Available platforms for connection

The larger the choice of trading platforms, the more interesting the terminal is. In this article we will tell you about the available exchanges for connection via CScalp trading terminal.


Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency platforms. The exchange is constantly developing and increasing trading volume. It is intended for spot, margin and futures trading. Leverage on the futures is up to 125x. The instruction of connection to Binance Spot in this article, to Binance Perpetual futures here.

Get the maximum 20% off for spot and 10% off for Binance futures for the year. In order to get a discount from the CScalp team, you should register on the exchange using our referral link.


FTX is a “young” exchange specializing in futures and derivatives. At the moment, the exchange is among the TOP 5 derivative crypto exchanges according to CoinMarketCap. On FTX it is also possible to trade tokenized stocks. The exchange has convenient deposit/withdrawal methods of fiat and cryptocurrency (deposit/withdrawal via Binance is possible). Read about connection CScalp to FTX in this article.


Bybit is also a "young" exchange market, but also included in the TOP-5 derivatives trading platforms according to CoinMarketCup. Spot, margin and futures trading are available on the exchange. There is a leverage up to 100x for BTC and up to 50s for other available cryptocurrencies. Read more about CScalp to Bybit connection in our article.


EXMO is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in London and licensed in Europe. The Exchange features spot and margin platforms. On EXMO Margin, you can trade with up to 10x leverage. Trading is implemented in an isolated margin mode: losses on one position are not covered by another trading position. You can find the CScalp connection instructionto EXMO here.


Bitfinex is a mature platform for the reliability and convenience of the trading system. However, an exchange requires a large investment of the funds. Spot trading of major cryptocurrencies is available. Secure margin trading with a leverage of 5x based on the equity market. The instructions for connecting CScalp to Bitfinex in this article.


BitMEX has low fees for maker and taker. The exchange has a large amount of borrowed funds for leverage. Leverage is up to 100s. Futures trading without expiration terms. Industry’s best security system. Detailed instruction on connecting CScalp to BitMEX in this article.


OKEx specializes in derivatives - futures, options and perpetual swaps are available. The Exchange is ranked 2rd in the CoinMarketCap amongst derivative areas. Also on OKEx there is a spot with margin trading. And now OKEx is available on CScalp. Read more about connecting OKEx to CScalp here.

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