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10 Best P2P Crypto Exchanges

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Binance P2P allows traders to choose their counterparties and enjoy a unique trading experience. In this comprehensive guide, CScalp explains how to select the best P2P crypto exchange and provides a list of the 10 P2P platforms you can choose from.

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P2P crypto exchange: An illustration of a laptop performing transactions on Binance P2P

What Is a P2P Crypto Exchange?

A P2P cryptocurrency exchange is a platform that enables users to trade digital currencies directly with each other. These websites act as digital marketplaces where participants can create their offers, stipulate the terms, and select their preferred payment methods. Unlike traditional exchanges, P2P platforms do not hold custody of the traded assets. Instead, they employ secure mechanisms such as escrow systems to ensure the safety of transactions.

How to Select the Best P2P Crypto Exchange

Selecting the right P2P exchange is essential for a successful trading experience. To do so, consider the following factors:

Reputation and Security

Choose an exchange with a solid reputation for security and trustworthiness. Look for platforms that employ robust security measures, including encryption and two-factor authentication, to safeguard your assets.

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Supported Digital Assets and Fiat Currencies

Ensure the exchange supports the cryptocurrencies you want to trade and offers a variety of fiat currencies that align with your requirements.

Payment Methods

Opt for a P2P crypto exchange that offers a wide range of payment options, including bank transfers, mobile wallets, and credit cards. This flexibility can be particularly useful in various regions and situations.


Pay attention to the fee structure of the crypto P2P exchange. Some platforms charge fees for listing and trading, while others offer feeless transactions.

User Interface

Select a user-friendly P2P crypto exchange with an intuitive interface that simplifies the trading process. Navigating the platform should be easy for both buyers and sellers.


An exchange with high liquidity ensures that you can easily find counterparties for your trades, leading to quicker transactions and better pricing.

Customer Support

Look for exchanges that offer responsive and helpful customer support. In case of disputes or issues, a reliable support team can make a significant difference.

10 Best P2P Crypto Exchanges

Now that we've explored what P2P exchanges are and how to choose the best one, let's examine the top 10 P2P cryptocurrency exchanges:

1. Binance Crypto P2P Exchange

With several cryptocurrencies available, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Shiba Inu, and a wide selection of over 100 payment methods, Binance's P2P platform offers flexibility to its users. This P2P crypto exchange makes use of Faster Payments, Skrill, and Neteller transfers for easy transactions. Buyers can conveniently locate trades based on their preferred currency and payment method, while sellers set their prices. Once the buyer selects a trade, the cryptocurrency is held in Binance's escrow account and, once the seller confirms receipt of payment, it is delivered to the buyer. The Binance P2P fees depend on the pair you want to trade. For example, in the case of USD, the commission will be 0% for those who choose an order and 0.35% for those who create it.

2. OpenPeer

OpenPeer is a cutting-edge decentralized P2P exchange platform where transactions occur directly between users, eliminating the need for intermediaries. It prioritizes user autonomy by being self-custodial, ensuring it never holds customer funds or personal data. Users have the choice of optional KYC for faster trade matching and benefit from its multichain support across Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Arbitrum. Notably, OpenPeer charges no buyer's fees, only a 0.3% seller's fee, with no minimum transaction sizes, enhancing accessibility for a wide range of traders.

3. OKX P2P Crypto Exchange

OKX features a range of six cryptocurrencies, including popular options such as BTC and ETH, and accommodates more than 100 global fiat currencies. It also offers a wide range of over 900 payment methods, from traditional bank transfers to contemporary financial services such as Revolut and Wise. Sellers have the flexibility to set their desired price and payment method, contributing to user-friendly and customized transactions. The use of an escrow system safeguards the security of transactions, and sellers receive immediate notification upon buyer selection, ensuring smooth and secure transactions upon buyer payment and seller confirmation.

4. Bitget P2P Crypto Exchange

Bitget's unique Zero Fee Program distinguishes it as a cost-efficient and user-centric platform. Buyers can easily select sellers based on listed offers, while the platform locks seller assets upon order placement, ensuring transaction safety. Bitget's Customer Support team intervenes in case of disputes, facilitating swift resolutions and transaction integrity. Once both parties confirm completion, assets are released from escrow, streamlining the process.

5. Bybit P2P

Bybit is renowned among traders in the P2P crypto space. The platform offers P2P trading in four cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, while accommodating a variety of fiat currencies and numerous payment methods such as Wise, PayPal, and Skrill.

6. BingX P2P

BingX's P2P platform offers significantly lower fees compared to conventional centralized exchanges. It prioritizes the safety of transactions by holding funds in neutral accounts until all parties meet their commitments. BingX has also cultivated an active and supportive trading community. Its pricing is competitive, allowing sellers to set their own prices and offering buyers a variety of attractive deals.

7. KuCoin P2P

KuCoin is tailored to support payment modes and currencies specific to markets with restrictions on cryptocurrency trading. It offers a selection of digital assets, including Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, and the KuCoin token.


MEXC P2P offers its services to 7 million people in 200 regions, supports multiple languages, and offers a wide range of payment options. Among MEXC P2P's most prominent features are real-time chat for user interaction, a user-friendly interface for intuitive navigation, a 24/7 support center that ensures constant assistance, and a commission-free structure for P2P transactions. In addition, the platform places special emphasis on user security, employing strong encryption measures, and offers incentives through its New User Rewards Program.

9. Huobi P2P

Huobi P2P supports six cryptocurrencies, including Tether, Bitcoin, USDT, Huobi token, Tron, and Ethereum. This P2P crypto exchange distinguishes itself by not imposing trading fees and providing round-the-clock customer support. While it offers fewer payment options compared to some competitors, it includes Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, ADVCash, and local bank transfers.

10. Gate.IO P2P Crypto Exchange

Gate.IO P2P allows you to either buy or sell popular cryptocurrencies like USDT, BTC, ETH, or DOGE while selecting your preferred trader. The P2P crypto exchange introduces a distinctive feature that allows you to become a merchant by completing an additional KYC verification and maintaining a minimum of 100 USDT. As a merchant, you gain the ability to personalize your profile, obtain a credibility badge enhancing your trading visibility, and even participate in the Global Merchant Trading Competition, with monthly rewards amounting to 200,000 USDT allocated to the most successful merchants.

P2P Crypto Exchange – Conclusion

P2P cryptocurrency exchanges offer a secure and flexible way to acquire or sell digital assets. When selecting a crypto P2P exchange, prioritize factors such as reputation, security, supported assets, payment methods, fees, user interface, liquidity, and customer service. Remember that the best exchange for you will depend on your preferences and needs, so explore these options carefully to make an informed choice.
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