Date of update: 16.08.2023

This is the installation guide the free terminal CScalp. To install you will need a valid email and a computer with OS Windows. A laptop will be suited, a tablet will not.
We recommend downloading CScalp from the official website. The terminal is free, so it makes no sense to use the pirated version. It will not be updated and may contain viruses.

We have prepared text instructions and video instructions.
CScalp system requirements are described here.

Download the installation file

1. Leave a request on the site

Enter your email in the form below or in the form on any page of the site.
By clicking the 'Get for Free' button, you agree to the 'Privacy Policy'
Click the "GET FOR FREE" button. You will be sent a letter with a download link and a license file.
CScalp, trading, crypto, cryptocurrency, binance, futures, install
Attention! The license file will be in the letter! Very often, users do not notice the file. The name of the license file uses your email address. For example,

2. Wait for the letter

After 2-3 minutes, a letter will come in the indicated mail. Sometimes an email gets into the Spam folder, be sure to check it.

If within half an hour the letter did not receive, then write in support through the form on the site. Support will send you a letter "manually".

3. Download the installation file from the letter

The letter will contain a link to download the installation file, video installation instructions and a license file. You will need a license file later.

Click on the link and download the installation file FSR_Launcher_Install.exe.

Install FSR Launcher

Run the installation file.

Important! The installation file will automatically suggest install as administrator. Click Yes. This is necessary for the program to work without failures.

The installation window will open. Select the installation language.
CScalp, trading, crypto, cryptocurrency, binance, futures, install
Press "Next". Accept the terms of the license agreement. Press the "Next" button a few more times, then the "Install" button. FSR Launcher will be installed on your computer.
CScalp, trading, crypto, cryptocurrency, binance, futures, install
Complete the installation. If FSR Launcher does not start automatically, then launch it manually by clicking the shortcut on the desktop.
CScalp, trading, crypto, cryptocurrency, binance, futures, install

Launch CScalp through FSR Launcher

FSR Launcher is a shell through which you can run any program of AVBINVEST LTD. For example, CScalp or PRIVOD BONDAR. It looks something like this:
CScalp, trading, crypto, cryptocurrency, binance, futures, install
Click on CScalp. FSR Launcher closes, and CScalp opens and asks you to select a license file.
CScalp, trading, crypto, cryptocurrency, binance, futures, install
Download the license file from a previously received letter to your computer. Recall that the name of the license file will be similar to Indicate the path to it and click "OK."
A window will open in which you can set a PIN code. Set the PIN code (this can be done later) or click "Skip".
Форма на главной странице сайта, в которой нужно указать электронный адрес, чтобы получить бесплатно скальперский привод CScalp
CScalp will automatically connect to the cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, Bitfinex and Bitmex. Quotations are running on the screen. This means that the installation was successful.
CScalp, trading, crypto, cryptocurrency, binance, futures, install
Attention! The first time CScalp starts in View Mode. This means that you see real market data, but you cannot trade. To start trading you need to connect CScalp to the exchange or broker on which you intend to trade.

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