Date of update: 19.04.2023

The CScalp user does not need to worry about new updates. If the exchanges update their software, then, CScalp will be updated automatically. It is convenient, simple and reliable. In this article, we would like to tell you about the updating process in CScalp.

CScalp updates

When the CScalp terminal update is released, the user will see the opportunity to upgrade to the new version when the application is launched. There are two types of updates – mandatory and standard. The trader will not be able to use the application, if the user doesn’t install mandatory updating. You can skip the standard update.
 CScalp updates, CScalp terminal, How to update CScalp
After clicking on the "Update" button, the CScalp terminal will close and the update installation process will begin. After the installation is complete, the terminal will be started automatically.

Launcher updates

Launcher also receives updates as well as CScalp.

There are also two types of updates for the launcher: mandatory and standard, if a standard update has been released, the trader can either click "Update" at the bottom of the window, or ignore and skip the software update.

Mandatory and standard notifications are also issued for the launcher. You can skip the standard update. Without installing the required update, the launcher will be unavailable for usage.
 CScalp updates, CScalp terminal, How to update CScalp

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