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3Commas Scalping Bot: Everything You Need to Know

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In this article, CScalp reviews the 3Commas scalping bot, highlighting its role in the financial market. We'll explore the bot's features, efficiency, and how it fares for traders aiming to profit from small price movements with a crypto scalping bot.

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Infographic of the steps to configure a crypto scalping bot on the 3Commas page 3Commas

The Role of Bots in Cryptocurrency Trading

Crypto traders often turn to robots to optimize their performance and gain a competitive advantage. Crypto scalping bots can perform a wide range of tasks, from market analysis to executing buy and sell orders. While they do not replace the need for strategy and human judgment, they could become great tools for any trader.

Although bot trading has its proponents among scalpers, we champion the art of live, manual trading. The nuances of the trading world demand qualities that only a human can provide. Download our free CScalp trading terminal and step into the realm of active trading that puts you in full command.

Crypto Scalping Bots

Scalping is a trading strategy in which traders aim to profit from small price spreads. This approach requires fast execution and unwavering attention to market movements.

High-frequency trading can involve placing hundreds of thousands of trades in seconds, a feat unachievable for human traders. Automated bots excel in this high-paced environment and can potentially generate significant profits.

Below we will provide a detailed guide 3Commas scalping bot guide and highlight its main characteristics.

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What Is 3Commas?

3Commas is a popular cryptocurrency trading robot. It was established in 2017 and has since gained recognition for its intuitive platform and easy-to-use approach.

The platform offers pre-programmed strategies, including Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Trailing Take Profit, making it accessible to traders with varying levels of experience. Users can also customize their strategies to achieve specific trading goals.

The platform supports trading on a wide range of exchanges including BitMEX, KuCoin, Coinbase Pro, and Binance.

3Commas has earned a reputation for reliability and security as it operates as a web-based platform. Importantly, your funds remain in your exchange accounts and the bot does not have access to your assets, ensuring their security.

Main Benefits of 3Commas

3Commas offers a versatile platform designed to meet a variety of business needs. Platform features include:

  • Manual Trading with Enhanced Features: Traders can execute manual trades using the 3Commas platform, which offers advanced features beyond traditional exchanges.
  • Automated Trading with Bots: Traders can deploy 3Commas scalping bot to trade on their behalf, even when they are away from their screens.
  • Portfolio Management: The platform provides tools to help traders manage and monitor their portfolios effectively.
  • Signals and Strategies Marketplace: Traders can explore and purchase signals or strategies from third-party providers on the 3Commas marketplace.

Improve your Scalping Strategies with the 3Commas Scalping Bot

3Commas simplifies scalping with its Smart Trades feature, which allows users to set entry points, Take Profits, and Stop Loss parameters. Traders can also benefit from features such as Trailing Buy and Trailing Take Profit, which allow them to capitalize on price fluctuations and maximize profits. These tools can be particularly useful when prices suddenly drop and then recover, as they allow traders to lock in more favorable entry prices and make additional profits.

3Commas Scalping Bots

3Commas offers two types of scalping bots that suit different needs:

  • Simple Bots: These 3Commas scalping bots are simple and execute according to predefined strategies. Traders choose a trading pair, set a take profit percentage, and let the robot execute the trades. The bot repeats the action, such as placing new buy orders, as soon as the previous orders are closed.
  • Composite Bots: Composite 3Commas scalping bots are more advanced and flexible, allowing traders to manage multiple trading pairs at the same time. These bots allocate funds more efficiently, avoiding the need to create individual bots for each trading pair. Composite bots are a great option for traders looking to diversify their portfolios and manage multiple assets simultaneously.

Key Features of 3Commas Scalping Bot

3Commas automated trading bots offer several features to enhance your trading experience:

  • Long and Short Algorithms: The bot executes trades based on predefined algorithms that buy at lower price levels and sell at higher prices (or vice versa in short algorithm mode).
  • Repeat Trades: The bot immediately places new orders after closing previous positions, ensuring no trading opportunities are missed.
  • Customizable start conditions: Traders can specify when the bot starts new orders under various conditions, allowing for finer control.
  • Access to top-performing bots: Traders can explore and replicate other users' successful bot setups.
  • Safety Orders: This feature helps mitigate market fluctuations by employing a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) approach to reduce average entry prices.
  • Integration with TradingView Alerts: Traders can set orders and position closures based on technical indicators and signals from TradingView.

3Commas Scalping Bot Prices

You can choose between the various plans offered by 3Commas according to your needs:

  • Free Plan: This basic plan includes portfolio management, one bot of each type, unlimited scalper terminal access, and one active Smart Trade.
  • Starter Plan ($29/month): In addition to the features available in the free plan, the starter plan offers unlimited smart trades, unlimited scalper terminal access, and paper trading.
  • Advanced Plan ($49/month): The advanced plan extends the offerings to include unlimited DCA bots in addition to the features available in the starter plan.
  • Pro Plan ($99/month): The pro plan eliminates bot limitations and provides traders with full access to all features, making it the preferred choice for serious traders.

3Commas Scalping Bot – Conclusion

3Commas scalping bots can be valuable assets. Whether you are new to the world of cryptocurrency trading or an experienced trader, this platform offers tools and solutions that can help you optimize your trading strategy and potentially increase your profitability.

The CScalp team believes that bots are great tools that can help you, however, nothing will replace live, manual trading. Remember that algotrading involves risk, so study the bots in detail before using them. You can test them on a demo account or consult recommendations on our Discord channel.

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