Do you enjoy trading and want to run a trading business? An article is dedicated for those who want to trade on the exchange and develop their own business. Let's talk about business models, the importance of communication and the examples of successful business traders.
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Why a successful trader needs a business

People think that profitable traders don't want to do anything other than trading, but that's not true. Here are the thoughts that lead traders to run their own business.

I'm sure I can do more
A trader understands that he has enough strength to trade and develop the project. If it can be combined, then why not run your own business? Perhaps, as a businessman, I can do no less than as a trader?

I want stability
Profits of successful traders are tempting, but never stable. Every trader understands that «today I can earn, or I can end the day with a loss». Solution: business as diversification. I will spend less time trading and maybe earn less, but I will get a source of income that does not depend on the market.

I'm not a very good trader, but I don't want to quit trading
Another variant. A person understands that he/she cannot make money from the market, but he/she likes the topic of trading and does not want to do something else. How to be? Stay in trading as a businessman, not as a trader. For example, not everyone in the football industry scores goals, there are referees, coaches, agents - in other areas as well.

Community is the basis of success

Regardless of the model, the income of a trader-businessman is directly related to the size of his audience.

Audience - is the total number of people who consume your content (YouTube viewers, Telegram channel subscribers, Discord server members, etc.).

Why is the audience important? If your audience is 1,000 members, then one customer will get your product for example in a month. From an audience of 100,000 members - 100 customers. The numbers are taken as an example, but the connection of dots is clear to you - the larger the audience, the more of your product you can sell to it.

The next step in the development of the audience is the community.

The audience turns into a community when subscribers begin not only to follow the content, but also to communicate with the author and with each other.

The community is more loyal and active than the audience. From an audience of 1,000 people you will get one customer, from a community of 1,000 members – 10 customers. We are happy when we can ask the host a question or communicate with people in the chat. People appreciate it.

Summary: the community is the foundation that the trader's business is built on. If you create a community around you, you can turn it into real money.

Business model

We will look at the four main business models for a trader - advertising, courses, private channels and proprietary trading business. All models work well, you can easily search for examples on the internet.


Advertising is the easiest and most understandable option. The opportunity to talk about a product in the field of trading, cryptocurrencies and exchanges is expensive. There are advertisers on the market who are willing to pay you to advertise their product to your audience.

There are two main types of advertising. An example of the first one is that you promote a YouTube channel about trading or investing and get paid directly for it. An example of the second one - you promote the project and get rewarded with referral payments. For example, all cryptocurrency exchanges have referral programs.


Another business model is education. Many newcomers enter the market every day. A significant part of them do not have basic knowledge.

Beginners learn on their own (for example, in our free trading course) or with a teacher. The second one is more expensive, but more efficient.

Create a quality course and there will be students among your audience! Courses without human participation are cheaper. Courses with a "live" teacher are more expensive. Individual courses are the most expensive services.

People have little confidence in online trading courses, but the community will help with this problem. If a person follows your videos, reads posts, then he/she will be able to appreciate the professionalism and decency of the author. Community builds trust.

Private channel

After the basic course, a trader needs to develop himself, so he needs a team. If the beginning of the development of a trader is about theory, then the continuation is about practice.

Create a private channel with a team spirit. Let there be a chat room, daily market review (morning briefings), online trading streams, discussion of trades.

Make useful content and traders who need team trading practice will be willing to pay for a membership.

Educational courses and a private channel complement each other perfectly. Beginners after the course become members of a private channel. Of course, if they like the quality.

Proprietary trading business

The most difficult option for a trading business is a prop-trading company(firm).

Prop-trading company is a small private fund managed by a team of traders. The income that company receives is divided between the fund and traders.

Unlike other business models, creating a prop-trading company requires investment and traded capital. At the head of the prop-trading company is usually a "player coach" - an active trader. The whole team focuses on the so-called “CEO trader” as a leader.

Trading yourself and developing prop is a serious work. It is necessary to select newcomers without stopping, to develop unskilled traders, to keep experienced traders in the proprietary trading company. And then there's accounting, advertising, software...

Where to get customers

All the business models that we talked about have a common foundation - the community. If you have a community, then on its basis you can run a business.

A good example is the YouTube channel. This is a handy tool for building a community. The service has a recommendations algorithm, so if your videos are interesting, then it will bring new subscribers. You will offer your products to these subscribers and get a flow of customers.

Starting a community takes time and hard work. You can’t just rush and try to earn ahead of time. First, "boost" the community, make sure that it begins to grow steadily, and only then, carefully begin to promote your products inside.

Running a business is always a scary process. What if it doesn't work and I lose my investment? The community allows you to start without risks, because you don’t need to invest money to launch a channel on YouTube or Telegram. Invest only your efforts, without money. If you can "boost" the community, therefore you can run a business - everything will work cool. If you can’t or lose interest in the project, then the losses are not great.

Summary: the community is the main source of customers for the trading business. If you can create a community, then everything will work well.

Example of successful traders-businessmen

Here are the "success stories" of traders who decided to run their own business.

Important: We do not advertise projects and do not know all things and commercial details of each listed company (who earns and how much). We follow example-projects because they use our products (CScalp, Privod Bondar, Trader's Diary). And we like how they develop themselves.

Boris Vasilkovan, founder of Cl Capital. Boris and his team organized a trading school of cryptocurrency markets, after the course, students can stay in the company.

Boris's business relies on the community around his Boris.Trader YouTube channel. See how the author started his channel and what path he went through. It’s motivating!

Sergey Alekseev, founder of the Live Investing Group proprietary trading company. Today it is one of the largest trading firms in Russia and the CIS. The company has organized its own trading school for the stock and cryptocurrency markets. After passing the course, students can get a job in a company.

Sergey leads social networks qualitatively. He posts his trading results daily of MOEX. Many traders visit him on VK at the end of the day to compare his results with theirs.

Konstantin Akhmetov, founder of the League of Traders community. A community-based learning platform has been created. To join the community, you have to sign up for an educational course or a referral program.

The popularity of Konstantin among traders has made an educational course that he has prepared for the CScalp community. The course is really simple, understandable, and useful to newcomers.

A few words should be said about competition. On the Russian-language Internet, it is quite serious. It will not be easy to repeat the success. However, there is less competition in other languages. If you speak a foreign language, you can repeat the business model (of Boris, for example) outside the Russian Internet! We'll talk about it in the next part.

Foreign language – unique opportunity

The Russian language is not the "largest" in the world, but Russian-speaking trading is developed. It is difficult to find streams in a foreign language with "live" trading using a professional terminal. It is a rarity.
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Wikipedia data
Crypto and stock market blogs in English or Chinese gather huge audiences, which means that there is a demand for trading. The authors show viewers the cuts of trades made from the personal account on the exchange website. We understand that this is a weak level. Active trading without a scalping terminal is like playing football without sneakers. It is possible, but the players use sneakers.

How to build a community in a foreign language? Stream your live trading, answer the questions that the audience asks you, show your strategy and give advice. "And what is this platform?" - the first question that a beginner has when he sees the multi-colored DOM of CScalp. Be patient, it will be months before you get results. You should become an expert for your viewers and subscribers. This is how Boris.trader acted at the start of running the community, watch his first videos (these are in Russian language). They are very simple: terminal, trader and communication with the audience.

We, as the CScalp team, try to support everyone who builds a community using our products. We are ready to help leaders of communities in a foreign language. Contact us!

If you already have a community or audience in a foreign language, contact us. We will figure out how you can help your business grow and earn more. You can contact the CScalp team via support.


Doing business in parallel with trading is difficult, but it’s possible.

Let's start with communities. You will have to work hard to get an audience and profit from your own community. However, work hard pays off, you can build a business with any business model discussed in the article.

If knowledge of the language allows you to start running a community in the foreign language, then you can start to work on foreign market. There are more users, and the competition in the daytrading field is less.

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