We have prepared a review of CScalp and Atani crypto trading terminals. Let’s figure out who will suit one or another terminal and compare their features.
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Who is CScalp terminal for?

CScalp – is the free of charge trading terminal for scalping an intraday trading.

Scalpers make a large number of trades within a day, at least 10. Professionals can fill up to 100 trades per day. Technical analysis and news trading are secondary for scalpers: they work out situations that they see in the order book. Therefore, the terminal interface is focused on the order book, clusters and the ticks.
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CScalp interface
CScalp workspace is designed for the ability to trade several instruments simultaneously on different exchanges. You can work with 40 order books at the same time. The main thing for a scalper is the speed of working with orders. Orders could be placed/removed in the order book in one click. Clusters are located near the order book. There is no need to be unfocused, you can analyze the order book and clusters, track the order walls and the level of supply/demand in one workspace.

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Who is ATANI terminal for?

Atani platform is designed for swing trading and medium-term trading. Swing traders hold trades from two days to several weeks, medium-term traders can hold positions for several months. The number of trades is smaller, so the threshold for increasing deposit is higher. If a scalper or intraday trader can start with $100, then swing traders and medium-term traders are better off starting with larger amounts.
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Atani interface
Atani users can only trade on spot markets of cryptocurrency exchanges, unlike CScalp,. Futures trading is not implemented. The interface of the terminal focuses on technical analysis: TradingView charts are integrated, more than 80 technical indicators and more than 50 drawing tools are available.

You will find the ATANI review on this page.

Multi-account feature on CScalp and Atani

CScalp and Atani have a multi-account feature: traders can connect multiple exchange accounts via a single terminal license. Typically, to trade on a single exchange through multiple accounts, a trader has to buy multiple terminal licenses and an n-quantity of computers to run them. It’s inconvenient because the quality of trading is falling and you will be focused. The multi-account feature solves the problem of professional traders who trades on multiple accounts simultaneously.

More about the implementation of multi-account in CScalp we wrote in this article.

CScalp community

CScalp trading terminal team is working on trading software and also on community development. The main goal of the CScalp community is to help newcomers and create features for more effective trading sessions.

CScalp traders communicate in Telegram chats and watch workshops, morning briefings and training videos on CScalp TV YouTube channel. CScalp trading terminal team also prepared an educational scalping course to help avoid a number of typical beginners' mistakes and systematize knowledge.

Trading ideas can be found in public Telegram channels with signals. To analyze trades and eliminate errors in trade, the Trader's Diary was developed. It's the service which independently reads trades through Telegram bot. The connection is implemented via API keys, which ensures the security of the user's account.


CScalp and Atani terminals designed for different tasks. It’s not correct to compare their features: CScalp solves the problems of intraday traders and scalpers, Atani is designed to perform more universal tasks. If you have’t chosen your trading style, try both terminals – they are free. Trade, gain experience and decide on its basis what suits you best.

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