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Differences Between Chart Trading and Order Book Trading

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When it comes to trading the financial markets, it is essential to choose software that suits your needs and style. Two of the popular platforms in the trading world are CScalp and NinjaTrader 8. Although both have their particularities, one of the main differences between them lies in the way they operate: in NinjaTrader, the main tool is the chart, and in CScalp, the order book is your best ally.

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Chart in the NinjaTrader 8 trading platform.

Order Book vs. Price Chart Trading

The main differences between an order book and a price chart are the information they provide and the way they are used in trading.
An order book displays a list of buy and sell orders for a financial asset in real time. It provides information on the price levels at which traders are willing to buy or sell, as well as the quantity of contracts or shares they wish to trade at those specific prices. This tool allows you to assess market supply and demand, analyze liquidity, identify support and resistance levels, and make informed decisions.
However, a price chart shows the evolution of the price of a financial asset over time. It allows you to visualize market movements, patterns and trends using technical analysis to identify trading opportunities. Price charts are useful for visual analysis, drawing trend lines, applying technical indicators and determining possible entry and exit points in trades.
In general, we can say that the order book focuses on real-time demand and supply information, while the price chart focuses on historical price evolution and technical analysis. Both tools are complementary and used by traders, providing different perspectives and approaches in the decision-making process.
Now that we have established the basic differences between these tools, we will analyze how to trade with each of them according to the chosen platform as well as their main benefits.

Trading From the Order Book In CScalp

CScalp offers the option to trade directly from the order book. This means you can view buy and sell orders in real time and place trades with a single click. In addition, you can configure mouse buttons to place and cancel orders quickly and efficiently.
Here are some of the advantages of trading with the CScalp order book:
  • Speed and efficiency: You can take advantage of market opportunities quickly and efficiently by placing orders with a single click. There is no need to manually enter prices and volumes in a form. With this tool, what in a standard exchange takes 10 clicks, in CScalp takes just one.
  • Greater control: You can manage your orders in a precise and personalized way. You can view current orders and adjust them according to your needs without having to switch screens.
  • Customization: CScalp allows you to customize the mouse buttons and hotkeys according to your preferences. You can assign different actions to the buttons, such as placing buy or sell orders, canceling orders or adjusting volumes.
  • Multi-accounts: You can view up to 40 order books at the same time. This is especially useful for scalpers, or those who trade several cryptocurrencies from different exchanges at the same time.
If you want to learn more about how the CScalp order book and other tools works, you can check out our YouTube channel for informational videos.
CScalp trading platform order book

Trading from Charts With Ninjatrader

NinjaTrader 8 offers the Chart Trader feature, which allows you to trade directly from charts. With this feature, you can view, adjust and manage orders and positions within the graphical interface. To place buy or sell orders, you simply click on the desired price level on the chart.
Trading from charts in NinjaTrader 8 has its own advantages:
  • Visual analysis: You can see market patterns and trends directly on the chart, which facilitates decision-making based on technical analysis.
  • Drawing and technical analysis tools: NinjaTrader 8 offers a wide range of drawing and technical analysis tools to help you identify opportunities and define strategies.
  • Intuitive order management: You can adjust and manage your orders directly from the chart. For example, you can drag and drop orders to modify Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

CScalp vs. Ninjatrader: Which to Choose?

When choosing between trading from the order book in CScalp or from the charts in NinjaTrader, it is important to consider your trading style and the specific utilities of each platform.
If you are a scalper, i.e. a trader looking to take advantage of small price fluctuations over very short periods of time, you are likely to find more profit trading from the order book in CScalp. In our article, “CScalp vs. NinjaTrader 8: Which is the Best Platform for Scalping”? you will find detailed information about the specific pros and cons of scalping with these two platforms.
It is important to note that these recommendations are not exclusive and that both platforms can be adapted to different trading styles. Some traders may prefer to combine both tools, using the order book to get a deeper insight into the market and the charts for detailed technical analysis. The final choice will depend on your personal preferences and the strategy that best suits your style.
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