We have prepared a review of the Coinmatics cryptocurrency copy trading platform. We review the possibilities of Coinmatics for investors and traders, terms of use and available connections.
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Coinmatics features

Coinmatics copy trading platform acts as an intermediary between investors and traders. The functionality of Coinmatics allows you to copy trades in the spot and futures markets, including perpetual futures. Coinmatics traders can also send cryptocurrency signals to their Telegram subscribers.

To use Coinmatics, the user needs to connect a trading account on the cryptocurrency exchange to the platform. Then - select a trader (strategy) to copy trades or receive signals.

Coinmatics for investors

To use Coinmatics, an investor registers an account on the platform and links it to a trading account on a cryptocurrency exchange. Then the trader chooses a strategy and connects to it. The connection is implemented through API keys.

A trader may charge a monthly fee for using his strategy to copy or receive signals. To find out the cost of a subscription to copytrading or signals, just click on the trader's nickname.
Coinmatics, copy trading, copytrading, copytrading platform, Coinmatics Feature
Coinmatics: профиль трейдера
To diversify risks, the user can connect to several traders at the same time. To do this, you will need to create sub-accounts on the exchange. When choosing a strategy, it is also possible to adjust the level of acceptable risk.

The time of receipt of a signal to copy a transaction is up to two seconds. A Coinmatics user can receive signals from their preferred trader on Telegram. In this case, transactions will not be copied automatically. The user will place orders independently, evaluating the trader's signals.

Coinmatics for traders

The Coinmatics platform positions itself as an additional source of income for a trader. How it works: a trader submits an application and, in case of successful moderation, gets into the rating of platform strategies. To copy trades/send signals, the trader connects his trading account to his Coinmatics account via API keys. Then the user sets (or does not set) a fee for the use of his trades. The platform charges a fee of 5% of the profit from subscriptions.

Coinmatics provides traders with free analysis tools. Traders get access to information from various cryptocurrency exchanges for arbitrage trading. Trade alerts and ticker alerts come to Telegram.

Coinmatics traders also have access to cryptocurrency market analysis through charts such as: Twitter analytics, BTC social volume, fear and greed index.

In addition, the Coinmatics team is working on launching its own trading terminal. The terminal supports the main exchange orders. It will also implement Coinmatics' own developments, such as a trading-stop-market order.
Coinmatics, copy trading, copytrading, copytrading platform, Coinmatics Feature
Coinmatics: trading terminal gui
Now the Coinmatics trading terminal is at the beta testing stage. To participate in testing, you must submit an application on the official website of the platform.

Connections and pricing

The Coinmatics platform supports the Binance, Bybit and OKX (OKEx) cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coinmatics subscription options:
  1. Free. Copying spot trades, access to portfolio and analytics, receiving notifications. The cost is $0 per month.
  2. Premium Ref. Futures copying, priority copying. The cost is $0 per month.
  3. Premium. Copying futures trades, priority copying. The cost is $20 per month.
Note: Premium Ref subscription is available when registering an exchange account using the Coinmatics referral link.


Coinmatics сryptocurrency copy trading platform attracts novice investors and traders with its ease of use. It is enough to connect a trading account on the exchange to the platform and select a trader for copying/signals.

Despite the outward simplicity, there are certain risks in copy trading and signal trading. Even professional traders can make mistakes and trade negatively.

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