Moonbot is a trading bot for working on crypto exchanges. Available only on Windows OC 64-bit. The terminal is focused on automatic trading. You can also trade manually, but with the automation of some processes.
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Moonbot features and possibilities

Moonbot platform has quite extensive functionality. You can install the terminal only on Windows OS 64-bit.

The main features we would like to emphasize:
  • Ticks chart which is displaying all trades at the moment;
  • Order book;
  • Strategies with possibilities to adjust your own strategy;
  • Stop loss and trailing stop feature;
  • Orders grid;
  • Possibility to trade with up to 125x leverage on Binance.
Demo trading is also provided for getting know of how to trade using moonbot. Using this mode, the user can trade using virtual funds. Also you can use demo mode for testing Moonbot strategies.
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Moonbot interface

Free version vs PRO version

There are two versions of Moonbot - free and PRO versions. Free version is limited in features and possibilities. Let's figure out the difference between the two versions.

Amount of any instrument is limited by 40$. In PRO version the amount of orders is unlimited. Number of orders – free version provides up to 20 orders, in PRO version number of orders is unlimited.

The PRO version allows you to trade all existing pairs on the exchange (in the free version you can trade only BTC). In addition, free Moonbot allows you to trade only on the spot market.

Using PRO version, the user can connect Binance and Moon Scalper addons. Free version is limited to 1 active bot. In PRO version, its number is not limited. The owners of PRO version have access to a personal chat and support for PRO users.

Binance addon allows to trade perpetual and COIN-M futures on Binance up to 125x leverage.

Moon Scalper addon refreshes chart in full screen at the current time. Addon opens the access to vertical and horizontal volumes of market, and also extenze features of terminal. Using Moon Scalper gives you access to the drawing panel and alerts.

Full list of differences between PRO and Free versions you can find on official Moonbot website

Moonbot strategies

Moonbot has built-in algorithms that automate the trading process. For example, the Drops Detection strategy gives a signal on a downtrend.

Walls Detection strategy identifies instruments that have large buying orders for a long time. To use this feature successfully, traders should place stop loss order below and monitor news of that instrument.

The MoonShot strategy places buy orders and automatically rearranges them in order to catch a shot. Order will be placed below the market price. If the price rises, the order moves up.

Volume lit strategy places 4 intervals. It also checks whether the average prices and volumes grew from the previous to the next interval. The growth is set as a percentage.

Waves strategy has a similar feature. 4 intervals will be placed and the price change will be also checked. Differences from the previous strategy – the growth of price is checked with a positive value for the price change parameter. If the value is negative, the drop will be checked. If the value is neutral, the parameter will not be counted.

The Manual strategy type is provided for manual trading. Manual trading provides maximum flexible adjustment of the parameters for placing orders. In manual trading, the terminal automatically applies filters. In order to avoid it, a trader should set wide ranges.
Moonbot, moonbot strategies, Moonbot Pro version, Moonbot Free version, Moonbot Features, Moonbot settings, getting to know Moonbot, how to trade using moonbot, Moonbot strategies testing, trader
Moonbot strategies

Terms of use

The free version of Moonbot, trader can download for free. But it has limited features and possibilities. The cost of PRO version is 0.15 BTC (On the 5 of august it is about 5 861$) The connection to Bittrex exchange will additionally cost 0.02 BTC (it's about 781$ on august 5).

Access to addons Moonbot Binance and Moon Scalper also needs to be paid. Testing of the Moon Scalper addon in the free version takes 3 days. With the PRO version – 7 days.

Testing of Binance addon is available only if there is a PRO version. The trial period is also 7 days.

What exchanges does it work with

Users of Moonbot can make trades only on crypto exchanges. Current version supports only: Binance, Bittrex and Huobi.

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