Trader Tracker: Top 6 Trading Trackers for Crypto and Other Financial Markets

Modern traders are increasingly turning to user-friendly online platforms to maintain comprehensive diaries of their activities. Gone are the days of pen-and-paper entries or the complexity of spreadsheet-based record-keeping tools like Excel. Online trader tracker is the future! That is why we have created a catalog of trade trackers tailored to cryptocurrency and stock exchange aficionados. We hope a Trading Diary will serve as a tool, enabling you to track, analyze, and optimize your trades with precision and confidence.
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Why Do You Need a Trader Tracker?

In the fast-paced world of trading, keeping a close eye on your trades is crucial. That is why a trader tracker is your essential tool for successful trading. The simple interface and powerful features of these programs or web applications allow you to track every trade, analyze data, and gain insights for improved performance.

Let’s take a look at why using a trader tracker is a great idea:

Stay Informed and In Control

With a trader tracker, you can easily monitor your trading activity and stay informed about your past performance. Whether you're into day trading, swing trading, or cryptocurrency trading, the tracker helps you record each trade and calculate profits or losses with utmost accuracy. This real-time data analysis enables you to make better decisions for your next moves.

Efficient Risk Management

Effective risk management is the holy grail of trading success. The trader tracker's risk management feature allows you to track your risk exposure and adjust your trading strategy accordingly. You can also view detailed metrics and statistics to have a clear picture of your risk profile and potential profits.

Seize Opportunities with Confidence

The trader tracker is your comprehensive trading journal, documenting every detail of your trades. It lets you review your trading history, identify patterns, and discover profitable setups. By understanding your past performance, you can refine your trading strategy, capitalize on market opportunities, and achieve your financial goals.

Streamline Your Trading Workflow

Gone are the days of manual record-keeping. Now, you don’t have to keep an Excel spreadsheet updated. The trader tracker's automatic import feature allows you to effortlessly import your trading data from various sources through the API keys. This integration saves you time and ensures the accuracy of your trade records.

Powerful Insights and Analysis

The trader tracker's advanced data analysis and predictive modeling tools give you a competitive intelligence advantage. You can analyze charts, calculate moving averages, and explore trading strategies with ease. This invaluable information helps you make well-informed decisions based on historical data and market trends.

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Free Trading Diary by CScalp

The free trader tracker by the CScalp team is a robust tool meticulously designed by our experienced developers to track and analyze your trading journey. Eliminate trading blunders, leverage insightful metrics, and gain the upper hand in the financial market by making it part of your trader toolkit. This tracker is not only free, but also respects your privacy, catering to both active traders and savvy investors.
Trader tracker: Free Trading Diary by CScalp interface

Free trader's diary Interface

CScalp’s Trading Diary operates on "Read Only" API keys, allowing access to statistics without compromising your trade history or funds. Your confidential data remains secure, as exchange keys do not transmit sensitive information.

Experience the power of our Trading Dairy and sign up now. Take charge of your trading destiny with the free trader tracker from CScalp – your path to informed decisions and profitable results. And yes, it's absolutely free!

Trading Statistics: A Comprehensive Trade Tracker for the Stock Market

Trading Statistics revolutionizes trade analysis by compiling all trades into comprehensive statistics, effortlessly breaking them down into distinct analytical segments. The platform presents these statistics through various visual aids such as charts, graphs depicting diverse correlations, and summary tables.

Embracing smart filters, traders can meticulously examine positive and negative trading facets individually or synergistically. Trading Statistics service extends beyond mere data representation; it empowers traders to compute essential trading indicators and discern recurring patterns and interconnections.
Trader tracker: Trading Statistics interface
Trading statistics interface
Your trading history can be downloaded through automatic broker report integration. Users seeking a more hands-on approach can also manually document trades using the built-in editor. Exclusively tailored for stock exchange traders, the Trading Statistics service is accessible through a subscription with a yearly plan available for $100.

Trader Make Money: A Crypto Trading Tracker

Trader Make Money caters specifically to cryptocurrency traders operating on exchanges. Currently, it supports trading history from:

  • Binance (spot && USD-M futures)
  • Bybit (spot, inverse && linear futures)
  • Bitget (linear futures)

Within the Trader Make Money tracker, you can attach tags, notes, and files to trades, while the API automatically collates other essential data. Users gain access to historical insights presented on intuitive charts. The platform showcases a customizable dashboard, offering an array of analytical widgets
Trader tracker: Trader Make Money Interface
Trader Make Money Interface
Functionality is contingent upon the chosen subscription tier. Currently, there are two packages available: “Novice" (free with limited functions) and “Trader” (starting at $11.99/month if billed annually). To learn more about the specifics of each package's features and pricing, visit Trader Make Money's official website.

Tradary: A Stock Tracker for Active Traders

Designed for active stock traders, Tradary offers a suite of features to optimize your trading journey. You can import trades from your brokerage account and analyze your trading history through an array of charts and filters. With over 110 charts and 15+ filters available, you will gain unparalleled insights.

Tag and categorize trades effortlessly, while adding comments and images for enhanced clarity. Tradary's capabilities span from American futures and stocks to Forex markets.
Trader tracker: Tradary Interface
Tradary Interface
You can choose between two diary versions: Free and Premium. The Free version allows up to 120 positions, while the Premium version offers no-limit history storage that you can try out during a 14-day trial period. Secure the Premium experience with an annual subscription. Consult the pricing on the Tradary website.

Myfxbook: Your Forex Trading Companion

Myfxbook is used to monitor and analyze your Forex trading history. With compatibility across cTrader, MetaTrader, Oanda fxTrade, and Trading Station platforms, it caters to diverse trading preferences.

Automatically fetching trading history from brokerage reports, Myfxbook seamlessly supports connections to nearly 100 brokers to calculate profitability over various periods, scrutinize percentages, and chart drawdowns.
Trader tracker: Myfxbook interface
Myfxbook users can use a “copy” feature to follow other traders’ actions. To do this, you need to connect to a broker supported by the service, open an account, replenish a $1000 deposit, and select a copy trading strategy.

Among other things, the Myfxbook website has an economic calendar, a currency correlation table, and a forum for communicating with other traders.

MaxProfit: Elevate Your Trading Journey

MaxProfit is a trading journal suitable for stock exchange and Forex traders. With a focus on maintaining trading history and manual strategy testing, this platform simplifies your trading endeavors. You can fetch trades from trading terminals or broker reports, streamlining your data input process.

Dive into backtesting and maintaining trading history across stocks, futures, CDF, and the Forex market. MaxProfit's vision extends further, with plans to incorporate tracking capabilities for options and cryptocurrencies.
Trader tracker: MaxProfit interface
Integrating with ATAS, cTrader, NinjaTrader, and MetaTrader, MaxProfit ensures your data is at your fingertips. Analyze with precision using a comprehensive selection of approximately 150 charts. MaxProfit's services require a subscription, available for 100 days for $21, or a yearly option for $69. For lifetime access, opt for the license priced at $105.

The Best Trader Tracker – Conclusion

A proficient trader's journey hinges on the ability to identify, scrutinize, and rectify errors. Without this skill set, trading can merely remain a hobby or a futile time investment. That is why you need a trader tracker, a tool designed to streamline the process of gathering and analyzing trade-related data.

A trading journal is pivotal in paving the way for success. It's your guide to meticulously track trades, unravel patterns, and uncover areas for improvement. As a trader, the power to learn from your mistakes and adapt your strategies is paramount. A well-maintained diary acts as a reliable compass, steering you toward your desired trading outcomes.

Harness the potential of a trader's diary today and elevate your trading journey to new heights. Don't let errors hold you back – empower yourself with the insights and knowledge needed to flourish in the dynamic world of trading.

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