03.03.22 CScalp release: docking and Bybit USDT futures

03.03.22 CScalp release: docking and Bybit USDT futures

On the 3rd of March, the CScalp trading platform team released the CScalp update. We implemented docking, added Bybit USDT futures, improved charts and updated the launcher. This is a big and important update. Let's talk about everything more.

We have prepared a video presentation of the CScalp update. The update details can be found in the text below.

We discuss the release in our Telegram channel. We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions!

Docking in CScalp

Docking has been implemented in CScalp. Now each order book and chart is an independent window. Windows can be connected and disconnected by your own choice. What it looks like:


A context menu can be found at the bottom of the window. Here you can add tabs, order books, charts and workspaces (we will talk about it below). Order books and charts are linked to a specific tab. If the tab is active therefore all its order books and charts are visible. When you switch to another tab, they will be hidden.

New order books are added to the right of the active order book. You can define where the order book is by the colored label on the opened one. Previously, the order book was activated by clicking on it and selecting the tab. Now the order book can be activated by hovering over the orders queue.


Workspaces have been implemented in CScalp ("Workspace" button is in the bottom menu). Users can create new spaces with their own windows and tabs. This feature will be useful for traders who trade with multiple monitors: a separate workspace can be configured for each monitor.

Main feature of spaces: the use of multiple workspaces allows you to reduce the load on technical processes. 40 windows in one space or 20 in two - the second option will load faster. Therefore, if your computer can’t cope with a lot of order books, you can try spaces.

Windows from different spaces cannot be connected to each other. For convenience, additional workspaces and their associated windows are marked with a colored indicator (near the CScalp logo).


During the introduction of docking some hotkeys (HK) were changed. The HK settings now have three tabs: 1) "General", 2) "On order book" and a new tab 3) "on order book (general)". In the tab "on order book (general)" the hot keys are set on all order books.

The hot keys "Cancel orders" and "Close All Market Positions" that used to work on the tab now work on all order books in all tabs. The work of these HK’s on a separate order book is set in the tab "On order book".

For now there’s a "Keyboard" icon in the order book. It shows which order book is controlled by the hotkeys. It looks like this:

Bybit USDT futures

For now CScalp users can trade Bybit USDT perpetual futures. The connection is called “Bybit: Perpetual”. Instructions for connecting CScalp to Bybit USDT haven't been done yet, but you can use an analogues instructure for connection to inverse futures. It can be found here.

CScalp automatically enables one-way trading for USDT Bybit futures while placing an order. Bybit has HedgeMode enabled by default. The “position idx not match position mode” error is possible due to it. The error appears when a trader changes from one-way to hedging mode while connected.

You can see that the position mode has been changed in the “Settings” window, “Connections” tab, in the “Information” area. Message example: "BTCUSDT - position mode changed".


We have optimized the charts and improved them for docking. Now charts always open in a separate window. The toolbar has been implemented. It looks like this:

What has been changed in the work of charts:
  • improved operation of the magnet - in order to magnetize, the cursor should be near the value of the candle;
  • improved simplified mode – the price of the cursor will be displayed while creating a figure;
  • fixed error of shifting the chart to the beginning of the window;
  • fixed renders of figures for more accurate drawing;
  • fixed the disappearance of the line of the beginning of the day and the time scale;
  • improved indicator “min/max for 2 days”.

The chart settings menu is opened with the right mouse button. If no instrument is selected in the chart window, the extra control tools will be hidden.

Updated launcher

We have completely updated the design and interface of FSR Launcher. Now it looks like this:

For now, the launcher will be able to be updated via cloud. This will eliminate problems with user access.


Unfortunately, due to the docking some settings cannot be exported from the previous version of CScalp to the new one. Settings for "User Interface" ("Color Schemes", "Window Layout and Size", "Hot Keys", "Selected (favorite) Instruments") will need to be done again.

Other improvements

What else has been changed:
  • in the settings, in the tab "Other", a window close confirmation parameter has been implemented;
  • the “+” button has been added to select the instrument while adding new order books and charts;
  • you can close the DOM window by clicking on the cross, using the middle mouse button, or through the context menu of the tab;
  • the “+” sign added while deleting the last tab in the workspace;
  • Saving the API Secret key for new connections is enabled by default;
  • if no instrument is selected in the order book, control buttons will not be displayed (ticker settings, traded amount, etc.);
  • if the confirmation window for closing the space/main window extends beyond the screen boundaries, it appears in the center of the screen.
  • The process of renaming tabs has been changed:
  • double click on the name – set a new name;
  • press “ESC” – cancellation of renaming;
  • press “Enter” – application of the new name.

The “DOM” and “Chart” buttons have been added on the empty/new tab. Clicking on the button will open the order book and the chart.


The release update fixes some bugs of previous version of CScalp. Namely:

  • fixed connection to EXMO (due to technical problems on the part of the exchange, it was only available in the beta version of CScalp);
  • fixed the bug of resetting active orders while connecting to the spot market and the bug “Waiting for position synchronization” on Bybit;
  • display of the order books for Russian dispatchers and connectors (QUIK, Transaq Connector, SmartCOM) has been fixed;
  • reset settings fixed;
  • fixed import and export of settings (previously settings were not imported if the file name contained Russian letters).

How to get the update

To update CScalp to the latest version:

  1. Open launcher.
  2. Launch CScalp platform.
  3. The application will check for an update and propose to install it while launching. Agree. Apps will be updated automatically.

To update the launcher to the latest version:

  1. Open the launcher.
  2. Find and click on the “Update” button at the bottom of the launcher window. Wait for the update to complete.

Important! Before installing the update, you should close all applications.

If you notice any error, be sure to contact support.