The CScalp trading terminal team has prepared the Annual report. We would like to tell you what we did in 2021 and what we plan to do in 2022. Do you want to know how CScalp will change and will it remain free platform? Read the report!

2021: what we have done

The year was great - CScalp community has grown three times! In December CScalp beat the record: traders used 12,685 unique licenses per day.

During the year CScalp significantly optimized software's architecture. We changed the structure of the servers, added the servers of the market-dates, introduced a modern charts library and released "new charts". The Beta's docking ("gluing" of windows) is actively tested. Connections to EXMO exchange: spot and margin trading has been added.

The succes of the year became Trader Signals - Telegram channel with scalping signals. Growth - 0 to 33,000 subscribers in 10 months! YouTube channel has collected 50,000 subscribers.

Trader's Diary has grown into an independent project. Now it has its own team and launched a website. Now the record is 3,090 active users per day.

Let's talk about every detail.

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The terminal changed the chart's library. "New charts" became more convenient and functional. We’ve got an advantage that’s invisible - in 2022, the charts will be more quickly refined.

Docking ("gluing" of windows) has been released in Beta. Order books and charts can be combined in any way. Now the developers, together with traders, are “finishing up” the interface in order to combine the “old tabs” and docking. We are sure that everyone will like the result!
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"Docking in CScalp"
Only one exchange - EXMO (spot and margin trading) was added during this year. OKX (OKEx) was also added, but the exchange changed the connection parameters. It is now available in "View Only" mode.

Over the course of the year, we made the servers more reliable and the data transfer more stable. Multi-accounts feature has been added: now CScalp allows you to trade on the same exchange using several accounts simultaneously. These tasks are invisible to the trader, but they “ate” a lot of time and efforts.

We have learned to test the terminal better. We do an alpha test first, then open beta testing. The beta this year received its own release-independent update system. Many thanks to everyone who participated in the testing! We love your feedback, even if it's harsh. We would like to remind you that the work of alpha testers is paid.

We regularly update Wishlist. We write down all ideas and evaluate them according to priorities. Do not be offended in case of “I asked 100 times and you didn’t do it”. We try to choose the main thing for the development of the terminal.


The community has been tripled. Support receives 150+ requests per day. These are all sorts of questions: from help with CScalp to advice on trading.

The community's success of the year became Trader Signals. The channel's idea is simple: traders share the market's situations they see and the CScalp community evaluates and discusses them. If experienced traders need other people's thoughts less, it is useful for newcomers to look at the market from the other hand.

Trader Signals is about crypto, but it has a “little brother" called Moscow Exchange Signals channel. This is a channel about trading ideas for three markets of the Moscow Exchange: stocks, futures and currencies. They can be used to compare the popularity of crypto trading with trading on stock exchanges: 33,000 subscribers of Trader Signals vs 4,000 subscribers of MOEX Signals. The figures speak for themselves.

Our Telegram-chats have grown: CScalp traders - 9 125 subs. (+6 551), Cryptotraders chat - 10 900 subs. (+9 611), Traders chat of Moscow Exchange - 2506 subs. (+2 067). News channel Professional Trading has 12,640 subscribers.

We have started to develop our English sources CScalp traders ENG chat and news channel Trading | Crypto Scalping.

Our YouTube CScalp TV channel has 50 000 subs. In this year we have opened new sections - “Trading together" and “Trades analysis".
The most popular videos from each section for 2021:

During the year we have released new video courses - "Breakout Trading Strategy" (with translation into English) and "Scalping on Moscow Exchange". Also updated the main instructions:

VKontakte community has grown to 5,639 subs.

has 2 778 members. This is where traders gather in voice channels and trade together. In chats users discuss main CScalp events.

Trader’s diary

In 2021, the Diary became independent: it had its own team (small but promising), its own site, a news channel and a chat.

The number of Diary users increased 10 times! Our small server is heavily loaded, but works stable.

Diary started to work with FTX perpetual futures, proprietary trading accounts and Binance BUSD perpetual futures (previously only USDT futures were calculated correctly).

We have implemented two ways of using Diary: anonymous via Telegram and full via registration by email.

Meme of the year

Meme of the Year according to our team:
CScalp annual report, CScalp report, CScalp plans 2022, CScalp future, The future of CScalp, CScalp trading terminal

Plans for 2022

We expect that global adoption of cryptocurrencies will grow in 2022. There are many newcomers to the market. But in the coming year, the number of people who first learned about crypto trading will be even greater.

We continue to wait for official cryptocurrencies from central banks of different countries. They will appear very soon and even more people will get acquainted with the ideas of cryptocurrencies.

We also expect increased government control over cryptocurrency exchanges. If it happens, it will be more difficult to start trading. There will be rules and government regulation. Control over money transfers and taxes of traders will be tightened. However, these are natural processes - the market is becoming more mature.


In 2022, we will focus on quality. The number of CScalp users is constantly growing, so we need to do more and more work just to stay put.

There will be high expectations on CScalp + Diary. We do not want to overload the terminal with "heavy" features: it should remain fast and easy. But nothing prevents us from implementing these features for Diary!

To keep up with growth, we will expand the team. We need people for the support service, authors for YouTube, copywriters and developers. Our team has a remote type of work, so we are ready to collaborate with people from anywhere.


We will make the interface a priority in the development of CScalp: the terminal will have a watchlist and linking. They will be built on a docking and will allow flexible workspace management. Docking caused a lot of controversy during the alpha testing stage. We are waiting for the discussions about watchlist and linking!

We are going to do a lot of internal work: change the data center, add server capacities and finally move all processes to the cloud. Remember the problems with license verification? We solved it “quickly”, but we want “high quality”.

It's also time for a redesign. Launcher will change his appearance first. It will look like this:
CScalp annual report, CScalp report, CScalp plans 2022, CScalp future, The future of CScalp, CScalp trading terminal
After Launcher, it will be the turn of CScalp and Diary.

An internal audit of the system's security is planned for 2022. In 2023, we want to conduct an external audit as well.

New platforms will be added. We also will add Bybit Perpetual Futures (USDT) to CScalp. We will add a completely new connection. We analyze Tinkoff, MetaTrader, Interactive Brokers. We communicate with several cryptocurrency exchanges. We'll keep you informed.

We are also looking at decentralized exchanges (DEX). Among them, the first platforms with order books appeared (most of them are based on market making through liquidity pools). There are still many complications, but there is a high probability that the technology will take root. We want to make an experimental project. We think that trading directly from your cryptocurrency wallet (hot or cold), and not from an exchange account is another level of reliability.


We will keep the focus on creating content for traders. Trading courses, online trading, instructions - we'll do it all the same

We're going to take the signals to a new level of quality. We would like to give the subscribers more information about the authors of signals.

We want to show the “correct" trader's path: from beginner to pro. For example, start streams with trade and reports from the beginners. Or streams of a beginner and a pro with questions and analysis of mistakes.

We work on an important project "Scalping Risk Guide". We will collect all information about risk management in one place. We also will add analytical features to the diary and after that we will have a place where you can get the theory of risks and immediately put it into practice.

We will continue to support projects in a foreign language. Are you ready to make content in a foreign language? Do you have subscribers who speak different languages? Any ideas? Contact us via support and we will come up with a mutually beneficial cooperation.

We are also planning to launch donations. Made a profitable deal and want to thank the CScalp team financially? You will have such an opportunity soon.

Trader’s diary

In the new year, the Diary will learn to work with new exchanges. We expect to integrate the top 5 major cryptocurrency platforms. Soon Diary will work with more exchanges than CScalp.

We are going to develop the feature of reports. You can select a report in Diary: time frame and method of receipt (e-mail, Telegram, etc.). The queue should also reach alerts.
Screener will eventually turn into a Dashboard for scalpers. We will add new filters, the ability to analyze order books and volumes, and learn how to broadcast signals.

What’s more

There is another experimental project. We want to develop an interface for managing a team of traders using a proprietary model for crypto exchanges. Traditionally, it will be free. If you have students or a team - stay tuned!

Since last year, the backlog contains improvements for the Moscow Exchange. We are constantly delaying this project because we don't know how to get started. The main terminal is QUIK. Its versions are not the same for different brokers. For one it works well, for the other it is bad, however, we do not leave hopes for the implementation of the project.

Privod Bondar will take over new things from CScalp. There’s something new: we released it in CScalp and transferred it to Privod Bondar.

Will CScalp be chargeable?

All CScalp products will remain free in 2022! Hooray!

Free CScalp in 2022 is our biggest gift to the community. We have planned the budget: we are quite able to live on income from corporate customers. There are currently no plans to introduce charging plans.

Discuss the 2021 report and communicate with the team in the Trading | Crypto Scalping channel. We will not only discuss, but also give away 300 USDT!

Contest "My Best Trade 2021".

Share in the comments a link to your Diary trade, that you think is the best in the past year. The CScalp team will select 3 winners, each of whom will receive 1/3 of the prize pool.

We discuss the report and participate in the contest “My Best Trade 2021" here:
From 12/31/2021 to 01/09/2022, the CScalp team goes on vacation. The support team will help from time to time.

Support team work schedule on holidays: from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 19:00 to 21:00. We will answer longer than usual - treat with understanding please.

We love you! Happy New Year!