29.01.24 CScalp Release: Bybit: UTA Margin Modes and Bug Fixes

On January 29, 2024, we released the CScalp update where we added margin modes for the Bybit: UTA connection and implemented several bug fixes.
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We've introduced isolated margin and portfolio margin modes for Bybit: UTA. Previously, trading on this connection was only available in cross-margin mode.

Bug Fixes

We have addressed the following issues:
  • Fixed Bybit: UTA connection portfolio state error
  • Corrected time synchronization errors for all Bybit connections
  • Resolved synchronization waiting errors for positions on all Bybit connections
  • Addressed Stop-Loss and Take-Profit errors on Binance connections
  • Fixed CScalp crashes when working with clusters
  • Resolved CScalp crashes when the exchange modifies the price step of an instrument.
Did you find a bug? Reach out to our support team. Together, we can ensure that bugs don't go unnoticed in the CScalp release.

Additional Updates

We've implemented an automatic license search upon the initial launch of the terminal. If the license file is saved in the “Downloads” folder or on the desktop, the terminal will locate it without user intervention. We've also updated Visual C++ components.

How to Update

To update CScalp to the latest version:
  • Open the Launcher
  • Launch the CScalp platform
  • The application will check for an update and propose to install it while launching. Agree and CScalp will be updated automatically
To update the launcher to the latest version:
  • Open the Launcher
  • Find and click on the “Update” button at the bottom of the Launcher window. Wait for the update to complete
Important! Before installing the update, close all applications.
If you notice any error, be sure to contact our support team.
We look forward to hearing your feedback on the update! Successful trading to everyone!