12,000 traders launch CScalp daily
66,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel
75,000 subscribers across our Telegram channels, chats, and bots.
CScalp is a free platform for professional trading and a community of traders formed around the software. In this article, we will introduce potential partners to the CScalp community, our products, and marketing opportunities.

About CScalp community

The CScalp community was formed in 2006 around free trading software. At its inception, the community consisted mainly of stock traders, but now 75% of the community are cryptocurrency traders.

The community is supported by AVBINVEST LTD (Cyprus), a company specializing in developing software and web services for exchange trading.

The goal of the community is to popularize day trading.

The community is developing a portfolio of products, each of which caters to a specific need of traders.

CScalp Terminal

The CScalp trading terminal is an application for trading on cryptocurrency and stock exchanges. The platform is a desktop application for Windows designed specifically for the needs of professional day traders and scalpers.
CScalp terminal interface, platform appearance, free scalping program
CScalp Trading Platform
Supported platforms include Binance, OKX, Bybit and others.
Scalping is a trading style in which traders actively trade within the day. Scalpers make trades frequently, resulting in significantly higher exchange commission fees than the average client.
Private users can use CScalp for free.

Privod Bondar

"Privod Bondar" is a B2B software solution for managing the business of a prop-trading company on stock exchanges.
Prop-trading is a type of business where a company invites traders to manage the company's capital, with profits shared between the traders and the company.
The system was developed in 2006 and supports the Moscow and St. Petersburg stock exchanges. It consists of a client and server part. The client part is the workstation of a professional intra-day trader. The server part solves specific tasks of prop-trading: interacts with exchange and broker IT systems, manages risks, and generates reports.

TradersDiary is a free web service for storing trading history, finding and fixing errors in trading. Supported platforms include Binance, OKX, Bybit, Moscow Exchange, and others. TradersDiary" with tags including "trading diaryl," "trade log," "Bybit trading diary," and "Binance trading diary
Trader's Diary
Supported platforms include Binance, OKX, Bybit and others.

The service allows users to maintain a personal archive of trades, save comments, screenshots, and video recordings. It supports an unlimited number of accounts and allows for anonymous sharing of trades. The attached image shows the launcher for, which can be used as a template with custom digits.

Trading Signals

The "Signals" project allows traders in the CScalp community to exchange ideas for trades and discuss trading situations.

Here's how the project works: a team of experienced traders monitors the market and selects trading situations. These situations are then transmitted to community members through, Telegram, and Discord. Members of the community discuss these situations in a chat.

Thanks to the Signals project, there is internal communication between traders in the community.

Trading Education

Training in intraday trading requires serious dedication of time and attention. To help beginners, the CScalp community has developed a publicly available training course and educational video channel called CScalp TV on YouTube. All course materials are free.

The educational materials were created by experienced traders who are also users of CScalp. There are over 100 live trading streams freely available for access.

Morning briefing

A CScalp trader conducts an open briefing every morning. The goal of the briefing is to evaluate the market situation and identify interesting trading situations and key news.

The briefings are streamed on video platforms such as YouTube, TradingView, Odysee.

Communication channels

The main channels are Telegram, YouTube, Discord, and VK.

Community in numbers

$10 000 000 000+( billion) monthly trading volume on cryptocurrency exchanges through CScalp, with 90% of that being perpetual futures (USDT, USDC, BUSD).
All trades are executed manually by traders without the use of trading bots.

12,000 unique traders use CScalp daily.
300+ new users obtain a CScalp license.
3,000+ unique traders utilize
66,000+ subscribers YouTube channel.
75,000+ members in Telegram community across various channels, chats, and bots.

Target audience

The core of the community consists of active traders. We described the community's audience based on statistics and our own expert assessments.

Gender: 98% of active community members are male.

Language: 85% of the community speaks Russian, while 10% speaks English.

Geography: 65% reside in Russia, and 17% in Ukraine.

Age: 24% are younger than 25, 57% are between 25 and 40, and 19% are over 40.

Trading specialization: 64% trade only on crypto exchanges, 19% only on stock exchanges, and 17% on both types of exchanges.

The typical community member has:
  • Several accounts on crypto and stock exchanges;
  • A portfolio of tokens (usually stablecoins on CEX);
  • A cryptocurrency wallet and accounts on payment systems.

Marketing Opportunities for CScalp

Below are the marketing opportunities for the CScalp community.


The Launcher is a utility that launches CScalp community products. Every user sees the Launcher screen at least once a day.
CScalp Launcher, CScalp launch, Bondar's Drive launch
Launcher when launching CScalp
The Launcher is a powerful marketing tool. With its help, we can inform traders about news and promotions, announce events, and "advertise" partners.


YouTube contains unique content from the community. Topics include educational materials on active trading, recordings of trader streams, and video instructions.

The Russian-language channel has 66,000 subscribers, while the English-language channel has 1,100.


Telegram is the main platform for communication within the CScalp community. We have channels, chats, and bots for various community needs:

CScalp News EN - news about active trading, risks, and development for novice traders in the community.
Trader Signals EN - a place for the community to share trading ideas.
CScalp Traders EN - a chat for technical questions and support from the CScalp team.
Crypto Chat EN - a chat for crypto traders trading "right now."

CScalpbot is the official bot of the CScalp community. Here, you can get a trade report, set alerts, find scalping tools, or restore a CScalp license. The bot adds 50 new users daily.

The Russian-language community has CScalp News RU, Traders Signals RU, CScalp Traders RU, Crypto Traders Chat, Moscow Exchange Signals and Moscow Exchange Traders.


Discord is a platform that unites 10,000+ members. The main activity on the server is conducted in English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages.

Morning briefing

Every morning, an experienced trader conducts a morning briefing for community members. The content of the briefing includes an overview of the market situation and trading ideas.
Each briefing has 1,000+ unique viewers. The presenter also informs traders about news, updates, and partnerships.

Email newsletter base

In total, we have 220,000+ subscribers in our databases. We send out newsletters once per quarter, so the emails have a high open rate.

Partner network

The CScalp community is growing in part due to partners who use our software in their business. Trading schools, trading companies, and bloggers have made our product a part of their offering. Their audience automatically becomes a part of our community.

Official websites

Below is a list of websites that the community can use in marketing projects. Traffic statistics are available from open sources. - the official website of the community in Russian. - the official website of the community in English. - the official website of the CScalp exchange terminal. - official website of the Cooper Drive platform. - official website of the Trader's Diary.

Collaboration Options

We are always open to discussions about collaboration. If a partner's product is useful for CScalp community members, we are ready for joint marketing activities.
Important! We respect our users, so we pay attention to the partner's reputation. If you are interested in collaboration, be ready to provide us with detailed information about the product and the team/company.

Integration with CScalp

For exchanges and brokers, the main collaboration option is to develop a connection to CScalp. The connection will allow community traders to trade on the platform.

Exchanges and brokers will receive:
  • Turnover and trading commissions from CScalp traders' transactions.
  • New clients and opened accounts.
  • Increased activity of "old" users.
  • Brand promotion on CScalp markets.

Marketing support for integration includes:
  • Presentation of the exchange or broker to the community;
  • Creation of educational materials and instructions;
  • Placement on CScalp launcher, integration with Trader's Diary.
  • Promotion on social networks, messengers, Discord, etc.
  • Individual activities: contests, promotions, etc.

Product promotion

If your product is useful for CScalp community members, we are ready for joint marketing activities. The main requirements for the product: it does not compete with our products, has a positive reputation, and is recognized in the market.

Mutual PR

If you have a quality product and its audience is similar to ours, contact us. We will come up with ways to introduce our audiences to each other, resulting in a "win-win" situation.

How to contact us

To contact us, write to the unified support service: @CScalp_support_bot . Explain to the operator the reason for the inquiry and they will connect you with the appropriate person.