Enhance your trading with CScalp’s free crypto screener – introducing a cryptocurrency screening solution by the CScalp trading terminal team. Streamline your trading experience by tracking price movements in an effortless and user-friendly format.

Why Should Traders Utilize a Crypto Screener?

In the fast-paced realm of cryptocurrency trading, staying ahead of market trends is essential to maximize your profit potential. However, the sheer volume of volatile tickers across diverse exchanges can be overwhelming, often leading traders to miss out on lucrative opportunities. That is why we have unveiled the Free Screener by CScalp. This crypto screener analyzes market price dynamics, highlights the most volatile instruments, and assists in identifying entry points more quickly.

The CScalp team offers the crypto screener for free. Anyone can use it. Note that the crypto screener is integrated into the free Trading Diary. We are continuously refining and improving the screener.

Effortless Tracking of Volatile Tickers

Keeping a close watch on multiple volatile tickers across various exchanges can be an overwhelming task, especially for scalpers aiming to capitalize on quick price movements. The manual tracking process is not only time-consuming but also increases the risk of missing out on potentially lucrative trades. CScalp's cryptocurrency screener comes to the rescue by automating this tracking process. Say goodbye to the hassle of monitoring tickers manually and say hello to a streamlined approach that ensures you're always in the loop.

Enhanced Profit Opportunities

The heart of successful trading lies in spotting the right entry and exit points swiftly. With the CScalp cryptocurrency screener, you gain a powerful tool that showcases market price dynamics with precision. This real-time insight empowers you to identify optimal entry points faster than ever before, allowing you to seize profitable trading opportunities before they slip away. By leveraging the screener's intuitive interface and accurate data presentation, you'll be well-equipped to make informed decisions and maximize your potential gains.

Accessible to All Traders

Regardless of your trading experience, expertise, or financial capacity, CScalp's cryptocurrency screener is designed to cater to every trader. One of the most remarkable aspects is that this invaluable tool is completely free. Whether you're a seasoned trader looking to refine your strategy or a newcomer eager to explore the world of crypto trading, this screener levels the playing field. Embrace the advantage of using a professional-grade screening tool without any financial barriers, and embark on your trading journey with confidence.
Read more about how to select the best crypto screener for you. We continue to improve our screener over time. Join our Discord community and leave your suggestions.

How Does the Free Crypto Screener Work?

Currently, the Free Screener by CScalp offers a straightforward array of features designed for seamless usability. This tool enables you to monitor a selection of the top 30 most volatile tickers within the Binance, Bybit, and OKX futures markets.

The screener is displayed as five tables with columns and rows. The statistics for the instruments are updated regularly based on the chosen timeframe. Available timeframes include 5m, 15m, 1h, 4h, and 1D. By selecting any of the timeframes, you can sort the instruments in the "Watchlist," "Leaders of Growth," and "Leaders of Fall" tables. Within the "Volatility" group, data is sorted separately for three timeframes: 15m, 1h, and 1D. Price movements are expressed in percentages.

This user-friendly sorting mechanism provides you with instant access to the most dynamic price movements.
CScalp Free Crypto Screener interface

The Free Crypto Screener's Tabular Interface

Here’s a detailed description of tables and columns:

  • Watchlist: A table featuring cryptocurrencies that the user has chosen to track with the free crypto screener. The columns display the instrument's symbol (ticker), its current market price in dollars, and the price change in percentage for the selected timeframe. Instruments are categorized by the exchanges where they are traded.

  • Leaders of Growth: This table showcases instruments with the highest price growth. Columns present the current price and growth dynamics in percentage. Instruments are sorted into groups based on their respective exchanges. You can collapse or expand these groups by clicking the arrow next to the group name.

  • Leaders of Fall: This table lists trading instruments that have experienced the most significant price decline in percentage for the selected timeframe.

  • Volatility: A table that provides statistics on the most volatile instruments from each available group. It consists of four columns: ticker, and volatility for 15m, 1h, and 1D. The table categorizes cryptocurrencies by exchange.

  • Funding: This table displays the current funding for Binance futures. Instruments are arranged from largest to smallest. The first column presents the instrument's ticker, the second column indicates the time remaining until the exchange recalculates the funding, and the third column displays the funding size.

Navigating the Settings of CScalp's Free Screener Interface

Within the free crypto screener by CScalp, you can enable or disable tables and groups as you see fit. To do this, click on "Groups." A window will pop up, allowing you to select your preferred options.
Group selection at CScalp’s free crypto screener
By selecting one of the available timeframes, you can adjust the timeframe for which statistics will be gathered for the “Watchlist,” “Leaders of Growth,” and “Leaders of Fall” tables.

The “Rows” parameter determines the number of instruments displayed from an exchange. You can show anywhere from 5 to 30 instruments from each exchange at a time.
Rows selection in the free crypto screener by CScalp
TradingView charts are also integrated into the free cryptocurrency screener. To access a chart, simply click on the symbol (ticker) of the digital asset you're interested in. Candlestick charts, timeframes ranging from 1m to 1M, and technical analysis indicators are all available.
TradingView chart is integrated into the free cryptocurrency screener
The “Chart Grid” toggle is positioned above the chart. This toggle lets you choose the number of charts to be displayed on the screen, ranging from 1 to 4. Users can assign a distinct timeframe to each chart.
Chart Grid options in the free crypto screener by CScalp

Unlocking Additional Crypto Screener Features

Dive into a richer trading experience with CScalp's Free Screener, where a range of additional features awaits to elevate your journey.

Trading Signals within the Cryptocurrency Screener

At the top of the screen, situated above the group and timeframe toggles, you will find a row of trading signals. Each signal displays the instrument's ticker and the predicted direction. A green upward arrow indicates an anticipated price increase, while a red downward arrow suggests a potential price drop.

Clicking on the ticker reveals a detailed description of the signal. By pushing the “Comment about the signal” button, you will navigate to CScalp’s Discord server or Telegram channel. Additionally, after clicking on the signal, the TradingView chart will be displayed.
Free trading signal BTC / USDT within the crypto screener
Within the profile settings, you can choose which signals to display on the screener, including stocks, cryptocurrency, all, or you can opt to turn them off.
Trading signals settings within the free cryptocurrency screener by CScalp

Free Crypto Screener’s Language Diversity

The Screener is attuned to the global trading community, accommodating four languages for your convenience – English, Spanish, Ukrainian, and Russian.
Language selection at CScalp free crypto screener
Click on the “Settings” button located in the top menu and select the language to transform the interface. Now you can navigate the Free Crypto Screener in your preferred language.

Crypto Screener Themes: Immerse Yourself in Personalized Visuals

Embrace a visually tailored trading experience with the Free Crypto Screener by CScalp, where the power of choice extends to your preferred theme.
CScalp free crypto screener theme selection
Making your choice is seamless. By selecting “Light” or “Dark” in the “Settings” window, you can instantly transform the entire interface, immersing yourself in a new visual dimension that resonates with your trading journey.

Free Crypto Screener’s Reference

The reference provides a concise overview of the crypto screener’s functionality and can be found at the bottom of the page. Here you can learn more about CScalp’s Cryptocurrency Screener, its interface, and more.
Reference in the free crypto screener by CScalp
The “Help” section in the crypto screener. The red color shows the “Leave feedback” and community access buttons
You will also find buttons for quick access to the TradersDiaries community and the “Leave feedback” button.

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