Altrady is a trading terminal for crypto trading. It has standard functionality for medium-term and system traders. There are desktops for Windows, macOS, a mobile application for iOS and Android, and a web version of the platform.
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Altrady Features

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Limit, market and stop orders are implemented in the basic Altrady functionality. The platform interface allows placing several orders simultaneously through the "scalable ladders" feature. The main feature of Altrady is the ability to customize the interface. It allows you to flexibly configure the visual part for convenience. Let's analyze the main features of the platform.

Trading features

The Smart Trading makes possible to place Take-Profit orders to fix profits and Trailing Stop orders to limit losses and protect profits.

The scalable ladder feature allows you to determine what spread should be placed between orders. In order to do it the price and size scales are implemented.
Altrady platform, Altrady Features, Altrady plans, Altrady pricing, Altrady review, Altrady terminal, Altrady charts, Altrady trading terminal
Altrady platform interface
Alert notifications could be received to your computer, mobile phone or email. Alerts can be set for price changes and open trades.

Crypto Base Scanner and Quik Scanner are implemented for market analysis. The first one scans the selected markets automatically and sends notifications when a situation arises to enter the market. The principle of operation of the second scanner is not much different. Quik Scanner monitors price movement up/down and sends notifications when a situation is needed to enter a position.

Also, Altrady has a function for analyzing its own trading history. A trader can track successful and unsuccessful trades, leave notes and attach screenshots. However, it is more convenient to track and analyze the trading history through specialized services.


Altady implements connection to 9 cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, OKEx, Huobi, HitBTC, Bittrex, KuCoin, Coinbase Pro, Kraken and Poloniex.


Altrady is available with a paid subscription. The platform developers offer three packages:

• Basic - 14.95 euros / month;
• Essential - 29.95 euros / month;
• Premium - 44.95 euros / month.

For the test, you can use trial access for 14 days. In order to get access, you must register on the platform website.

Basic plan includes:

• cryptocurrency signals;
• the ability to customize alerts;
• the ability to place market, limit and stop-limit orders;
• risk calculator.

Essential and Premium plans open up the opportunity to place Take-Profit and Trailing Stop orders, analyze several charts at the same time, keep trade statistics, use the market scanner, etc. The full content of the plans can be found on the official Altrady website.


The functionality and interface of the Altrady platform is more suitable for medium-term and system traders. It can also be used by some short-term traders. However, Altrady is not suitable for active trading. Its functionality is a story about a "universal" terminal for everyone. Intraday traders need specialized software.

We recommend that beginners test the demo version of Altrady before buying, or start trading on the exchange through a free terminal, such as CScalp. You can find more terminals for crypto trading in our list.

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