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How To Trade On Bitget: Trading Guide for Beginners

Trading and Scalping
Bitget platform offers many opportunities, such as Spot and futures market trading, copy trading, and more. CScalp delves into getting started with Bitget, connecting Bitget with CScalp, and security measures. Learn how to trade on Bitget with CScalp now.

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How to trade on Bitget: Bitget official website
Bitget official website

Getting Started with Bitget

Starting your trading journey with Bitget requires a few essential steps. Setting up and verifying your account correctly will unlock the platform's features, such as the ability to deposit funds and begin trading.

Sign Up Process

  1. Navigate to the Bitget website.
  2. Click on the 'Sign Up' button prominently displayed.
  3. Provide your email address or mobile number.
  4. Create a strong password following the provided guidelines.
  5. Confirm registration through a verification email or SMS received from Bitget.
How to trade on Bitget: Bitget login page
Bitget login page

Connecting Two-Factor Authentication

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) through Google Authenticator (this is necessary if you want to create API keys later). On the Bitget website, open the user menu and go to the "Security" section.
How to trade on Bitget: Bitget Security section
Bitget Security section
In the "Google Authenticator (recommended)" block, click "Configure."
How to trade on Bitget: Bitget Google Authenticator
Bitget Google Authenticator
Download the Google Authenticator app on your phone (if not already installed). Open the app, press the "+" icon, and choose how to connect: "Scan a QR code" or "Enter a setup key." After connecting, enter the code from the app in the respective field and click "Submit."
How to trade on Bitget: Bitget Google Authenticator - Click Submit
Bitget Google Authenticator - Click Submit

Other Verification Requirements

  • Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification by providing: a government-issued ID or a selfie with the ID for facial comparison.
  • Wait for verification approval, which could take a short period depending on the workload of Bitget's verification team.
To take full advantage of Bitget, try the professional trading platform CScalp by leaving your email in the form above. With the free terminal, you will be able to connect to Bitget and place orders with one click, as well as automatically manage your risks.

How to Connect CScalp to Bitget

Integrating CScalp with your preferred crypto trading exchange is a game-changer. This integration not only simplifies your trading processes but also enriches your market analysis capabilities. The connection between CScalp and Bitget through API keys enables you to enjoy a professional trading platform, where efficiency and speed are paramount. To successfully connect the CScalp trading terminal to your Bitget account for cryptocurrency trading, follow these streamlined steps.

Generate API Keys on Bitget

How to trade on Bitget: Bitget API Key
Bitget API Key
  • Log in to your Bitget account.
  • Navigate to the “API key” section in account settings. Read the API keys Terms & Conditions and click "Agree."
  • Click on Create API.
How to trade on Bitget: Create Bitget API Key
Create Bitget API Key
  • Select API key type: "System-generated API key" or "User-generated API key." The exchange creates the pair in the first case, while to use the second option you will have to install additional software.
  • Set the following API key parameters: In the "Note" field, name your key pair (for example, CScalp). In the "Passphrase (API token)" field, set the key's password. Enable "Read-write" permission to allow the API keys to transmit trading commands from CScalp to Bitget. Activate the "Orders" permission in the "Futures" field to send futures orders from CScalp to Bitget. Other parameters are not required for trading on the exchange through CScalp. Click "Next" and pass the security verification.

Security Verification

Complete any necessary security verification steps prompted by Bitget. Copy the "Access APIKey" and "SecretKey" to connect CScalp to Bitget. Note that the "SecretKey" is displayed only once when created. Copy it immediately to connect the terminal. It's not necessary to save and keep the key in phone notes or on paper. If needed, you can always recreate the keys in your Bitget personal account.
Enter API Credentials in CScalp. Open CScalp and go to the terminal's connection settings. Choose Bitget from the list of available exchanges. Paste the copied "Access APIKey" and "SecretKey".
Done, you have created the Bitget API keys. Now, let's connect the terminal to the exchange! You can edit the key parameters by clicking "Edit." After passing security verification (enter the code from the email and Google Authenticator at the end of the editing window), it will be possible to make changes.

Finalizing the Connection for Bitget Trading

Navigate to the "Connection" tab in CScalp's settings.
How to trade on Bitget: CScalp Connections
CScalp Connections
Find the "Bitget: Futures" connection and click on the gear icon to open the Bitget connection settings.
How to trade on Bitget: CScalp Connections Settings
CScalp Connections Settings
Enter the keys you created in the "ApiKey" and "ApiSecret" fields. Input the passphrase, turn off the "View mode" and click "OK."
How to trade on Bitget: Bitget Connections Settings in CScalp
Bitget Connections Settings
The connection icon in the "State" column will turn green, meaning CScalp has successfully connected to Bitget. Now you can start trading!
Verify the connection by observing if your Bitget account data is accurately reflected in the CScalp terminal. It is recommended to conduct a small test trade to ensure everything is functioning properly.

Bitget Spot Trading

Spot trading on Bitget allows you to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies instantly. This section will guide you through the available trading pairs, how to execute orders effectively, and the associated fees.

Trading Pairs and Order Types

In Spot trading on Bitget, trading pairs refer to pairs of cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged for one another. Each pair consists of a base currency and a quote currency. For instance, if BTC/USDT is a trading pair, BTC is the base currency and USDT is the quoted currency.
When placing orders, you have several order types to choose from:
  • Limit Order: You set the price at which you are willing to buy or sell a cryptocurrency. The order will only be executed if the market reaches your set price.
  • Market Order: This order type will execute immediately at the current market price.

Trading Fees and Discounts

Trading fees on Bitget are applied as a percentage of the trading volume. These fees can vary, but are generally competitive with other exchanges. Additionally, Bitget may offer fee discounts to incentivize trading. Discounts can be based on:
  • Trading volume over a 30-day period
  • Holding a certain amount of the exchange's native token
Always check the latest fee structure on Bitget's website to ensure you're informed about the costs associated with your trades.

Futures Trading and Leverage

In cryptocurrency markets, futures trading allows you to speculate on the price movement of assets such as BTC and ETH with the use of leverage, amplifying your potential gains as well as losses.

Understanding Futures Contracts

Futures contracts are agreements to buy or sell a cryptocurrency asset at a predetermined price at a specific time in the future. Unlike Spot markets, where actual digital assets are exchanged immediately, futures contracts denote the trade of agreement rather than the direct exchange of digital currencies.

Utilizing Leverage

Leverage is a tool in futures trading that enables you to control a larger position with a smaller amount of your capital, referred to as 'margin.' For instance, using 10x leverage, you could enter a futures contract worth 10 BTC with only 1 BTC worth of capital. However, it's crucial to use leverage cautiously, as both potential profits and losses are amplified.
To learn more about Bitget leverage trading, check out our article: “Bitget Leverage Trading: Unveiling Strategies for Amplified Returns.”

Margin Trading and Risk Management

Margin trading is trading with borrowed funds, and efficient risk management is vital to safeguard your capital. Always use a Stop-Loss order – an automatic order to exit a trade at a certain price – to limit potential losses. It's also important to monitor the funding rates, as they can affect the cost of holding long-term positions. Balance your use of margin with a clear understanding of the risks involved to navigate futures trading effectively.

Bitget Copy Trading and Bots

Copy Trading on Bitget allows you to replicate the positions taken by expert traders with the ease of a one-click copy trade system. Trading bots further automate the process, following predetermined strategies to execute trades on your behalf.

Getting Started with Copy Trading

To begin copy trading in the crypto space, you'll first need to select a platform that offers this feature. On the Bitget platform, you have access to a fleet of elite traders who you can choose to follow. Getting started is as simple as:
  1. Choosing an expert trader based on their performance history
  2. Allocating funds to the copy trade
  3. Monitoring your positions, essentially mirroring the trades of your chosen expert

Selecting Expert Traders to Follow

Selection of expert traders is crucial to the success of your copy trading journey. When you're on the Bitget platform:
  • Look for traders with a consistent performance record.
  • Take into account risk management styles and strategies.
  • Consider diversifying by following multiple traders to spread risk.

Setting Up and Managing Trading Bots

Bitget supports different kinds of trading bots, like Futures Grid and Spot Grid, which help automate your trading strategy.
First, set up a bot by choosing your preferred type and defining parameters such as investment amount. Manage your bots through the ‘My Bots’ page where you can track performance and make adjustments as needed.
Use these bots to engage in 24-hour arbitrage and take advantage of crypto market fluctuations by buying low and selling high.

Transaction Methods and P2P Trading

Bitget provides a flexible way for you to engage in trading using fiat currency and a direct peer-to-peer exchange model.

Buying Crypto with Fiat Currency

When you set out to buy cryptocurrency, such as USDT, you can use your preferred fiat currency to execute the transaction. Bitget supports numerous forms of fiat currencies, allowing you to trade in your local currency. This simplifies the process and enables you to start trading with ease.
  • Supported cryptocurrencies: Primarily USDT, among others
  • Fiat currency usage: More than 60 fiat currencies accepted
  • Payment methods: Diverse options including bank transfers, and mobile payments

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Trade Process

Bitget's P2P trade process connects you directly with other users looking to trade cryptocurrencies. This peer-to-peer approach removes the need for intermediaries, facilitating a more personal and potentially quicker trading experience.
  1. Create an offer: You can post your buy or sell offer on the platform, specifying the amount of crypto and your preferred payment method.
  2. Match with a peer: Your offer is matched with other users' offers. Once a match is found, the trade details are confirmed.
  3. Payment: You perform the transaction through the agreed-upon payment method.
  4. Confirmation: Both parties confirm the trade within the platform, and the escrow service releases the funds accordingly.
Bitcoin's P2P platform provides a secure and user-friendly environment for both novice and experienced traders to buy and sell cryptocurrency using their chosen methods of transaction.

Bitget Earn

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, Bitget offers you the platform to not only trade but also to earn interest through various savings products and to participate in new crypto project offerings.


Traditional staking allows users to earn rewards by locking their cryptocurrencies for a specified period. Bitget provides staking options with flexible or fixed terms.
  • Flexible Terms: Users can withdraw their staked assets at any time, which is ideal for those who want to maintain liquidity.
  • Fixed Terms: Assets are locked for a predetermined period, offering higher returns as a trade-off for reduced liquidity.

Shark Fin

Shark Fin is an innovative structured product designed to provide stable returns while minimizing risk. It operates similarly to traditional staking but incorporates an algorithm that adjusts returns based on market conditions. Users deposit their cryptocurrencies, and the algorithm determines the optimal strategy to maximize returns. The process is user-friendly, and participants can monitor their earnings directly through the platform.

Dual-Currency Investments

This tool enables users to trade pairs like BTCUSDT and ETHUSDT, earning profits based on future market movements. Users can choose to invest in one of two currencies and receive returns in the form of the invested or alternate currency. For instance, an investor may choose BTCUSDT, and depending on the market trend at maturity, will receive their returns in either BTC or USDT. This allows users to hedge their investments and potentially earn higher returns.

Participation in Launchpool and Launchpad

Launchpool allows you to stake your crypto assets in various pools to earn rewards. The process usually involves holding a particular cryptocurrency and receiving incentives in return, typically in the form of additional coins or tokens.
Launchpad is Bitget's platform for launching new cryptocurrency projects. By participating in Launchpad, you get the chance to be among the first investors in emerging tokens. It's an avenue to support innovative projects while potentially diversifying your investment portfolio.

Tokenomics of BGB

The economic structure of BGB is vital to understanding its role within the Bitget exchange. The BGB token powers the Bitget ecosystem, and possessing it can open doors to various benefits.

Understanding Bitget Token (BGB)

The Bitget Token, known as BGB, is the cornerstone of Bitget’s platform, operating on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token. BGB is structured with a total fixed supply of 2 billion tokens. A significant proportion of these tokens, 25%, were offered to BFT holders through a swap, integrating them into the new tokenomics system. The remaining 75% are allocated for purposes such as community acquisition, branding, and the overall growth of the Bitget platform. BGB’s emission rate, allocation strategy, and other parameters are designed with long-term sustainability in mind.

Use Cases and Benefits for Holders

Holding BGB comes with an array of use cases and potential benefits:
  • Reduced Trading Fees: As you use BGB to pay for trading fees on the Bitget exchange, you receive a discount, lowering your cost of transactions.
  • Staking Rewards: Staking your BGB can enable you to earn passive income through the distribution of rewards.
  • Participation in Platform Governance: BGB gives you voting rights in key decisions regarding the Bitget exchange's future developments.
  • Access to Exclusive Features: Certain features on Bitget are accessible only to BGB holders, offering you unique opportunities.
These utility features are crafted to incentivize both the holding and use of BGB within the ecosystem, potentially leading to gains for token holders as the platform expands and the demand for BGB increases.

Bitget Bot

Bitget partners with platforms like Crypto Arsenal to bring you a comprehensive set of trading tools. One of the standout offerings is trading bots, which allow you to automate your trading strategy. Bots such as Grid bots can be extremely useful in a volatile crypto market. They work by placing buy and sell orders within a predefined price range, enabling you to capitalize on frequent price fluctuations, typically performing the "buy low, sell high" strategy.

How to Trade on Bitget – Conclusion

In successfully trading cryptocurrencies on Bitget, you've learned several crucial steps starting with a straightforward account setup and culminating in engaging with the pioneering Copy Trade service.
Key Reminders:
  • Your location may affect accessibility; certain regions, such as the US and UK, are not supported.
  • Consider Bitget's structure of fees and how they impact your overall trading cost.
  • Utilize the Bitget Copy Trade as either a follower or a professional trader based on your experience and objectives.
Remember, consistency and risk management are your allies in the crypto market. Whether you're beginning or looking to leverage expert strategies through Copy Trade, Bitget offers a robust platform to engage with the crypto economy. Stay informed, make calculated decisions, and use the available tools on Bitget to navigate crypto trading with confidence.
CScalp has created a free online Trading Diary which will help you keep track of your cryptocurrency trading results. This online tool allows you to review trade history and correct your trading strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs About How to Trade on Bitget

What Are the Steps to Start Trading for Beginners on Bitget?

To commence trading on Bitget as a beginner, you need to create an account, complete the necessary security setups, and then familiarize yourself with the platform. Initially, you must deposit funds into your account to start trading.

What Is the Process for Withdrawing Funds From Bitget?

To withdraw funds, navigate to the withdrawal section of the platform, choose the cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw, enter the wallet address, specify the amount, and confirm the transaction. Note that fees are applicable and may vary.

How Does Copy Trading Work on Bitget?

Copy trading on Bitget allows you to mirror the trades of experienced traders. You can choose a trader to follow and decide the amount to allocate for copy trading. Once set up, the trades made by your selected trader will be automatically copied into your account.

What Are the Requirements for Trading Futures on Bitget?

To trade Futures on Bitget, first transfer the desired asset into your Futures account. Ensure you have adequate knowledge of leverage and margin trading as these products carry higher risk. Then, you can select the type of contract, enter your position, and manage it accordingly.

Is It Mandatory to Complete KYC Verification to Trade on Bitget?

Completing KYC verification is a crucial step for enhancing account security and accessing all features on Bitget. Although you are able to trade to a certain extent without KYC, verification allows for higher withdrawal limits and additional functionalities.

Are There Any Restrictions for U.S. Residents Using Bitget?

U.S. residents are restricted from using Bitget services. Regulatory conditions in the United States make it challenging for certain crypto platforms like Bitget to offer their services to U.S.-based users.