ApiTrade is a browser-based terminal for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Focused on algorithmic trading without the ability to customize or change the configuration of bots. Let's consider ApiTrade algorithms and talk about additional platform features.
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ApiTrade features

There are no standard exchange instruments on the ApiTrade platform: order book or order tape. Trading is fully automated, the workspace shows detailed statistics of the algorithm. The terminal is developed in a web interface: control is available through the official ApiTrade website. The possibility of self-trading has not been implemented.

ApiTrade connects to the markets of three exchanges, statistics for the algorithms are collected from the 25 largest crypto market platforms. Connection to exchanges is implemented through API keys.

Additional tools for collecting statistics on algorithms are integrated into the terminal workspace. The history of trades and cycles is saved automatically. Technical indicators and other analysis tools are not presented.
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ApiTrade Dashboard

ApiTrade algotrading

After registering on the ApiTrad website, a control panel will open. Here you can choose one of two algorithms:

1. Squeeze bot is an algorithm based on the buying of an asset in case of a sharp drop of the asset and return to the previous level.
2. ApiTrade Wave is a bot that makes a large number of scalp trades during the day.

Bots have a minimal range of settings: the user can only set the frequency of transactions and the volume of orders. Algorithms are launched through a graphical interface, without the use of programming languages or code.
Note: to run the algorithms, you need to top up the balance of the ApiTrade internal account. When transferring funds from a wallet or exchange to an ApiTrade account, a commission is charged on the blockchain network in which the transaction is made.


In addition to algorithmic trading, ApiTrade implements a simple intra-exchange exchanger. It allows you to quickly exchange assets from accounts of different exchanges on one page. The wallets are also accessed through the API.
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Connections and ApiTrade plans

Bots can be connected to three exchanges: Binance, Huobi Global and KuCoin. You can only fund your ApiTrade internal account through Binance exchange. The balance could be deposited in cryptocurrency.

ApiTrade does not have a fixed monthly fee. Users pay a commission on the income from a trade. The commission is 50% of the profit. If there is no profit, no commission is charged. Also, the user has the opportunity to reduce the commission by 25% using API TOKEN tokens or by participating in the referral program of the service.


ApiTrade is aimed at traders without experience in setting up bots and programming skills. The service provides the simplest trading algorithms. The developers do not disclose the product code and how bots work. You can find more terminals for trading cryptocurrency in our list.

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