To our partners about CScalp community

CScalp is a free trading platform, as well as an active trading community. In the article, we will tell potential partners about the community, community services and our marketing opportunities.

The community is supported by AVBINVEST LTD team. The company specializes in the development of exchange trading software.

Attention! We have never placed paid ads in the community. Our priority is to partner with projects whose products will benefit the community.

Trading platform

The community has existed since 2006 and is formed around two software products - Privod Bondarya and CScalp.

Privod Bondarya is a software package for active trading and business management of a prop-trading company. Privod was developed in 2006 and supports Moscow and St. Petersburg exchanges. It consists of the client and server parts. The client part is the workplace of a professional intraday trader (making trades). The server part is the workplace of the administrator of the prop-trading company (control of positions and limits, risk management, etc.).

CScalp is a free platform for active traders, developed on the basis of the client part of Privod Bondarya in 2019. CScalp supports not only stock exchanges, but also cryptocurrency exchanges (Binance, FTX, etc.), unlike Privod Bondarya. The platform is completely free of charge. Updated and supported in Russian and English also for free.

Usually, professional traders use both products: Privod Bondarya for trading on the company's funds and CScalp for trading on personal accounts.

Numbers of Community

$10 000 000 000+ flow of funds via CScalp on cryptocurrency exchanges monthly (March 2021). 90% of the flow of funds is perpetual futures.

11 000+ launches per day (counting for active licenses). Less on the weekend.

32 000+ licenses issued since the launch of CScalp (2019). In March 2021, an average of 270 licenses were issued per day.

75 000+ subscribers in Telegram (channels, chats, bot)

Goal and Tasks

Community Goal:

We would like that everyone, regardless of wealth, education and place of residence, has the opportunity to become a professional trader, that is why CScalp community exists.

Tasks (what we do to achieve the goal):
1. We promote and popularize active trading.
2. We develop and maintain a free trading platform.
3. We build a distance learning and self-learning system for beginners.
4. We create channels for communication and exchange of experience within the community.

Important! Our community is about active "human" trading. This means that 100% of the trades that pass via CScalp are made by traders manually. We don't have algorithms, auto search systems, constructors, robots, etc.

User Profile

Below we describe the composition of CScalp community. The description is based on the collected statistics and our expert assessments.

Gender: 99% of the community members are men.

Language: Russian is spoken by 94% of the community, and English by 4%.

Geography: 65% live in Russia, 17% in Ukraine.

Age: 24% under 25, 57% from 25 to 40, 19% over 40.

Trade specialization: 64% trade only on crypto exchanges, 19% only on stock exchanges, 17% on both types of exchanges.

What we have

What CScalp community consists of.


CScalp is a trading platform that is as user-friendly as possible. All platform features, including "human" support, are 100% free. The update is automatic.

Privod Bondarya

Privod Bondarya platform is very close in functionality to CScalp. Traders who have completed corporate training at Privod Bondarya are joining the community. Some traders use both platforms at the same time.


Launcher is a utility that runs Privod Bondarya and CScalp. Each user sees the launcher screen at least once a day (pic). The launcher is a powerful marketing tool. We can tell traders about news and promotions, announce events and "advertise" partners using it.
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Affiliate network

The CScalp community is growing also at the expense of partners who use our software in their business. Trading schools, trading companies, and bloggers have made our software part of their product. Their audience automatically gets into our community.


CScalp is free software, but it is provided with high-quality support. Every day, users can get help via Telegram, Facebook, Viber, or live chat on the site.

Trader's Diary

Active traders spend a lot of time analyzing their trading history. This need in the community is "closed" by the online service Trader's Diary. The service is free, anonymous, and allows to share your trades (this is especially needed at the stage of training). Also included in the diary is a screener of cryptocurrencies.

Training course

We understand that active trading is difficult to learn. In addition to the paid partner courses, our team supports a free training course for self-learning trading. The course page is perfectly "searched" in search engines and is the most popular page on our site.

Morning briefing

Every morning, an experienced trader conducts market analysis for the community, gives advice, and analyzes the securities that are worth trading today. The briefing is public, broadcast on YouTube and social media.

YouTube Channel

CScalp.TV - this is the official community channel on YouTube. Here we conduct training streams and master classes for traders, and post video instructions.


Telegram is the main platform for communication within the community. We support several thematic channels and chats for various community requests:
  • CScalp traders EN – the author's channel about active trading, risks, development of beginners and exchange terminals.
  • Traders Signal – a channel where the community shares ideas for deals. The channel is completely free and public.
  • Moscow Exchange Signals – a channel where possible options for transactions on the Moscow Exchange are published.
  • CScalp Traders – a general chat for discussing general issues, technical issues, and communicating with the support team.
  • Crypto traders ' chat – a chat for discussing trading on crypto exchanges. This is where traders who trade "right now" communicate.
  • Moscow Exchange Traders ' chat – chat for Moscow Exchange traders who trade on CScalp via broker
  • CScalpbot – the official community bot. Here you can get a report on the trades, set up alerts, find tools for scalping, or restore the CScalp license. The bot registers 70 new users daily.

Social Networking

Official community pages in social networks:


Users discuss the platform's functionality, come up with ideas, fix bugs, and communicate with support and developers on the forum.


On our Discord server, you will be able to communicate with other traders by voice, share your trades, bring out your ideas and just have a good time.

Alternative site

In addition to the main domain, we have another site at our disposal. It is also official and has the same reliable information.

Modalities for cooperation

We have experience in promoting partners within the community and ideas that are waiting for "their time"

Important! We do not partner with dubious projects and do not place ads for money. Firstly, we should get to know each other and the product, then we think about cooperation.

To the Cryptocurrency exchanges

We can integrate and present your exchange to our community based on a pre-developed marketing plan.

What the exchange will get:
● new users (it's okay to have accounts on different exchanges for traders);
● the growth flow due to new users and an increase in the activity of "old" users (a user with CScalp makes a flow of funds several times more than a trader with the same account without CScalp).

To the Russian brokers

We can do the integration and introduce you to our community. We can develop a joint scalper tariff plan. What are scalpers good for as clients?:
● they have specific requests (software, tariff, leverage/margin);
● they pay large fees, as they go to the market "like a job";
● they are loyal (niche clients will not leave for the service of FinTech brokers like Tinkoff.).

What the broker will get:
● new users (surprisingly, the vast majority of crypto traders do not have accounts on stock exchanges);
● increase in the flow of "old" users.

To the exchanges and payment services

Every day, crypto traders resolve the issue of entering/exiting a fiat cryptocurrency. All financial services related to cryptocurrency transfers are relevant for them.

Cryptocurrency and investment companies

If you are interested in the audience of traders and users of cryptocurrencies and you have something to offer our community, write to us. Let's get acquainted and look for common ground.

To the others

Any ideas? We are open for cooperation. Write to us and then we will discuss everything.