Binance Launchpad Overview

Binance Launchpad is a platform for launching new tokens through initial exchange offerings (IEOs). Here, developers can launch and promote their projects, and users can acquire new cryptocurrencies during the launch stage. Passive earnings through yield farming are also possible on Binance Launchpad. In this article, we will provide an overview of the platform's features and functionality.
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Binance Launchpad: What You Need to Know

Binance Launchpad is one of the projects of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. This platform is designed to help crypto projects raise funds, create liquidity, and expand their audience. All projects undergo a thorough investigation to protect users from scammers. A distinctive feature of Binance Launchpad is the system of equitable token allocation among investors, as opposed to the popular lottery system on other major platforms.

Main Features of the Binance Launchpad

Binance Launchpad is divided into two platforms: Launchpad and Launchpool.

On Launchpad, users can lend their BNB to new crypto projects and receive free tok
ens before they are listed on the exchange. On Launchpool, you can stake two or three tokens of your choice and farm new ones as rewards.

To use Launchpad or Launchpool, you need to have BNB or BUSD coins in your Binance wallet. Some projects in Launchpool support other altcoins as well as Bitcoin. The minimum investment size is 0.1 units of a coin, regardless of its specific type.

Let's delve deeper into how both platforms work.

How to Farm Cryptocurrency on Launchpool

Binance Launchpad is accessible on the official Binance website under the "More" tab in the top menu.
Accessing Launchpad through the “More” Tab
The homepage displays global parameters of current IEOs: staked and raised funds, the number of launched projects, and unique participants in the history of the platform.
Binance Launchpad Main Page
Below you can find the Launchpool section, which showcases the ongoing and recently completed farming periods for new projects. On the left, you'll find basic project details: description, total rewards, farming period, and the session end date of the current farming round.
Binance Launchpad: Launchpool section
On the right are coin pairs (pools) available for you to participate in. On the left is the token that can be staked, and on the right is the token in which the reward will be distributed. Below, you can see the APY (annual profit percentage) for this pair, as well as the total amount of all investments. Choose the appropriate coin pair and click "Add Assets" when the option is available.

This will open a page with comprehensive information about the project, including the website, white paper, and a summary of the project from Binance's team of analysts.
A Project Page on Binance Launchpool
You can also switch between the available pools on this page.

To stake cryptocurrency for farming, click "Stake." Unlike standard Binance staking, farming through Launchpool does not lock your coins. They can be withdrawn back to your Binance wallet at any time using the "Redeem" button.

To claim a staking reward, click "Claim Rewards" once the reward becomes available. If the coin is already traded on Binance, you can go to the marketplace and start trading it.

How to Earn Cryptocurrency on Launchpad

To support a project and earn cryptocurrency on Launchpad, go to the Launchpad tab. This section displays current and recently completed offerings. Choose a project and navigate to its page.
 The Individual Launchpad Project Page
It also provides essential data about the project, including the price, quantity, and hard cap per user. The project's launch dates can be found in the "Subscription Period" section, which outlines the four stages of the campaign:

BNB Holding Calculation Period: During this phase, users should hold as many BNB as possible in their wallet. After this period ends, each user will receive an individual maximum investment limit (hard cap) in BNB for the project.

The hardcap is calculated based on the average number of BNBs held by the user during the preparatory period. The final hard cap is proportional to the average balance of BNB throughout the period. All Binance accounts, except DeFi staking, fixed-staking, and Liquid Swap accounts, are included in the calculation.

Subscription Period and Calculation Period: These dates and hours indicate the time window to confirm your participation. After the "Subscription Period," you will know your maximum limit. It's crucial to confirm your participation before the "Calculation Period" expires, which typically lasts a few hours.

During the calculation period, information about your personal limit will become available. Enter the desired amount, press "Stake BNB," and confirm by clicking the "Stake now" button. Your BNBs will be staked until the specified period ends.

Final Token Distribution: Now, you'll have to wait for the expiration date and receive your BNBs back along with the new tokens. You can find information about the token listings on the Binance exchange at the bottom of the homepage, under the "Announcements" tab

Binance Launchpad — Conclusion

Binance Launchpad is a platform for launching new cryptocurrencies on Binance, where users and projects can mutually support each other. At the time of writing, 75 tokens have been launched, including popular altcoins and leading fan tokens that have provided substantial returns to Launchpad contributors.

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