Date of update: 16.08.2023

Watchlist and linking are implemented in the CScalp terminal. In this article, we will explain what watchlist and linking are and how they work.
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A Watchlist is a list of instruments that a trader monitors. In CScalp, the Watchlist is presented as a window that displays the price change of an instrument and its daily trading volume.

How to Open the Watchlist

To open the Watchlist window, click on the option with the same name in the “Analytics” menu of CScalp.
Note: The first two order books, opened at the first CScalp launch, will be linked by default.
CScalp Watchlist: the watchlist is displayed in a separate window
Open the Watchlist in a separate window
The Watchlist mini-window can be opened by clicking the button at the bottom of the CScalp main window. Once opened, it will be pinned to the left side of the workspace.
CScalp Watchlist: the watchlist is displayed within the workspace
Open the Watchlist within the CScalp workspace

How to Add a Trading Instrument to the Watchlist

To add an instrument, click the "+" button in the Watchlist window. The instrument selection window will open.
CScalp Watchlist button that opens the instrument selection window
The “+” button opens the instrument selection window
Click "Add to Watchlist" next to the desired instrument, or drag and drop the instrument’s name into the watchlist window.

You can add up to 40 instruments to the Watchlist at once.
Add instrument window in CScalp’s watchlist
 Instruments in CScalp’s Watchlist
Important! Watchlist currently supports Binance and Bybit perpetual USDT futures.

Watchlist Window Interface

The Watchlist window contains the following elements:

Symbol – the name of the instrument.
Price – the current price of the instrument.
Ch. % – the price change per day in percent.
Ch. – the price change per day in USDT.
Volume – daily volume in the instrument’s currency.
CScalp watchlist window interface
Watchlist window interface
In the Watchlist window, you can sort instruments by any of the columns.
Sorting within the CScalp’s Watchlist window
Sorting within the Watchlist window
To remove an instrument from the Watchlist window, use the “Trash” button.
Deleting a tool from CScalp’s Watchlist
Deleting an instrument from the Watchlist
In the Watchlist window, you can customize the column display by right-clicking anywhere in the open window.
Column Display Settings in CScalp’s Watchlist
 Column display settings in the Watchlist
In the Watchlist mini-window, you can enable a display of the price change as a percentage by clicking on “%”.
A button to enable a display of the price change as a percentage
A button to enable a display of the price change as a percentage

Additional Functions

From the Watchlist window, a trading instrument can be dragged and dropped into an order book or chart.
Dragging and dropping a trading instrument from the CScalp’s Watchlist to an order book and chart
It is also possible to delete all instruments from the Watchlist at once. Right-click anywhere within the window and select “Remove all tickers.”
Clearing the Watchlist window in CScalp
Clearing the Watchlist window


Linking allows you to open the chart and the order book for the selected instrument at the same time. This can be achieved via the Watchlist. Order books and charts from the same group have the same color indication. To merge order books and charts into one group, adjust the color indication near the ticker of the instrument.
Linking color indication in CScalp
Linking color indication
If you have complex charts and order book layouts, it is possible to group them using the Watchlist. The area for selecting the group color is located above the “+” button. Here, you should select the color that corresponds to the color of the “linked” group
Linking color selection menu
Linking color selection menu
After selecting the color of the group, you can change the instrument in the “linked” order books and charts by clicking on it in the Watchlist or by changing the instrument in the group’s order book.
CScalp’s linking color selection menu
Linking color selection menu
Important: Linking opens only one order book and chart. It is not possible to open a chart, Spot, and Futures at once.

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