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About EXMO

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2013. The exchange is registered in the UK: its business is licensed in Europe and meets the normative regulations of the Council of Europe. EXMO offices are located in London, Moscow and Kiev.
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There are 60 cryptocurrencies and 7 fiat currencies on the EXMO exchange. EX-CODE is implemented for convenient transfers and funds withdrawal. When using EX-CODE, the commission for operations with cryptocurrency is not charged, there is a reduced commission for the fiat withdrawal.

The exchange is focused on the CIS and Eastern European countries. The official website of EXMO is translated into 13 languages, including Russian and Ukrainian. Also, the exchange has full Russian-language support. In addition to the website, you can access the exchange through the official mobile application for iOS and Android.

EXMO Tools

There are three trading modes on the EXMO exchange: fast trading, advanced trading and margin trading. The fast trading mode is an exchange for quickly cryptocurrency purchasing. Applying the advanced trading mode, users can use market, limit and some stop orders.

The most appealing thing for traders on EXMO is the margin platform. With margin trading, users have access to leverage, which allows them to increase potential profits. The trades are held in the isolated margin mode – losses on one position are not covered by another. Read more about margin trading on EXMO here.
NB: for margin trading on EXMO it is necessary to pass verification.

EXMO Commissions

Different commission rates are set on exmo's spot and margin platforms. The level of commission on the spot platform depends on the level of the trader in the bonus program. The program consists of 12 levels. At level 1, users pay a commission of 0.3% for makers and takers. You can also reduce the trading commission amount on the spot platform using the Premium Cashback program.

Commissions on the EXMO margin platform are 0% for makers and 0.05% for takers. There are also commissions for funds depositing and withdrawing on the exchange.

Exmo Reviews

The EXMO exchange has positive ratings among users who used it to exchange cryptocurrency. The margin platform of the exchange was fully launched in April 2021, so there are few reviews about it at the moment. According to CoinGecko, EXMO's reliability rating is 9/10.

EXMO Registration

The registration takes a few minutes. The user only needs an e-mail and a phone number. We wrote more about registration and verification on EXMO here. To open a trading account on the exchange, click on the "Register on EXMO" button.


EXMO cryptocurrency exchange is a good option for beginners in the cryptocurrency market. Users can start trading in the advanced trading mode, gradually switching to a margin platform. The disadvantage of the platform for professionals is the lack of complex tools, such as inverse and quarterly futures. However, EXMO can be a good platform to start with for the new traders.

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