14.12.22 CScalp Release: Huobi and Bybit Stop-orders

On December 14, 2022, CScalp was released. The main thing is that we added a connection to Huobi and stop orders for Bybit. The launcher has also been updated. Let's talk about everything in detail.

Join the discussion of the CScalp release on our Telegram channel! Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.


Introduced a connection to the Huobi market “USDT-margin contracts” (section “Derivatives” on the exchange website). This is an analog of the usual perpetual futures. 

At the first stage of the integration of CScalp and Huobi, USDT contracts with leverage can only be traded in isolated margin mode. In this mode, position losses are not covered by other positions or deposits. In case of liquidation of the position, only the deposit amount “burns out”. USDT contracts are settled in the quoted currency - the trader receives USDT for the transaction.

The new connection is called “USDT-M Isolated”.

When you sign up to Huobi using the CScalp referral link, you will receive a welcome bonus of up to 5672 USDT and up to 50% discount on trading fees. Instructions for connecting CScalp to Huobi are here.


Implemented stop orders for Inverse Futures and Bybit USDT Perpetual Contracts with listing on the exchange side. This means that "delays" will "work" even if you close CScalp. We also added the entry of working volume in USD for all Bybit connections.

In addition, we have implemented a dynamic subscription to the market data streams of Bybit and Binance. This will optimize the flow of data from Bybit and Binance and make CScalp work more stable with these exchanges.


Updated Launcher. Added a banner with signals from Trader signals. To go to a detailed description of a signal in Telegram, you just need to click on it.

Near the banner, there is a button “Add signal”. Clicking on the button opens a post in Trader signals with instructions on how to add signals to the channel.

We simplified the collection of logs. Previously, they had to be collected “by hand”. Now just click on the button to go to the logs - a folder with a ready-made archive will open. It remains only to send the archive to our support team.

So that you don't miss an important event, we've added a carousel of banners - now they change every 15 seconds. Banners can be flipped.


Restored connection to Phemex. Previously, it was possible to trade on the stock exchange in the CScalp beta, in the release version there were technical problems with the connection.

Please be informed that users of Windows 7 may continue to have problems connecting to Phemex due to outdated security certificates.


What else has changed in CScalp:
  • Added sorting of deals by time and profit (in ascending/descending order), as well as by connections in the “Deals” window - проверьте название окна перед размещением плиз.
  • Added a hidden e-mail function in the license check window - now the mail looks like n*****@****.com
  • Added sound notification volume setting
  • Added hotkey to open Watchlist (default F6)

* To display e-mail you need to place a coursore over it.

We have worked on the bugs.

What are fixed:
  • bug in synchronization of Bybit server time and local time on the PC
  • bug with the absence of different currencies on the balance of Bybit inverse futures.
  • Phemex balance display bug.
  • “Checkbox” bug in the “Sort” menu of the “Deals” window.

We also fixed a bug in the CScalp connection controller and the problem of the long loading of candles on the chart.

How to update:

To upgrade CScalp to the latest version:
  1. Open Launcher.
  2. Launch CScalp terminal.
  3. The application will check for an update and offer to install it. Click ‘’Agree’’. CScalp will update automatically.

To update Launcher to the latest version please complete these steps:
  1. Open Launcher.
  2. Click on the "Update" button at the bottom of the launcher window.
  3. Wait for the update to install.

Important! Before installing the update, close all applications, in particular, QUIK.

If you have noticed any bug, please be sure to write about it to our support team.