03.08.23 CScalp Beta: Redesign

On August 3, 2023, we released a CScalp beta featuring the platform’s redesign. Let’s walk through the main changes of the first iteration.
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CScalp Redesign

We have released the first iteration of the CScalp redesign, marking a significant milestone in the platform’s development.
The new design serves multiple purposes. It improves user experience both visually and functionally and provides developers with more opportunities to implement new features, making the advancement of CScalp faster and easier.
Join the beta testing to experience the new design first-hand. Your involvement will speed up the process and ensure the quality of the redesign's release. If you already have the CScalp beta version installed, simply update it. Here’s the link to download the CScalp beta.
Now, let's explore the primary visual and functional changes introduced in the redesign.

Main Window

The CScalp header now includes four buttons - "Settings," "Analytics," "Finres," and "Trades." Other buttons have been relocated to the "Analytics" section.
CScalp redesign: Main window of the beta version of CScalp
Apart from visual changes, the interface of the main window remains unchanged. Buttons like "Order Book," "Chart," "Tab," and others remain unaffected.

"Settings" Tab

A new "Proxy server" option has been introduced in the “Settings” tab. Further details about it will be explained below.
CScalp redesign: Settings tab of the beta version of CScalp
The "Connections" window has been updated both visually and functionally. When you click on the gear icon, a separate settings window will open.
CScalp redesign: “Connections” window of the trading platform
Here's how the connection settings window looks:
CScalp redesign: Connection settings of the trading software
Functional changes – after adding API keys, you need to close the settings window for the specific connection and click on the exchange logo in the general "Connections" window. This will establish the link between the terminal and the chosen exchange.

We have separated proxies into a dedicated window and added a feature to display the user's ping to the proxy server. This allows you to compare the ping time between a direct connection and a proxy. The "Check Speed" button updates the ping data. In the same window, users can easily connect to CScalp proxies or configure their custom proxy connection.
CScalp redesign: Proxy connection interface
All "Hotkeys" have been gathered in a single window. The process of reassigning and disabling hotkeys remains unchanged.
CScalp redesign: Trading platform Hotkeys window
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“Analytics” Tab

In the "Analytics" tab you can now find the notifications feed, Watchlist, and signals. At present, there are no functional changes.
CScalp redesign: Analytics tab

Order Books

The order books have been visually updated, and they now have a new appearance:
CScalp redesign: New order books' visual appearance
In the "Instrument Selection" window, a new button for sorting by the latest instruments has been added.
CScalp redesign: Instrument selection window
We have also updated the visual display of the order book settings. The settings themselves remain unchanged.
CScalp redesign: Order book settings


Charts remain largely unchanged. In the beta, they look like this:
CScalp redesign: The visual appearance of trading charts
Chart settings have been visually updated, but no new features have been added yet.
CScalp redesign: trading platform’s chart settings
We have covered the key changes in CScalp related to the new redesign. To experience all these changes firsthand, join the beta testing!

How to Participate in CScalp Beta Testing

We invite traders to take part in the testing! If you already have the CScalp beta installed, please update it. You can download the beta version here. For more detailed information on becoming a beta tester, refer to this article.
Please be aware that the CScalp beta has a separate installer. The beta version and the release version installed on the same PC do not interfere with each other:
  • The beta is installed in a separate Program Files folder.
  • The beta has its own category in the Start menu and the "Install/Uninstall Programs" window.
  • The beta has its own desktop shortcut (FSR Launcher beta).
Before installing the beta version, make sure that all applications are closed.
Both the beta and release versions of CScalp utilize the same license key. You can restore or obtain your license key on the CScalp website or through the CScalp Telegram bot. It is not possible to run both versions of CScalp simultaneously on the same PC.
If you come across any issues or errors, please do not hesitate to contact our support team!