For conducting a technical analysis on the CScalp there are custom charts made in order to avoid the situation when a user has to search for the charts on some side resources (TradingView, ATAS, QuanTower etc.). We will tell you about the charts and the functionality.

What is the chart?

Chart is a console part that depicts the deals history of a particular tool. The main chart purpose is providing the users with the opportunity to analyze previous deals of a particular tool.

How to open a chart

Чтобы открыть график в CScalp, подключитесь к бирже, на которой вы собираетесь торговать.
To open the chart on the CScalp connect to the exchange you are going to trade on.
There are two ways to open the chart on the Cscalp:
1. Click on the “Chart” icon at the bottom off the app.
2. Click on the chart icon in the order book with the tool chosen.
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How to choose a necessary tool

If while opening the chart using the app bottom you see an empty window with “+” in the center, open the tool that will be presented on the chart in the order book. To do this click on the area inside the chart. Choose the connection and the tool you need in the just appeared window. After that you will see the chosen tool data. If you open the chart using the order book the chosen tool data will be shown immediately.
CScalp, trading terminal,intraday trading, trading, terminal, CHARTS, CHART

CScalp charts functionality

What does the CScalp chart functionality include:

1. Necessary timeframe choice (there are different timeframes on different exchanges).
2. Various figures drawing (“line”, “ray”, “rectangle”, “horizontal line”, “horizontal ray”).
3. “Min/max for 2 days” indicator is represented as horizontal lines depicting minimum and maximum candle price for 2 days.
4. Set level price display.
5. Volume display.
6. Asset parameters display in the chart window (High, Low, Open, Close, Volume).
7. Price changing percent display.
8. Candles and bars display.
9. Line segment showing the price changes in percent, number of bars and candles and timeframe.
10. Magnet.
11. Side indentions.
12. Date line.
13. Timeline smooth scrolling.
14. Price scale compression.
15. “Display in one color” parameter for volumes display.
16. Tools panel setting.
CScalp, trading terminal,intraday trading, trading, terminal, CHARTS, CHART
Also, there is a simplified mode for the CScalp charts. It activates as you compress the chart window. In the simplified chart the tool price, the current candle changes in percent and the line of tool purchasing and selling are displayed. In the chart parameters you can set the conversion from the standard to simplified mode or you can turn on constant simplified mode.

There are separate settings for charts. You can set up multiple charts with different timeframes for one trading instrument (for example, DOGEUSDT). After restarting CScalp, the settings and timeframes will be saved.
CScalp, trading terminal,intraday trading, trading, terminal, CHARTS, CHART

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