How to Connect CScalp to a Bybit Unified Trading Account (UTA)

Date of update: 16.08.2023
This article contains instructions for connecting the free CScalp terminal to the Bybit Unified Trading Account (UTA). To achieve the connection, you will need an account on Bybit and CScalp installed. If you are opening a new account on Bybit, be sure to use our referral link.

About Bybit

Bybit is a Singaporean cryptocurrency exchange founded in late 2018. It offers spot trading, inverse futures, as well as USDT- and USDC-based futures. The platform also includes its own P2P marketplace. One of the reasons why it is attractive to scalpers is its low trading fees for all futures contracts, with a maker fee of 0.01% and a taker fee of 0.06%. Bybit provides a platform for crypto enthusiasts to trade various instruments. It supports integration with CScalp, allowing users to leverage its features for efficient trading on the exchange.
Bybit website logo

Create "API Keys"

To connect CScalp to Bybit, you need to generate "API Key" and "Secret Key" on the exchange website. These API keys act as the equivalent of a login and password. A trader can use up to 5 pairs of keys.
Attention! To create API keys on Bybit, you must set up two-factor authentication (2FA) through Google Authenticator.
Google 2-factor authentication interface

1. Go to API

Log in to your personal account on the Bybit exchange. Hover your cursor over the profile icon in the top menu. From the dropdown menu, click on the "API" option.
Bybit exchange website account menu

2. Create "API Secret Key" and "Secret Key"

Carefully review the information regarding the API key and click on "Create New Key."
Bybit new API key interface
Next, select the API key type as HMAC (System-generated API Keys).
Bybit HMAC API key screen
Select "Connect to Third-Party Applications" and in the dropdown menu below choose "CScalp".
Afterward, provide a name for the key and activate permissions by enabling the following options: "Orders," "Positions", "USDC Derivatives Trading" and "Trade".

Click on the "Submit" button once again.
Bybit settings to activate permissions
Copy or note down your secret key. Once you close the window, you won't be able to view the "API Secret" key again. The "API Key" will always be accessible in your personal account. After saving the API, click on the "Confirm" button. The key creation process is now complete.
Note: API keys without an IP address will expire three months after creation. You can extend the key's validity by editing it, which requires entering the Google Authenticator code. To maintain the validity of keys without an IP address, you need to extend them every three months. Additionally, you have the option to create new keys.
Please be aware that seven days after changing your password on Bybit, the Secret Key will no longer function.
Bybit API key generation interface
Note: When the "Trade" permission is enabled for the spot market, you can use the same API keys to connect to both the spot platform and the futures platform.

Connecting CScalp to Bybit

The connection process is the same for spot, inverse futures, perpetual USDT, and USDC futures on Bybit. Let's go through the steps for connecting to Bybit using USDT futures as an example.

1. Open the "Connections" Tab in CScalp

Launch CScalp. Click on "Settings," then "Connections." Find the connection named "Bybit: UTA" and click on the gear icon to access the connection settings.
CScalp settings menu for connections

2. Enter "API Key" and "API Secret"

Enter your "API Key" in the "ApiKey" field and your "API Secret" in the "ApiSecret" field. Don't forget to disable the "Read-only" switch to enable trading
CScalp interface for entering API keyss

3. Connect to Bybit: UTA

Click on the button with the Bybit logo. CScalp will establish a connection with the exchange. If the connection is successful, the Bybit connection area will turn green.
CScalp menu for Bybit UTA
Done! You have successfully connected to your Unified Trading Account on Bybit and can begin trading. You can use the same process to connect to the spot market, inverse futures, and USDC perpetual futures on Bybit.

After connecting, we recommend checking out our free cryptocurrency scalping course!
Note: You can connect multiple Bybit trading accounts in CScalp.

4. Add an Order Book and Select Ticker

After setting up CScalp’s connection with Bybit UTA, add a new order book by clicking on the corresponding icon in the center or the lower-right corner.
CScalp interface for adding a new order book
Click on the order book area.
Order book area in CScalp
In the side menu of the opened window, select your newly created Bybit connection. Then double-click on the ticker from the list. Congratulations, you’ve successfully selected the Bybit trading ticker!

Make Your First Trade

Congratulations, you can start trading now! Visit our “How to Make the First Trade” article, to learn about the next steps.

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