We are asked when the mobile version of CScalp will be available. There are traders who want to always have our terminal at hand. It's nice. However, we must clearly state our position regarding scalping on phones and tablets. Let's talk about this in our article.

Professional scalping and a large monitor

CScalp is designed for intraday trading. To be more precise, for scalping by the order book.

Professional traders involved in DOM scalping, track a large flow of stock information. And it's not just charts. This is a combination of all changes in the order book, volumes, price, trades flow, distribution of traded volumes by clusters, etc.

Scalpers track several instruments at the same time in order to understand their mutual influence. A futures market trader keeps a close eye on the spot order book. For example, if we trade bitcoin futures, then we follow bitcoin. These are the scalping basics.

In order to track the market, you need an appropriate area of the monitor or monitors. This is the requirement of physics, the scalper should trade comfortably. Therefore, intraday traders trade on large monitors. 4 or even 6 monitors is a common situation for a scalper's workplace.

Mobile applications for inactive trading

If you make a couple of trades a week, then you do not need scalping platform. Neither CScalp, nor QScalp and TigerTrade, even QUIK will be useful to you. Brokers and exchanges have simple and convenient mobile applications. Use them.

An investor who monitors a portfolio once a month does not need a desktop exchange terminal at all. A combination of a mobile application for a bank account/a mobile application for a brokerage account is the best option for passive traders and investors.

Position of CScalp developers

Order book scalping is physically impossible from mobile devices. We are sure of it. Advertising claims that scalping through a mobile application is possible. But this statement confuses beginner traders. In reality, the situation looks different.

Our position: we will not create a mobile version of CScalp, since it is not initially suitable for professional scalping. Phones and tablets - to investors. Large monitors are for scalpers.

Experienced traders understand us. We hope that in time newcomers will also understand us.

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