Bitsgap is a browser-based terminal for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Designed for swing trading, medium-term trading and algorithmic trading. We analyze the features of Bitsgap, the functionality of trading bots and its pricing.
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Bitsgap features is a browser-based trading platform, the desktop version has not been implemented. The workspace has a classic layout: a separate section for self-managing deals, an interface for creating bots, profile statistics, and a section for connecting exchanges.

Bitsgap maintains trading of spot and futures markets. Demo mode is provided. Bitsgap bots have an integrated test environment to test the effectiveness of the algorithm before launch. Additional Bitsgap tools: browser notifications and a chart with built-in technical indicators.

Bitsgap trading features

The section for independent trading contains standard exchange instruments: Order book, history of trades, a chart and an interface for placing orders.
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Classic and advanced types of orders are available: limit, market, stop limit, Shadow Order (without freezing funds, placed when a certain price is reached) and TWAP (order execution in parts). Stop-Loss / Take-Profit and OCO orders are available for risk management.

The chart is integrated from TradingView: technical indicators of the service, selection of timeframes and plotting trend lines are available. In total, over 100 technical analysis indicators are available to Bitsgap users.

Bitsgap bots

Regardless of the chosen tariff, Bitsgap offers users three types of trading bots:

  • Sbot – a medium-term algorithm that uses a grid of orders to make a profit. Used for sideways trend;
  • Classic Bitsgap Bot – a grid bot with a short time frame. For the bullish market;
  • Combo Bot – futures algorithm based on a combination of grid orders and a DCA strategy.
Bitsgap features, Bitsgap plans, Bitsgap bots, Bitsgap trading features, Bitsgap pricing, Bitsgap review, Bitsgap
The setup and launch panel, as well as statistics on the operation of the algorithm, are located on one page. In the settings of Bitsgap bots, you can enable the risk management system: Trailing and SL/TP.

Bitsgap connections and plans

Bitsgap works with 22 crypto exchanges, specifically Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Huobi, OKX, Kraken, and EXMO. You can find a complete list of connections on the platform's official website.

Bitsgap developers offer users 3 plans:

  • Basic: 29$ per month. Unlimited number of trades, connection to any exchanges and up to 2 active trading bots Sbot or Classic Bot.
  • Advanced: 69$ per month. Access to the futures bot and the Trailing system, up to 5 bots at the same time.
  • Pro: 149$ per month. Up to 20 active bots, the ability to activate Stop Loss / Take Profit for algorithmic trading.

There is a 7-day free trial to try any Bitsgap plan.


Bitsgap is suitable for novice algorithmic traders: programming skills are not required to set up bots. Swing traders and mid-term traders will be interested in the futures market.
We recommend that novice algorithmic traders read our article - Cryptocurrency trading bots: beginners guide.

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