Annual Report 2022

We have prepared the Annual Report. We gonna show what we have done in the past year and what we plan to implement in the coming year. Do you want to know what will change in the CScalp terminal, the Traders Diaries trading history service, and the community? Read the report!

2022: what's done

We have changed the logo of all our products - CScalp, Traders Diaries and Launcher.
CScalp годовой отчет, CScalp отчет, CScalp планы 2022, CScalp будущее, CScalp
CScalp got docking, watchlist, and linking. We continued to work on charts and terminal stability. Also, CScalp got a lot of new connections.

We actively developed Trader's Diaries. This is our online service for storing and analyzing trading history. The diary has received new connections and an updated interface and intensified with TradingView charts. Improved the cryptocurrency screener Traders Diaries.

All details are in the report.

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It's been a tough year

To say that about 2022 - is to say nothing. The year was terrible.

In 2022, the cryptocurrency market had a very rough time - the collapse of LUNA and FTX, the fall of BTC, and the protracted bear market. But despite all this, we continued to work. We believe that the outgoing 2022 has become a productive year for us.


In 2022, the terminal received many new features and connections. Docking came out and added workspaces. With docking order books and charts can be combined in any way. For each monitor, you can create a separate workspace with its own windows and tabs.
CScalp годовой отчет, CScalp отчет, CScalp планы 2022, CScalp будущее, CScalp
Another essential update of the year is the Watchlist and linking. Linking allows you to combine several order books and charts into one group. You can add up to 40 instruments to the Watchlist and define groups of instruments for linking. Linking is now working for all connections, Watchlist with Binance and Bybit (spot and USDT futures). In the future, we will configure Watchlist to work with other CScalp connections.
CScalp годовой отчет, CScalp отчет, CScalp планы 2022, CScalp будущее, CScalp
We continued to work on the charts. The important updates: increased the number of charts from 30 to 40, and made separate chart settings. Now, for each instrument, you can open several charts with different timeframes.
CScalp годовой отчет, CScalp отчет, CScalp планы 2022, CScalp будущее, CScalp
New connections in CScalp:
dYdX: Perpetual f. – DEX exchange dYdX
OKX: Margin - OKX Margin Platform
Bybit: Perpetual f. – Bybit “Perpetual USDT” contracts
Bybit: USDC Perpetual f. – Bybit “Perpetual USDC” contracts
Phemex: Contracts - Phemex “USD Perpetual” and “COIN-M Perpetual” contracts
Huobi: USDT-M Isolated – Huobi “USDT Margin Contracts” contracts

Increased Binance order book depth from 500 to 700 rows per side. For connections to inverse futures and USDT contracts, added stop orders for ByBit. We also added the entry of working volume in USD for all Bybit connections.

We have been working on the stability of CScalp. In the latest release of 2022, we introduced a dynamic subscription to the market data servers of Binance and Bybit. The subscription optimizes the flow of data from these exchanges, and the operation of the terminal with Binance and Bybit will become more stable.

Traders Diaries

The most noticeable change is that Traders Diaries has been redesigned. Were added the reports tab. The diary now can show how to display open positions, show commissions for funding and take into account liquidations. A new banner with trading alerts was added as well.
CScalp годовой отчет, CScalp отчет, CScalp планы 2022, CScalp будущее, CScalp
Trader Diaries got connections to Bybit and OKX exchanges.
CScalp годовой отчет, CScalp отчет, CScalp планы 2022, CScalp будущее, CScalp
We made a filter by grounds for sorting trades. Added TradingView charts. Updated Top 5 Trades and Results Chart functions.
CScalp годовой отчет, CScalp отчет, CScalp планы 2022, CScalp будущее, CScalp
Updated the “Screener” section. We made charts linked to the tools in the screener. Clicking on an instrument's ticker opens the spot and futures charts. Also added TradingView charts.
CScalp годовой отчет, CScalp отчет, CScalp планы 2022, CScalp будущее, CScalp
Added a feedback form for users. Did an error occur? Any suggestions on how to improve the Diary? Send feedback to the developers and they will definitely study it.
CScalp годовой отчет, CScalp отчет, CScalp планы 2022, CScalp будущее, CScalp
Technical aspects. Updates in Traders Diaries are now automatic. Previously, accounts in the Diary were created via Telegram and e-mail. Now accounts created in different ways can be combined. Added authorization through Google, Telegram, Mail, and Yandex.

The launcher

The launcher also received a redesign. The “CScalp versions” tab appeared in the side menu – there you can download the previous version and the beta version of the terminal. At the top of the Launcher, we added a banner with signals from Trades signals. We improved the system for collecting logs and made a “carousel” of banners with important news.
CScalp годовой отчет, CScalp отчет, CScalp планы 2022, CScalp будущее, CScalp
You can learn more about the Launcher features here.


The CScalp community continues to expand and launch new formats.
We release new content daily, continue improving our social media design, and work on frequent communication with our community members via discussions and questions.

Our goal is to provide valuable information about scalp trading for beginners and experts as well, as to build a community with like-minded people.

Check our updated Instagram and follow us there.


We began to actively run our YouTube channel CScalp TV EN and in a year we gained 931 subscribers. A new scalping course from an experienced scalper Roman Osintsev has been released on our channel. The course consists of 3 videos, here is the link to the first one.

We also launched weekly streams: Live Trading and Market Analysis. Live trading on Fridays at 3 pm and Market Analysis on Tuesdays at 3 pm UTC. You can watch them here.

The best videos on CScalp YouTube channel for 2022:

We are working on video quality in order to attract more professional traders and beginners to our community.
In total, our YouTube videos and streams have received over 52,000 views


Our CScalp community in Telegram also did not stand still. We improved signals in Trader signals, added signal moderation, updated its design, and added new authors.


We created a channel on TradingView. On TradingView we publish trading ideas and conduct live broadcasts with market analysis. The channel has not “fledged” yet, now it has 80+ subscribers. Subscribe here.

The best signal on TradingView: Volume reduction. Decrease of local highs. Time to sell
Best Live Stream on TradingView: Cryptocurrency market analysis: BTC, XRP, BNX, GMT, NKN, AXS, C98, WAVES


We have released a new training course in a book format, it will complement our YouTube videos, become kind of a cheat sheet for experienced traders, and a good foundation for beginners. In 2022, several interesting articles were published on our blog:

In 2023 we will continue to work on new courses, instructions and articles. We hope that our creation of courses will reach a new level.

What awaits us in 2023

We know for sure that in the New Year exchanges will continue to update their APIs, change trading logic, and continue adding new tools and functions. For CScalp to work like a charm, the team must keep up with these changes. We will refine the code, test it, and update it. But be sure to devote time and development.

СScalp will remain free

CScalp and will remain free in 2023! This is our traditional New Year's gift to the community. We have planned a budget and are confident that we can develop our products without the financial assistance of users.


In 2023, we will redesign the CScalp interface. We plan to do the redesigns step by step, adding individual elements of the interface alternately.
CScalp годовой отчет, CScalp отчет, CScalp планы 2022, CScalp будущее, CScalp
We will be testing interface updates and discussing them with our community a lot. Do not miss!

Traders Diaries

Traders Diaries will have a mobile version. We will also integrate a new connection into the Diary.


The stability and usability of CScalp and will remain our priority.

We will continue to develop the English-speaking community of CScalp, we will launch the Spanish language in 2023. We will focus on training practicing traders. This also applies to our blog and YouTube channel.

Traditionally, we discuss the 2022 report and communicate with the team on our CScalp News EN Telegram channel.

May you be successful and happy in the coming year!
From December 31, 2022, to January 04, 2023, the CScalp support team goes on holiday.

In case of issues or questions, please contact us. We will respond as soon as we’re back.