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Quantower Pricing: Choose the Best Plan for You

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When it comes to choosing a trading platform, pricing is an important factor to consider. Quantower offers different pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of traders. Each plan comes with its own set of features and tools, allowing traders to select the one that best suits their requirements. In this detailed guide, we will explore the various pricing plans offered by Quantower. By understanding the options available, traders can make an informed decision and choose the best plan for their trading journey.

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Quantower pricing is explained on the image highlighting different prices and features of the trading platform

Understanding Quantower's Pricing Plans

Quantower provides four main pricing plans: Free, Crypto Package, Multi-Asset Package, and All-in-One. Each plan is thoughtfully designed to cater to specific trader categories, from beginners to advanced professionals. Let's delve into the details of each plan and explore their unique features.

Quantower Free Plan: A Solid Starting Point

The Free plan offered by Quantower is an excellent starting point for beginner traders who want to explore the platform's capabilities without any financial commitment. While the Free plan has limitations compared to the paid plans, it still provides several features and tools, including:
  • Basic Charting and Technical Analysis: Traders can access essential charting tools and technical indicators to perform basic analysis
  • Market Data: The Free plan provides real-time market data, allowing traders to stay updated with the latest price movements
  • Watchlists and Alerts: Traders can create watchlists and set up basic price alerts to monitor their favorite assets
The Free plan serves as a learning tool for beginner traders, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the platform's interface and functionality before upgrading to a paid plan. With it, you will be able to access all available brokers, chat feeds and exchanges.

Quantower Crypto Package: Dive into the Cryptocurrency Market

The Quantower Crypto Package is tailored for traders interested in the cryptocurrency market. It includes all the necessary functionality for professional analysis and trading crypto. Key features of the Crypto Package include:
  • All Connected Crypto Exchanges
  • Simultaneous Connection to Several Exchanges
  • Volume Analysis Tools include a Cluster Chart, Volume Profile, Time Statistics, Time Histogram, and VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price)
  • Advanced Charting and Technical Analysis allow traders to gain access to a wide range of charting tools, technical indicators, and drawing tools for in-depth analysis. (Trading Simulator, Renko, P&F and Heikin-Ashi Chart Types, Kagi, Unlimited Overlays, Unlimited Indicators, Chart and Indicator Alerts)
  • Customizable Workspaces on the Crypto Package allow traders to create multiple workspaces with personalized layouts, enabling efficient organization and analysis of different trading strategies
  • Advanced Order Types make it so traders can utilize advanced order types, such as market orders, limit orders, and stop orders, to execute their trading strategies with precision
The Crypto Package equips traders with the tools they need for successful cryptocurrency analysis and trading.

Quantower Multi-Asset Package: Expand Your Trading Horizons

The Multi-Asset Package includes all the features of the Crypto Package and extends access to Forex, Futures, stock brokers, and other data feeds. With the Multi-Asset Package, traders can diversify their portfolios and explore opportunities across various asset classes.

All-in-One Plan: The Ultimate Trading Experience

Quantower's All-in-One plan stands as the pinnacle of its offerings, granting traders access to the platform's complete suite of features and tools. Ideal for seasoned professionals seeking advanced functionality, it presents a seamless trading journey. Some key features of the All-in-One plan include:
  • Advanced Charting and Technical Analysis: Traders can leverage an extensive range of charting tools, technical indicators, and drawing tools for detailed analysis
  • Algorithmic Trading Capabilities: The All-in-One plan supports algorithmic trading, allowing traders to develop and execute automated trading strategies
  • Market Depth and Time & Sales: Traders gain access to the market depth and time & sales data, providing valuable insights into order book dynamics and trade execution.
  • Advanced Risk Management: The All-in-One plan offers advanced risk management tools, including position sizing, stop-loss orders, and trailing stops, to help traders manage their risk effectively
The All-in-One plan provides the ultimate trading experience, combining advanced features and tools to meet the needs of professional traders.

Choosing the Best Quantower Plan for Your Trading Needs

When selecting a pricing plan at Quantower, it is essential to consider your trading objectives, level of experience and budget. The Free plan is an excellent starting point for beginners, as it allows them to explore the capabilities of the platform without any financial commitment. As you progress and need more advanced features, you can choose the Crypto Package if you decide to focus on cryptocurrency trading or the Multi-Asset Package if you wish to have multiple market options. If you are looking for more benefits, the All-in-One plan can provide greater functionality and tools to support your trading strategies.
Quantower rates range from $40 to $100 per month depending on the plan. If you wish to purchase the license for longer, the platform offers discounts of 20% if you subscribe for six months, or 30% if you choose the annual option. There is also a lifetime subscription, which allows you to secure your trading process forever at the lowest possible monthly rate.
You can also purchase the pro features separately. On Quantower's website, you will find a catalog with all available options for you to choose from.
Traders should carefully evaluate their requirements and consider factors such as charting capabilities, order types, connectivity to exchanges, and risk management features when choosing a plan. Don’t forget that Quantower offers a free trial period for the paid plans, allowing traders to test the additional features before making a long-term commitment.
The overall flexibility in pricing allows traders to select the plan that best aligns with their objectives, experience, and budget. Additionally, the option to purchase pro features individually enables customization to suit individual requirements.
Whether you are just starting or a seasoned trader, Quantower's pricing plans ensure that every trader can embrace their trading journey with the right set of tools and functionality.
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