced traders in the Traders Chat.

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