Tools for Scalping: What to Trade on Bybit

We’ve prepared a review of the Bybit exchange markets that can be used for scalping. Bybit supports spot and derivative trading (inverse contracts, USDT- and USDC-contracts, and USDC options). We’ll tell you about the features of each market, their fees and financial leverage.
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Bybit Spot Trading

Bybit allows trading on the Spot in pairs with USDT, USDC, DAI, and BTC. Margin trading with leverage up to 5x is available for over 100 pairs (BTCUSDT, SOLBTC, ETHUSDC, BTCDAI, etc.). The supported order types include limit, market, Stop-Loss, Take-Profit, and Conditional. The standard maker and taker fee on the Bybit spot market is 0.01%. You can read more about the platform’s Spot trading fees here.
Tools for Scalping, Trade on Bybit, Bybit trade

Derivatives Market

The Bybit derivatives market offers inverse contracts, USDT- and USDC-contracts, and USDC options. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Inverse Contracts

Inverse contracts on Bybit are instruments that are traded against USD. Bybit supports perpetual and futures inverse contracts. The former doesn’t have a delivery date, which allows traders to hold on to their positions as long as they wish. A futures contract, on the contrary, does have an expiry date. Inverse contracts are quoted in USD but settled in the underlying asset.

Bybit offers 10 perpetual inverse contracts (BTCUSD, ETHUSD, etc.). Inverse futures contracts are quarterly and semi-annual contracts with BTCUSD and ETHUSD. Trading with BTCUSD and ETHUSD allows leverage of up to 100x, while leverage up to 50x is available for other contracts.

USDT Contracts

USDT-contracts are perpetual contracts traded against USDT. Bybit offers over 100 USDT-contracts (BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, DOTUSDT, etc.). BTCUSDT и ETHUSDT contracts can also be traded with leverage up to 100x, while other contracts can use leverage up to 50x.


USDC-contracts are perpetual contracts traded against USDC. Bybit supports 20 USDC-contracts (BTC-PERP, ETH-PERP, etc.). The BTC-PERP pair can be traded with leverage up to 125x, ETH-PERP – up to 66x, other contracts – up to 50x.


Bybit supports several wallets (accounts) for trading on different markets:
  • Spot account – used for trading on the Spot market
  • Derivatives account – used for trading inverse and USDT-contracts
  • Derivatives USDC account – used for trading USDC-contracts and USDC options
  • Unified Margin Account – used for trading USDT- and USDC- contracts, USDC options

Users with a minimum of $1000 in their Derivatives account can open a Unified Margin Account. You can read the guide on getting started with a Unified Margin Account on the official Bybit website.


The standard fees for inverse, USDT- and USDC- contracts are 0.01% Maker and 0.06% Taker. The base fee for USDC-options is 0.03%. You can read more about Bybit contract fees here.

Using leverage will increase the fee. For example, if a trader places an order for 50 USDT, they pay only a fee of 0.06%. If the order is placed for 50 USDT with 2x leverage, the fee will be 0.06% of 100 USDT. For an order for 50 USDT with x3 leverage, the trader will pay 0.06% of 150 USDT, etc.

Bybit also charges a funding fee. Traders receive/pay the fee for every 8 hours of holding positions. There are a few exceptions: for XEMUSDT, STXUSDT, EGLDUSDT, ENJUSDT, FLOWUSDT and SLPUSDT contracts, the interval is 1 hour.

If the funding fee rate is positive, long position holders have to pay short position holders, and vice versa. Here’s how the funding fee is calculated:
  • Funding fee = position value x funding rate
  • Position value = contract value / market price

Example. A trader holds a long position of $5000 in ETHUSD. The contract market price is $4000, and the funding rate is 0,0408% (0,000408). Then:
  • Position value = 5 000/4 000 = 1,25 ETH
  • Funding fee = 1,25 ETH х 0,000408 = 0,00051 ETH.

As we can see, the positive fee rate in this case amounts to 0.00051 ETH. This is the amount a long position holder would have to pay to a short position holder.


To use leverage on the Bybit Derivatives market, you’ll need to deposit initial and maintenance margin. The platform supports cross and isolated margin modes. The cross margin mode is available to all accounts, while isolated margin can only be accessed via a Derivatives account.

Copy Trading

Bybit supports copy trading. Commonly used by crypto novices, this feature lets traders automatically copy positions of other traders. At the moment, Bybit users can only copy trade contracts. Spot copy trading on ByBit is currently in development.

To copy trades, go to the “Copy trading” section on Bybit, select a user whose trades you'd like to follow, and click “copy’. You can open the trader’s page and look at their statistics. After clicking “Copy”, you’ll need to set up copy trading. There are basic and advanced settings available.
Tools for Scalping, Trade on Bybit, Bybit trade
Basic settings:
  • fixed margin
  • copying percentage of a trader's Stop-Loss
  • leverage
  • Stop-Loss value for your order

Advanced settings include the features described above as well as the following:
  • maximum position value
  • maximum position limit per day
  • Take-Profit value for your order
  • maximum slippage
  • choice of contract

After adjusting basic and advanced settings, you’ll need to read and agree with the terms of the Bybit Copy Trading Agreement, then click “Copy”. After that, trades will be copied according to your preferences.


Bybit offers a wide range of trading tools, from spot trading to perpetual contracts. The exchange has relatively low fees for scalping. Besides, the traded tools have high liquidity – Bybit is in the top 5 exchanges in terms of trading volume on the derivatives market (according to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko). All in all, Bybit markets should be suitable for both novice and experienced traders. You can check out the guide on getting started with Bybit here.

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