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“Cryptocurrency trading signals” with ideas for scalpers is a new project from the CScalp team. Join our free Discord server or Telegram channel, follow the signals, use them in trading, and evaluate the authors. If you haven't tried the CScalp free trading platform yet, download it by providing your email in the form below.
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What Are CScalp Free Trading Signals?

Introducing CScalp Trading Signals, the ultimate solution for informed trading decisions! Our free trading signal channels on Discord and Telegram are where seasoned traders come together to share their trading ideas. Engage in market discussions, ask questions, and gain valuable insights from experts. This initiative is a brainchild of the CScalp team, aiming to help beginners fast-track their learning curve and assist experienced traders in maximizing their profits.

Our main English-speaking community is on Discord. On our free server, you'll discover the power of our meticulously crafted trading signals & much more. Published in dedicated channels on Discord and Telegram, these signals will provide you with valuable cues on when and what to buy or sell.

At CScalp, we firmly believe that trading is a team game, and community is the key to success. We extend a warm invitation to all traders to join our community and leverage the benefits of our free trading signals. Start maximizing your profits in the financial market today!

How to Access CScalp Free Trading Signals on Telegram?

Accessing CScalp Trading Signals is quick and easy! Follow these simple steps to stay updated with the latest trading insights:

  1. Access our Trading Signals channel.
  2. Subscribe to the CScalp Trading Signals channel on Telegram.
  3. Join our vibrant community of traders, where experienced professionals share their valuable trading ideas.
  4. Receive real-time trading signals directly in your Telegram account.
  5. Analyze the signals provided by our experts, including buy/sell recommendations, entry and exit points, and price targets.
  6. Make informed trading decisions based on these signals, maximizing your chances of success.
  7. Engage with fellow traders, discuss market situations, and ask questions to deepen your understanding.
  8. Don't forget to rate the signals and show appreciation for the authors using the "Like" button.
  9. Stay connected, learn from the best, and unlock your trading potential with CScalp Trading Signals.

Join us today and embark on your journey toward profitable trading strategies!

Benefits of Using CScalp Free Trading Signals

Real-Time Signal Delivery: Capitalize on Market Opportunities with Timely Insights

At CScalp, we understand the importance of real-time information when it comes to trading. That's why our trading signals are promptly delivered, ensuring timely and actionable insights to capitalize on market opportunities.

Our team of experts works diligently to analyze market conditions and identify profitable trading opportunities. As soon as a signal is generated, it is checked by our experts and swiftly delivered to our subscribers, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve and make informed trading decisions.

With our real-time signal delivery, you can seize favorable market moments, react to price movements, and execute trades with confidence. Don't miss out on lucrative opportunities – trust CScalp to deliver timely and accurate trading signals straight to your fingertips.

Learn more about how free trading signals work and why they are so effective.
Trading signal published by expert scalper on free Discord server by CScalp

User-Friendly Interface and Compatibility: Trading Signals Made Convenient

CScalp is thoughtfully designed with intuitive navigation and clear visuals, allowing you to effortlessly interpret trading signals. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting, our terminal makes it simple to grasp and act upon the insights provided.

Moreover, we use Telegram and Discord to provide you with free trading signals. These platforms are highly compatible, supporting various devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. This means you can stay connected and receive trading signals on the go, ensuring you never miss out on potential profit opportunities.

With CScalp, trading signals are accessible, enabling you to make informed decisions at your convenience. Experience the integration of technology and trading expertise, as we strive to simplify and enhance your trading journey.

Expert Analysis and Insights: Harnessing Professional Expertise for High-Quality Trading Signals

Our team is a blend of seasoned traders, market analysts, and financial experts with an extensive grasp of the markets. Their expertise is channeled into meticulous market trend analysis, precise price movement evaluation, and the identification of lucrative trading opportunities.

The seamless integration of our team's skills with cutting-edge analysis guarantees that our trading signals are the pinnacle of quality. With CScalp, you gain access to a reservoir of trading signals proficiency and insights, empowering you to confidently navigate the markets.

Customer Support and Assistance

At CScalp, we prioritize the success and satisfaction of our traders by offering comprehensive customer support services dedicated to addressing your trading signals-related needs.

Our specialized team is available to address your trading signals inquiries and provide timely solutions. Whether you require clarification on signal interpretation, platform usage guidance, or assistance with any trading signals-related concerns, our team is just a message away. We are committed to delivering prompt and tailored assistance to ensure you maximize the benefits of our trading signals.

We recognize the critical role a seamless trading journey plays, and our customer support services are meticulously designed to ensure you receive the necessary guidance and support for your trading signals experience.

Customization and Personalization Options

Every trader is unique, each with their own set of preferences, distinct risk tolerance, and specific trading strategies. This is why we provide a myriad of customization and personalization options for our trading signals, allowing you to fine-tune these signals to your precise trading needs.

With CScalp, you have the freedom to adjust parameters such as asset selection, timeframes, risk levels, and more, to test the signals and enhance your experience. This high level of customization empowers you to align the trading signals with your preferred trading style, ensuring a highly personalized approach that caters to your objectives and preferences.

Educational Resources and Training Materials

We firmly believe that knowledge is the cornerstone of successful trading. In addition to our cutting-edge trading signals, we offer a plethora of educational resources and training materials to fortify your expertise.

Within our blog and social media platforms, you'll discover an array of tutorials, guides, videos, and informative articles that span the spectrum of trading topics, encompassing fundamental trading concepts to advanced strategies. These educational assets are meticulously curated to empower traders of all levels, delivering invaluable insights, practical tips, and proven techniques to hone your trading prowess.

Our unwavering commitment is to bolster your growth as a trader. By leveraging our educational resources, you can deepen your grasp of the markets, assimilate novel strategies, and fine-tune your trading methodology. Enrich your knowledge base and elevate your trading performance with the wealth of educational materials offered by CScalp, complementing our exceptional trading signals.

Signal Performance Monitoring and Reporting

At CScalp, we believe in transparency and accountability. That's why we provide robust tools for monitoring the performance of our trading signals in real time.

Our free Trader’s Diary offers comprehensive reports, performance metrics, and analytics tools that allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the signals. Monitor the success rate, profitability, and other performance indicators to make informed decisions and refine your trading strategies.

By assessing the historical performance of our signals, you gain valuable insights into their strengths and areas for improvement. This data-driven approach enables you to adapt and optimize your trading decisions based on the signals' performance, ultimately enhancing your trading outcomes.

With CScalp, you have access to powerful tools to assess and track the performance of our trading signals, empowering you to make informed trading decisions.

Risk Management and Stop-Loss Strategies

At CScalp, we prioritize risk management to protect your investments. Our trading signals incorporate advanced stop-loss strategies to mitigate potential losses and safeguard your capital.

We understand that managing risk is a crucial aspect of successful trading. Our signals are designed to provide clear entry and exit points, accompanied by recommended stop-loss levels. These stop-loss strategies help you define the maximum acceptable loss for each trade, minimizing potential downsides.

By following the stop-loss strategies provided with our signals, you can effectively manage risk and protect your investments. This approach instills discipline and helps you maintain a balanced risk-reward ratio in your trading activities.

The team at CScalp is dedicated to supporting your risk management efforts, ensuring that our trading signals are not only profitable but also prioritize the preservation of your capital. Trust us to help you navigate the markets with confidence and prudence.

Free Trader Signals and CScalp Community

A scalper must constantly monitor the market, evaluate situations, and look for entry and exit points. Unfortunately, attention is limited, so a trader could miss something interesting anyway.

That’s why the CScalp community has created a valuable support system in the form of our signals channel. We hope that the project allows beginners to learn trading faster and also experienced traders to earn more.

Discord Server – our main English-speaking community channel.
Trader signals EN – a Telegram channel for crypto traders.
Moscow Exchange signals – trading signals for stock traders.

How Do Free Trading Signals Channels Work?

1. Authors publish signals in the channel (no more than 3 daily signals per author).
2. Each author has a choice to enable comments or not.
3. The signals are available to all subscribers (unlimited and free).
4. Subscribers choose signals in which they are interested in.
5. Each subscriber can evaluate every signal once.
6. According to the ratio of likes, the community evaluates the authors.

Qualitative assessments are extremely important for the development of the channel. Each subscriber can evaluate the signal in 3 ways:

1. “Like” = the signal is good
2. “Comment” = discussion of the signal
3. No reaction = all other cases
A free trading signal with reaction from the CScalp community
The trader signals channel is connected to the crypto trader chat, while the Moscow Exchange signals channel is connected to the Moscow Exchange traders chat. The signals on the channels are selected by our expert team and published automatically. However, you can miss the signals due to the flow of other messages, so we recommend you subscribe to the dedicated channel and turn on notifications.

Rewards for Trading Signal Authors

The signal authors' reward directly depends on the number of subscribers. The more subscribers the channels have, the more valuable the reward that the project can pay to the authors.

Reward by Advertising Signals

Signal authors can link to their channel, website, or social media account. If the subscribers of the channels like the signals, the author can expect people to follow his link.
Important! Links should lead to legal materials, which the community manager will check and evaluate.
You can’t receive monetary and advertising rewards at the same time.
Free trading signal author’s link with the credit to a Telegram channel, website or social media account

Monetary Rewards for Trading Signals Authors

The authors of the signals can apply for inclusion in the rating. Authors included in the rating receive a reward for the signals they provide.

The reward is $3 per signal, but no more than $6 per day. The remuneration is calculated by the bot and checked by the community manager. The author can get a reward after the end of the month.

There are 3 places in the rating of the Trader Signals channel and also 3 places in the rating of the Moscow Exchange signals channel (as of now). The number of places will increase as the channels grow.

We plan to regularly publish authors' ratings on the channel.

Inclusion and exclusion of trading signals are carried out by the community manager on the basis of the authors' personal assessment. Authors who have created at least 10 signals may apply for inclusion. This is necessary to estimate the average signal quality. The manager evaluates the signals by:

  • number of likes.
  • the quality of the design of trading signals (see the recommendations in this article).
  • the values of the idea in the trading signal (subjective assessment).

The manager evaluates the quality of signals and tries to include stronger authors in the rating, and exclude weaker ones.

The manager is guided by the rules which are situated above, but reserves the right to act at his discretion in non-standard situations.

How to Become a Trading Signals Author

To become an author:
1. Follow the official CScalp bot.
2. Click on the “settings” button.
3. Click on “Become an author.”
4. Choose the channel you would like to be an author of. You can be the author of several channels at the same time.
The interface of Telegram bot @CScalp_bot with explanation about how to become a free trading signals author

Free Trading Signal Requirements

Let’s talk briefly about what signals we would love to see on the channel.

A signal is a market situation that can be useful for a profitable trade.
Important! The signal is the author’s personal opinion. The signal is not a recommendation for a trade. Each subscriber decides whether to use the author’s idea. A subscriber may respond, "Yes, interesting signal to follow" or "I don’t see anything interesting," and they are ultimately responsible for the decisions made. The signal shall consist of a picture (screenshot) and a comment.
In the Trader Signals channel, the signals are only accepted on the perpetual futures of Binance.

The signals should be on liquid instruments.

The signals must be in a timely manner. The course of events awaited by the author must take place within one or two hours. Do not publish signals whose time has not come.
Important! If the signal is good, then the reader should understand everything at first sight.

What Should the Community Understand About the Free Trading Signal?

● What is behind the author’s decision to post the trading signal
● What course of events the author is expecting

The picture (screenshot) should be understandable to subscribers.

Draw two trend lines, then draw a trend line for your timeframe and for the chart with a bigger timeframe. For example, if you see a signal on a five-minute candle, also do so on the one-hour chart to confirm it.

Draw the levels of resistance/support above the current price and below. That way, CScalp community will be able to see where to place Take Profit and Stop Loss orders.

Be sure to draw with an arrow what course of events you are expecting
A graphic of a cryptocurrency featuring trading signal
It is mandatory to leave an explanation of the signal. Write short and simple comments. Remember that “smart” words may be incomprehensible to beginners.

Keep in mind that your comment can be translated by an online translator, and these tools tend to accurately interpret simple sentences only.
A free crypto trading signal is posted on the CScalp free trading signals channel on Telegram
Do not insert extra characters, emoticons, or empty strings. The less space the signal takes, the easier it is to read and perceive.
Important! Be sure to discuss the signal with the readers. Readers appreciate communication. Do not be upset if you meet critics, as there is no development without criticism.

Join the CScalp Trading Community

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